Jenova – The Less You Know The More You Sleep EP Review


Dublin based Jenova have really made a name for themselves in a relatively short space of time. They were everywhere in 2016 basically! Any and all gigs that came their way were accepted and they really built a following the old fashioned way by playing a killer live show. Word of mouth was really spreading at the time and people were turning out to see them as a result. 

2017 has been a lot quieter in comparison, but they have accepted gigs in new places and high end support slots which were of course beneficial. They’d have burned out or just became that band you see every other week if they had kept that relentless gigging schedule. Year one was all about establishing themselves and this year was more about getting the EP out and building on the solid foundations they have set! 

Their only previous professional recording in “Nail The Eye” is now amazingly eleven months old and ‘The Less You Know The More You Sleep’ (amazing title!) is almost upon the masses. August 25th to be exact! 

The EP kicks off with the now released ‘The Walking Dead’ which we shall link below for those that may not be familiar with this amazing band. Which is a really good way to kick things off. It gets things going nicely and doesn’t outdo itself so to speak. Great lyrics throughout and gets the train moving… A really solid opener!

‘The Final Tide’ kicks in and really takes things up a notch! It’s instantaneous and hooks you right in. While ‘The Walking Dead’ was more of a slow burner, this just kicks you straight in the bollocks without apology! There’s some great breakdowns and Brian’s now trademark scream which I bet sound engineers absolutely love! A great track start to finish with some amazing Bass playing in there, which I always really appreciate in any mix… The guitar and drums are excellent also of course but it’s nice to hear Bass in a Death Metal mix.

The EP’s penultimate track ‘Nihil Deorum’ is the perfect follow up in my mind. It’s not as fast as ‘The Final Tide’ and has a great hook throughout! It kicks off with the lyrics ‘Take everything thing you know’, ‘Turn it all upside down’, ‘Illusion created before our eyes’. Yes to that!! There’s a great lead in there, more great Bass playing and an excellent Drum heavy breakdown towards the end which closes the song perfectly as it fades out suitably.

‘Rains’ closes this fantastic EP. It kicks off with some great melodic guitar work and shifts up and down the gears throughout. A song with many layers and fucking excellent way to conclude this EP.  Maybe the best song on this release? 

It’s also a real grower! Upon return listens you find more to each track and they all improve as a result. Always a sign of a good release! 

To my ears, this is a group of people that clearly have many influences musically. It all concludes with a band that have their own sound and unique brand of Death Metal. 

This is easily one of the better releases of 2017 in my humble opinion and hopefully this will spread far and wide and really raise their profile! 

Jenova have come! Their Time is Now! Get that John Cena entrance song in your head… 🙂 


Link to their newly released lyric video for ‘The Walking Dead’. 

Jenova are: 

Brian J Harrington – Vocals
David Mooney – Bass
Cormac Jordan – Guitar
Dylan Kennedy – Guitar
Marco Persechini – Drums


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Zhi Ren – Who Fucked The Monkey? EP Review

Zhi Ren – Who Fucked The Monkey? EP Review



Cork based Zhi Ren were formed in 2016, and describe themselves as “Elephantine riffs and stygian darkness, with a groove as deep as the abyss. Amidst the wailing guitars and guttural vocals you will be sheathed in a disturbing ambience that will linger with you in the darkest shadows”.

Which is a pretty good description of their sound. There’s a lot going on in this EP! Maybe a bit too much for some, but I found this to be a very good EP from start to finish. It’s a real hybrid of many styles Death Metal, Nu Metal and more! There’s also clear influences in their music. A huge nod to Korn as one example. That’s fine though in mind, as this EP has excellent “Fieldy” type Bass playing.

The EP consists of four tracks and every song is its one unique being. Each track is quite different so you won’t get bored with this release!

It kicks off with “Hypocrisy” which is my favourite track on this EP. It’s a real tour de force from start to finish. The band have previously made the track available in the form of their debut music Video, so I’ll post it below so you can get an idea of the bands sound.

Track two “Jinn” is very much influenced by Korn sound-wise. The guttural and almost narrative vocals change the dynamic, and as the song progresses it becomes it’s own entity. Another great song in my opinion. Great title too! Read up about “Jinn”. It’s pretty interesting…

The EP’s penultimate track “Ghosts of Impermanence” chugs away nicely and a solid song from start to finish. Another very good song. 

 “Burrow” concludes things and a great way to finish this experimental and multilayered release. 

The more I have listened to this EP, the more I’m finding each time. There’s so many layers,dynamics and more within this release. It’s not going to be for everyone, but I personally really enjoyed it. Considering this is their debut EP and they will grow as a band as time progresses, they are really a band to watch! The potential here is massive and I’m looking forward to this bands progression and future releases. 

One to watch! 


Check out “Hypocrisy” here in full. 


Zhi Ren are: 

Vocals – Críostóir Ó Dálaigh 
Guitar – Pavol Rosa 
Bass – Eibhlín Palfrey 
Drums – David Christy Jones


Link to their Facebook page where all links can be found:




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Deadly Circus Fire Recruit New Vocalist And Release Brand New Track



London based Deadly Circus Fire have announced that vocalist David Pear has joined the lineup.

The British prog metal outfit parted company with founding frontman Adam Grant in August last year and quickly opened applications to find his replacement.

Pear has now taken over vocal duties as the band work on their third album – and they’ve released a stream of their brand new song Shinigami Fall. Listen to it below.

Guitarist Save Addario says: “As a band and as individuals, we feel great pride in what Deadly Circus Fire has achieved. We look forward to our new journey and the challenges that are about to face.

“We welcome David to the Deadly Circus Fire family with truly open arms and we hope our fans will have open ears and help us to make David feel at home.

“We are already working on our third studio album and we are glad to showcase the first track Shinigami Fall for you all to enjoy.”

Pear adds: “I am very honoured and happy to announce a new chapter in my life and musical career beginning now – I have joined forces with one of my favourite band ever since the discovery of The King And The Bishop through a Metal Hammer release back in 2012/13 and it was love at first listen.

“It is not often that you get a chance from your favourite band to join their family! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such amazingly talented and creative musicians.

“I look forward to be able to write and perform at a whole new level now with Deadly Circus Fire. This is only the beginning of a new entirely journey!”

Deadly Circus Fire will play at Hammerfest 2018 on March 15-18 and are expected to announce further live shows in the near future. 


Link to their Facebook page for more details, Links etc.

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Team Retrobox Review

Team Retrobox Review


Something slightly different here for us, but I love consoles/gaming. Always have! I don’t get much time for it anymore or much of anything these days as adult life dictates… When I saw this system come along and learned it was manufactured by a company based in Galway, Ireland. I decided I would pick one up. 

So, is it any good? The simple answer is yes! It’s an excellent little machine that defies belief as you can hold it in your hand with ease. At first glance, you would never consider it had the capacity to hold 12,000 games! 

It’s very easy to navigate and tells you what to do at all times. You never get stuck and wonder how to get to the next list, menu etc. It’s also HDMI and comes with a SNES controller. So you have six buttons and no messing with leads etc. 

Games wise. This is very impressive! You have systems ranging from NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Master System, Neo Geo, PlayStation and classic arcade games. One of the smaller lists and maybe disappointing to some would be the PlayStation. It would be a bit mad to expect all those games though! It has all the Crash Bandicoot games, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 3, Ridge/Rage Racer, Wipeout 3, Gran Turismo 2, Tekken 3, Tomb Raider 2 and Spyro The Dragon. There is 82 games in all so zero complaints from me anyway! 

Arcade though is where it really impressed me! Aliens, NBA Jam, Contra, The Simpsons, Mortal Kombat 1/2/3, Street Fighter 2, Bionic Commando, Captain Commando, WWF WrestleFest, Badlands, Alien Vs Predator, Bubble Bobble, Bomb Jack, Chase HQ, Gauntlet, Pang, Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles, Punch Out… I could be here for ages listing out the classic arcade games I loved back in the late 80’s/early 90’s that are on this machine. In total there’s 819 arcade games. 

Cons now though. It’s a review and I have to list them as they may bother some people. The sound isn’t amazing. Which I can can completely understand as they are compressed files and all pretty old now! If you are expecting HQ sound quality? I don’t know why anyone would, but it’s not there. Just turn it up a bit and it’s all good! 

The ROM’s are also not widescreen so have the box effect with the logo to the bottom and not full screen. Again, maybe an issue for some but they are compressed files and widescreen didn’t exist back in those days so if they were to make them fullscreen? The quality would really suffer…

It is also not wireless. The SNES controller is a good length and I had no issues personally, but if someone were to have a bigger room it won’t reach across. Another minor gripe but may bother others… 

The single player box is €139 plus postage. Two player is €149 plus postage and the Four player is €169 plus postage. We’ll put the link below and game numbers for each system. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend this machine! If you are younger and want to play all the old classic on your TV? Get this! It has pretty much everything! If you’re an older gaming fan that would like to plug in and play games from your youth? You will be amazed by what is on offer! Hours of fun, nostalgia and happy memories will occur and you’ll be very happy you bought this! 



Purchase a Team Retrobox at this link! They are not available in shops and can only be purchased online!


Consoles and games

Snes – 775 games 

NES – 791 games 

Master System – 281 games 

Mega Drive – 782 games 

MSX – 567 games 

Neo Geo – 142 games 

Neo Geo Pocket – 9 games 

Neo Goe Pocket Colour – 40 games 

PlayStation – 82 games 

Sega 32x – 33 games 

SG-1000 – 68 games 

Sinclair ZX Spectrum – 5280 games 

Arcade – 819 games 

Atari 2600 – 648 games 

Atari 7800 – 59 games 

LYNX – 76 games 

Sega Game Gear – 249 games 

Nintendo Game Boy – 565 games 

Game Boy Advance – 1098 games 

Game Boy Colour – 535 games 





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ArnoCorps – The Unbelievable EP Review

ArnoCorps – The Unbelievable EP Review


ArnoCorps have returned with more tales of Austrian folklore that were bastardised and exploited by Hollywood! This time we are treated to such tales as Mr Freeze, Junior, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Jingle All The Way and Handsome Stranger. The latter being related to an Austroploitation film titled The Villian in the USA and Cactus Jack in the UK!

One of the first things you notice upon first listen is their continued improvement musically. Arnocorps were always the greatest band in the world, but the standard is higher again with this EP. Without doubt the best drumming, the lead guitar work has really jumped up a notch, along with great Bass lines throughout.  

Start to finish this is a traditional ArnoCorps release. It’s real sing along stuff, full of hooks and like their previous works, it just makes you feel the pump! 

Fans of the band are going to love this EP! Low foreheads that do not like this band and think they can change the world with dreams and talk shall not change their opinion. This is Arnocorps! Exactly! 

We shall not acknowledge such negativity, and long term Ballsy Heroes and Sheroes are going to possibly be of the opinion this is arguably their strongest work to date!

It’s Turbo Time!!!!




The band released a special chorus video today for their Forthcoming Audio Assault of Ireland and the UK. Physical copies of The Unbelievable EP shall be available at all shows. With release on all other formats on August 25th via Alternative Tentacles Records. 


Catch ArnoCorps on their Audio Assault of Ireland!

Galway, July 21st, Seven – The Loft, 5-7 Bridge Street, Galway 

Belfast, July 22nd, The Empire, 42 Botanic Avenue, BT7 1JQ Belfast




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Mindriot mt Possibly In The Running For A Grammy Nomination



Cork based Mindriot have seen it all over the years! Ups, Downs. Highs, Lows. Along with pretty much everything inbetween! Over the years they have played to packed crowds at Indiependence Festival amog many other achievements and accolades. 

Last year their album “Brothers” was released to critical acclaim and things were really looking up for the lads. National radio play and mainstream attention. Just are things were set to take off, their then long time Bass player decided he was moving to the UK. Up and left the band without any prior warning. As the lads were in it so long together, you can only imagine how much it hurt them and if they had called it a day at the time? They’d have been forgiven… 

Rather than stop, Michael moved to Bass and they became a three piece. Since then, things have moved on as predicted for the lads. To include a support slot to Devin Townsend on both Belfast and Dublin dates. 

They released this yesterday and shared their amazing news that they could be potentially up for a Grammy nomination. 

Because of their outstanding commitment and contribution to Alt Music, we at Rian Music are delighted to announce that we will represent ‘MINDRIOT mt’ for application for Grammy 60th for…
Best Rock Performance & Record of the Year. 

MINDRIOT mt are an Incredible Alternative Rock Band from Mitchelstown, Ireland who formed over 20 years ago as childhood friends. 
They are one of the hardest working bands we know and some of the nicest guys to work with in the music business. 
MINDRIOT mt’s hit Album ‘Brothers’ rocked us in San Francisco and we were equally blown away again by the release of their single ‘Speak’, in December 2016. ‘Speak’ is a brilliant/courageous song with a powerful message that encourages us to ‘Speak’ to someone in our times of need. 

Best of Luck, you guys Rock.


Check out their acclaimed song “Speak”. A song about suicide that really tackles a sensitive subject and does it well. 


Follow them on Facebook:

Link to Their YouTube Channel Were All Of Their Album “Brothers” Can Be Heard:


If things don’t happen for the lads? Then there’s always this…. 🙂 

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