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Alpheidae “The I In All” EP Review

Alpheidae “The I In All” EP Review




I’ve been a fan of Dublin based Alpheidae since 2014. In all that time, I still can’t spell their name… But that’s not relevant! What is relevant, is that they are one of the best live acts in Ireland full stop! Would they be able to transcribe their vicious live show and many dynamics onto record? 

Basically, yes they have and they absolutely nailed it with this EP! There’s so much going on with their music. They’re very Progressive in many regards, but have that crunch that separates them from any genre really. It’s good music. End of… 

The EP kicks off with their single “Altruist” which has been available online since last February. It’s an excellent opener and while it doesn’t really set the tone of what’s to come as such. It’s a great opening track and really introduces you to the bands dynamics, excellent lyrics and truly excellent musicianship! Zach is a fucking beast on the drums! 

“City of Knives” is up next. It’s starts off with a bang with loads of riffs, duelling guitars along the way and leads into a great breakdown. Then it goes another direction entirely. Clean vocals and very prog in delivery. This really showcases that Calvin is an excellent singer and more great lyrics! Then we get a great solo and another… Back into a great breakdown and we’re done. Fucking excellent song!! 

Title track “The I In All” then kicks off in a very melodic fashion and builds up just nicely with some fantastic guitar work. Without doubt the most Melodic/Progressive song on the EP, but it’s full of great lyrics, riffs, drums and dynamics. Hard track to put into words, but it’s a great song and that’s all I really need to say about that! 

“New Beginning” closes the EP and highlights the bands diversity once more and full of prog, riffs, vicious drumming and riffs you’d probably expect to hear on a Rush release. This is pure prog at times, and I for one will always love that! We are then treated to some excellent guitar solo work which builds up with Zach flying on the double pedals like a man possessed and it’s fades out perfectly in a sea of awesomeness! 

Well, if you’ve managed to get this far? I’m sure you already know I really, really fucking like this EP. I’m a big fan of this band and hopefully this will see them jump up a level. !n a just world it will. 

Alpheidae. I salute you!! 


Check out “Altruist” here! 


Alpheidae are: 

Gavin Wynne- Bass

Calvin Singleton- Vocals

Ros Coghlan- Guitar

Leon Bourke – Guitar

Zach Parkinson- Drums


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Catch them live at any of these dates. I strongly suggest you do as this band are incredible live!! 






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Exhumation Release new EP “Sin Of Skin”

Exhumation Release new EP “Sin Of Skin”



Liverpool based Exhumation have just released their new EP “Sin Of Skin”. If you’re a fan of brutal Death Metal. You’ve found one of your new favourite bands! 

The lad won their final in the Metal To The Masses competition and performed at Bloodstock Festival on Friday this past August annihilating the New Blood Stage in the process!

I could write a detailed review here, but all I need to say is that this is a top quality Death Metal release and I’m incredibly impressed! 

Don’t take my word for it though! Listen to their EP here and prepare to be blown away! This is good. Really fucking good! 


Sin of Skin here in its entirety! 

Exhumation are: 

Vocals- Chris Furlong

Guitars- Ste Moses

Guitars-Cam Devon

Bass- Ryan O’Quigley

Drums- Karl Scahill

Buy “Sin Of Skin” here via Bandcamp:

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Morti Viventi

Morti Viventi 

UK Based Thrash act Morti Viventi is the brainchild of one man, Adrian “Aidy” J. Heathershaw. His album “The Day The Dead Returned” was released in late 2014. The man played every instrument on the album and done the vocals himself. Which is quite the achievement as it’s an excellent album! 

I’ve been following him for quite a while now, and was every happy to hear he has now assembled a band and bringing his fantastic creation to a live audience. 

I’m hoping they play Bloodstock next year, so if you’re a fan of the man. A bit of gentle persuasion on Bloodstock’s posts on who you’d like to see wouldn’t go a miss! Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge.. 

Check out the rather excellent “Hell On Earth” here and Thrash out in the process! 

Morti Viventi are now: 

Aidy – Guitar/Vocals 

Ross – Guitar

Matt – Bass

Dean – Drums




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Stream on Spotify:

Stream and Buy on Bandcamp:




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Xerosun “This Dark Rage” EP Review

Xerosun “This Dark Rage” EP Review

Dublin based Xerosun recently released their new EP “This Dark Rage”, and I have to say I’m really impressed by it!

It’s hard to describe this bands sound. They really have developed their own sound with many influences and different genres in there. They describe themselves as Modern Extreme Metal, so I’ll go along with that one as I’m fucked if I can try to explain it to anyone. Good job I’ll be posting links here to their lead single “This Dark Rage” and a link to stream the entire EP via their official web site.

The EP kicks off with their lead single and title track “This Dark Rage” which is an brilliant way to kick things off. Excellent song! The growls mixed with melodic vocals really work and it sets the tone for what’s to come.  

“Anatomy Of A Lie” follows and doesn’t disappoint.  Another excellent song. 

“I Spared Hundreds” might be my favourite song on the EP, but with repeat listens I find I’ve a new choice each time. I’m jumping ahead a bit here, but the EP’s next track “The Mother of Morality” done nothing for me at first. Now I really like that song so this EP is a real grower! 

The EP concludes with “Repent, Rewind, Reset” and it’s an excellent way to close this EP.

In conclusion. This EP really needs to be listened to and not spoke about. I could have written a long in debt piece here, but all I really need to say is that this is an excellent EP and one of the most original releases you’ll hear from an Irish band.

This band will get really big in a just and fair reality!


Check out “This Dark Rage” here!


Xerosun are: 
Fiachra Kelly -Guitars 
Gareth Jeffs -Guitars 
Damian Dziennik -Drums 
Martyna Halas-Yeates -Vocals
David Kuchar -Bass

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Link to their Official Web Site where the EP can be streamed in the “Music” tab:



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Third Island “Dusk” Feature

Third Island “Dusk” Feature



Limerick based Third Island are a three piece that play some of the most ambitious material I’ve heard in quite a while! Three songs on their EP “Dusk” and a running time of 32:13. 

Were they successful? In short, yes! The EP mixes Doom, Sludge, Stoner and a few other genres with Doom being the forefront. All three tracks held me and I really enjoyed it as a body of work.

I’m a big fan of Prog, so really long songs are always going to appeal to me. Well, unless it’s shite… There in lies the problem this band may face with a lot of people. The average music fan wants a hook and 3:30 in length. So you have a applaud their decision to make this EP and recorded what they wanted to… 

Considering this band only formed in 2015, they are really on the right track here. The vocals are a bit iffy at times, but that’s about the only gripe I can find. It’s very minor though! Everything else is excellent. They can construct a great song with melody, riffs, heaviness and hold you throughout. 

This is a band I have to check out live at some point. I’d be very interested in seeing how it comes across in a live setting. 

As for a score on this EP. I’d have to give it 8/10. It’s a very good EP, and makes me very much look forward to what they release next as they continue to grow as a band over time! 

Check out their full EP “Dusk” here! 

1. Thawed my Skin (00:00)
2. Come Now (11:08)
3. It’s Moving (20:18)

Third Island are: 
Liam O’Connor
John Quill
Seamus Quaid

Follow them on Facebook:

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Buy/Stream on Bandcamp:



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Zylum Call It A Day

Zylum Call It A Day 



Nenagh based Industrial/Darkwave Metal band Zylum have sadly announced they are calling it a day. As someone who has followed the lads since their Borderline Prime days, it saddens me to see this happen now as they have recorded their best work to date and due to debut it at the next Siege Of Limerick. 

Ruairi O’Baoighill collaborated with them on this material and as he was also on the bill. They could have unleashed it all and went out with a serious bang! Instead they have made their decision, but life changes as you get older. The lads have families etc now and it’s hard to balance everything. Philly is also Bass player with “Unkindness Of Ravens” who are set to start recording their new material.. They have their reasons and we shall sadly have to accept it! 

As their EP “Pray For Nothing” never actually saw the light of day, It would be just wrong if this material wasn’t heard. I’ve got it here for you to stream. Appreciate how good this band were and the massive hole left in the Irish scene without them. They really had their own thing going on! 

So here it is! Pray For Nothing 

Track 1. Valley Of Redemption 

Track 2. Crown Of Thorns

Track 3. Christian Rituals 

Track 4. Destroyer

Track 5. Reaper

Zylum were: 
Philly Brett – Bass and Vocals
Andre Foley – Guitars
Ashley Holt – Drums

Collaborated on the EP. Ruairi O’Baoighill

Previous members. 
Gerry McNamara – Drums 
Ronan Shanahan – Keyboards 

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