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ProXist Release Debut Video “Synthetic Creation”




Derry based ProXist have just released their debut video “Synthetic Creation” from their forthcoming LP “Join You In The Sun”. 

The lads have been plugging away the past few years, and while this was slow process, it has being more than worth the wait! 

They have a vicious live show in their arsenal, and easily one of the most charismatic frontmen in the Irish scene today in Darryn McCartney . The man could teach many a thing or two about how to hold a crowd and entertain them. He was born to either front a band or a career in stand up comedy.

Check out “Synthetic Creation” here and get ready for “Join You In The Sun”.



ProXist are: 

Darryn Mc Cartney – Lead Vocals

Steve Caldwell – Guitarist/Vocals

Andrew McDaid – Drums

Conor Somers – Bass


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Check out their Teaser Video for “Join You In The Sun”. 

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Blood Thread Interview

Blood Thread Interview 




BM: How did Blood Thread come about and when did you form?
BT: It was originally a studio project started in 2010 with a full lineup making its live debut in 2012. There has been quite an evolution of the band in the last few years and the current lineup has been together since 2014.

BM: This is your first Irish tour. As Peter is originally from Sligo do you plan on making this a regular occurrence?
BT: We aren’t really thinking that far ahead to be honest. We are just really excited to be coming over and playing to people we have never played to before and getting to share the stage with some great Irish bands.

BM: You recently supported the amazing Cattle Decapitation. How was that experience?
BT: Amazing. It was one of, if not the biggest crowds we have ever played for and we got a great reaction. It was amazing getting to meet the guys in Cattle Decapitation as we are all big fans and they were incredible live.

BM: In another reality, which band would you most like to play live with?
BT: The Saw Doctors. Just to see the look on their fans faces.

BM: What’s your plans going forward and where will 2017 and beyond take you as a band?
BT: We start recording our new ep after we get back  and are aiming for an early 2017 release. We want to play as many new places as possible throughout 2017 and play to as many new people as we can and hopefully land a few more high profile support slots along the way.

BM: To finish up. Which band member has the most annoying habits? The worst hygiene? The laziest?
BT: Hard to say but I’m sure we will know the answers to all those questions after we get back home from this tour.


Check out “The Tolerance Is Over” full EP: 


0.00 Bawbag
4.34 Titan step
8.57 Captured in Stone


Blood Thread are: 

Tony Mitchell – vocals/guitars

Peter Wall – guitars

Chris Mancini – bass

Dikie – drums


Catch Blood Thread on any of these dates on their Irish tour! 



Exclusive T-Shirts that shall be on sale on this tour. 



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Skewered – Deathmethyltryptamine Review

Skewered – Deathmethyltryptamine Review




Dublin based Skewered have released their second LP “Deathmethyltryptamine” and not only is it nigh on impossible to spell. It’s also one of the best Death Metal albums of 2016 in my humble opinion. 

I’ve been aware of the band now since 2013 and while I appreciated their previous work, nothing prepared me for this! I really can’t emphasise enough how good this album is! 

The LP is 12 tracks long and at no point do you ever even consider skipping a track or turning it off. It’s full of everything a top class Death Metal release requires. Amazing drumming. Incredible lead guitar work. Hooks everywhere. This really is an immense release! 

The lads are now signed to LA based Stillbirth Records, so hopefully this association will aid them in regards to international growth and exposure. 

This is hands down one of the best Death Metal releases of 2016! 


Check out “Vicious Mucus” here!



Stream now on Spotify  –

Purchase Here
iTunes –
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Ilenkus Release New EP “Hunger”

Ilenkus Release New EP “Hunger”




Galway based Ilenkus have just recently released their new EP “Hunger” to massive critical acclaim! The EP’s first track “Hunny Bunny” was premiered on Metal Sux, who shouldn’t need introducing as they’re one of the biggest metal media outlets in the world. Quote the achievement for a band based in Galway, Ireland.

Rather than review this EP. I’ve put all the tracks here for your listening pleasure! I personally think it’s the bands best work to date. Their previous work “The Crossing” is also excellent, but this EP gets the win by a nose…

It’s extremely hard to describe this bands sound. Three of the members share vocal duty, there’s hardcore influences, mathcore, black/death metal and probably other influences at work. The end product is a very original sound and of the highest quality! 

It has been a great year for Irish Metal in general, and this is without doubt one of the best releases of 2016! 

Check out the full EP here and if you enjoy it. Please consider buying it and support the lads. 

Hunny Bunny 


Pretty Secret 




The Romantic 


Hunger’ is out digitally N O W | LISTEN:
Bandcamp –
Soundcloud –
Spotify –
iTunes –
Amazon –



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The Vicious Head Society

The Vicious Head Society 




The Vicious Head Society is essentially a one man project that has been under construction for a few years now. Graham Keane is the man behind it all, and after all his hard work and probable struggles… His vision is due to see the light of day soon! 

As fan of Prog myself, I’m absolutely wetting myself in anticipation of this album. Two songs are freely available online for a while now.  “Psychedelic Torture Trip” and “Abject Tomorrow”. The latter being one of my favourite songs. Ever! It’s just Prog metal perfection. 

I’ve linked both tracks here for your listening pleasure, and get you ready for what promises to be one of the best releases from an Irish act of all time. 

I also really hope this gets at least one Live show. I’d walk 500 miles to see it. Not like that last time though when the Proclaimers duped me into that stupid journey. All I’ll say is legal action is in the works there …

Check out “Psychedelic Torture Trip” here: 


“Abject Tomorrow” This is some fucking song! 


Follow The Vicious Head Society on Facebook to keep up to date with all the future happenings:

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Make sure to spread the word about this amazing upcoming album. It’s going to be incredible! 



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Selene – The Forgotten Album Review

Selene – The Forgotten Album Review




Belfast/Derry based Selene sent us on their debut album which was released in late 2015 a few weeks back. This one I was dreading! Symphonic Metal just doesn’t do anything for me at all. I’ve caught Nightwish, Within Temptation among others at festivals over the years, but it’s not a genre I’d listen to… 

That and the fact a band member said a few things about me online in the past. Hence I never actually checked them out before as I was at the time, ” Fuck you and your shite band!”. I don’t hold onto things though. I’d probably have a few tumours at this point if I did…

So, considering I’m not a fan of this genre and think one of them is a cunt. What do I think of this album?  It’s fucking excellent! At no point did I ever consider skipping to the next track and found myself really, really enjoying this incredible album! 

It’s an amazing body of work, and every time I listen to it I find another track I appreciated more than last time… 

I could do a really in dept breakdown of the tracks etc, but this is Symphonic Metal at its finest and another phenomenal release from a band from this small island of ours! 

I’d highly recommend this band to anyone, and it’s great to see they play their first Belfast based headline show on November 5th. They really should tackle Europe if at all possible though. The European market would eat this up and their stock would raise in a huge way! To the point major festivals would be a distinct possibility in a short space of time!  

Selene. I salute you! 



Check out “Dorian” here! 


Selene are: 

Shonagh Lyons: Vocals

John Connor: Guitar/Keyboards

Thomas Alford: Bass

Cameron Åhslund-Glass: Drums


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Official Web-site:



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