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OBLIVION To Unleash The Path Towards… Full-Length Via Unique Leader This November Album Features Guest Appearances From Members Of Nile, Suicide Silence, Hideous Divinity, And Connoisseur + New Lyric Video ‘Awaiting Autochthon’



Focused on crafting music to transcend time and genres, OBLIVION features a compelling lineup with internationally-acclaimed composer and Antagony founder Dr. Nick Vasallo on vocals and bass, All Shall Perish and Antagony founder Ben Orum on guitar, thrash metal veteran guitarist Ted O’Neill, and drum virtuoso Luis Martinez (formerly of The Zenith Passage), trained by renowned jazz funk musician Ndugu Chancler. Their songs are masterfully composed by Vasallo using material from all the band members. Each album is highly unified conceptually and musically. Their debut album,Called To Rise was crowned, “the must-own album of 2013,” by Metal Injection and a “progressive metal masterpiece,” by Sputnik Music, who furthered, “the band’s eleven song display of nothing more than pure aggression with more musical depth than many bands can find in their entire discography.”


The highly-anticipated follow-up to that critically-acclaimed masterpiece arises in the form of The Path Towards… Darker, heavier, and even more eclectic, The Path Towards… was composed by Vasallo early this spring and boasts an all-star lineup of guest artists that include Karl Sanders (Nile, guest songwriter), Eddie Hermida (Suicide Silence/All Shall Perish, guest vocals), Enrico H. Di Lorenzo (Hideous Divinity, guest vocals), and Carlos Saldana (Connoisseur, guest vocals). This album also marks the return of Ben Orum and Nick Vasallo collaborating on music since Antagony’s debut album in 2001. With precise and intricate guitar solo work by O’Neill and legendary performances by Martinez, OBLIVION forges ahead stronger than ever with The Path Towards…


The Path Towards… was recorded and engineered by Zack Ohren (Animosity, Suffocation, All Shall Perish, Cattle Decapitation, Fallujah et al) at Castle Ultimate Productions, features artwork by Daniel McBride (Black Label Society, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Chimera et al) and will see release on November 17th with preorders to be announced in the coming weeks.


After Called To Rise came out OBLIVION guitarist Ted O’Neill traveled to South Carolina to spend some time learning from death metal icon Karl Sanders of Nile. After a week of getting my face melted off I asked Karl if he would be interested in doing a guest spot on the next OBLIVION album,” recalls O’Neill. “I wanted to do something different though, something unique, not just the usual ‘guest solo’ spot. I wanted Karl to cowrite a song with us. I knew his immense talent would mesh uniquely with Vasallo’s mastery.” 


Four years later the band realizes that dream with Sanders cowriting and collaborating on the track “Awaiting Autochthon.” “Nick is like the Bruce Lee of avant garde metal composing,” says Sanders. “He is a madman! He is untouchable and from another planet, wildly innovative and creative.”


The Path Towards… Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Dominion

3. Mechanistic Hollow

4. Concrete Thrones

5. Awaiting Autochthon

6. Holders Of The Sword

7. Harsh Awakening

8. It Has Become

9. Zenith

10. Under A Dead Sun

11. Outro


Facebook link for more details:


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Northern Rampage: A Piece Focusing On The Top Talent in Northern Ireland. Part 1


A long since planned idea of mine that is finally underway! I’ll be keeping these pieces brief in description and focus on the music of course. There’ll be a link to their Facebook pages where all additional information, where to purchase etc is found. Each piece shall feature five bands and while some may be similar in musical style as this particular one, they’ll of course get more varied in styles as times goes on… 


The Crawling 

A trio of highly experienced musicians that formed ‘The Crawling’ in January 2014. They’ve came a long way in a short space of time to include appearances at Bloodstock and Metal Days. Their growth has been consistent and constant over the past two years in particular. Their D.I.Y approach and promotional skills have really worked and growth shows no signs of stopping for this fantastic band.





Shrouded formed in 2014 and came came to a lot of peoples attention over the past twelve/eighteen months. They were growing nationally on the back of their debut EP playing Siege Of Limerick as one example. This year they took a massive step though by winning Metal To The Masses and performing at Bloodstock 2017. They also released their second EP “Ominous Divinity” on August 1st. A band firmly on the rise and much deserved!




Strange Wire 

Strangle Wire are definitely one of 2017’s surprise packages! They just dropped their debut video ‘The Games They Play’ from nowhere. No page, no nothing! They have grown a lot in a short space of time with an appearance at ‘Templemore Metal Festival’ in there. A band with a great future ahead of them! 




Wardomized formed in 2014 and play their own unique brand of Hardcore, Grindcore and old school Death Metal. There’s a real Napalm Death feel to their music and that’s a good thing in my mind! A band really on the rise in recent times, and shows no signs of stopping either. Great band! (On a side note, we shall be doing a review of their EP soon…) 




Neamhní formed in late 2015 and have came a long way in a very short space of time! Their name continues to grow nationally and internationally. They have played a lot of gigs over that time and really built a following the old fashioned way. A band firmly on the rise and one with a big future all going well… 



That concludes our first ‘Northern Rampage’ feature. One we shall be hopefully getting up every couple of weeks going forward. Spare time is limited in my life… 

The scene in the north is quite simply amazing and we hope to introduce you all to some great bands as this progresses. 





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This Place Hell Release New EP ‘Contempt’, Play Dublin and Cork Dates In Promotion This Weekend



This Place Hell have just released their new EP ‘Contempt’ which is the second part of a two part EP. Which was an interesting idea instead of a full album. The band were previously called ‘The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back’ upon the first part, but as the band have changed so music since their foundations in many regards, maybe a new name was the way to go…. 

The EP is out now and we have 4/5 songs here on direct stream via YouTube. Not the full EP granted, but it’ll give you a good idea of this bands sound. We shall also post details about their launch nights in Dublin and Cork below!


Track 1: Savages II: Violence & Ruin

Track 2: End Game

Track 4: Denied

Track 5: Project Mayhem


Catch This Place Hell this weekend

Dublin: Friday at The Sound House (Upstairs of The Wiley Fox) with support from Jenova and Call To Arms. 

Cork: Saturday at Fred Zeppelins with support from Jenova and Here We Stand


Facebook page for links to where the album can be purchased, spotify etc:



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Drakonis Sign To Hostile Media and Announce ‘The Great Miasma’ Details



Northern Irish extreme metal quintet have signed a deal in blood with Hostile Media which will see the extreme metallers release a new record entitled The Great Miasma. Guitarist Saul McMichael (also of Irish pagan metal outfit Waylander) comments, “Signing to Hostile Media for this release is a significant mile stone in the bands career. We’ve always believed in what we do, and to have a label share that belief is more validating than words can describe. We knew we had a good chance at getting picked up by a label when it came time to release our first album, but to be picked up for an EP was something we never expected. So here marks the start of our journey down a hopefully successful, yet bloody path for both band and label.”


The Great Miasma is set for release 1st December 2017 and is a story driven concept EP spanning three songs. Each song takes the listener through a different chapter, following the ritualistic sacrifice, possession and wrath of a young girl to appease an ancient god. Each song will also be accompanied by a music video, released out of sequence. Only when all three videos have been released and played in order, will the story become clear. Tracklisting for the EP is as follows:


1. The Great Miasma

2. Let Us Pray

3. Queen Of Swarms



Drakonis focus heavily on the ‘live spectacle’, blending a mixture of contemporary black and death metal, to create something without the limitations of one genre. Not wanting to work to a strict template, the band dips in and out of many styles to create music which is both atmospherically uplifting, yet devastatingly brutal.


Initially formed under the working title, Order of Shadow (at the time including Gareth Murdock of Alestorm), Drakonis has been an ongoing project for many years, featuring Saul McMichael and Lee McCartney of pagan metal veterans, Waylander. The band remained a studio project until 2015, when a line up was assembled to take things to the live arena. Over the past 2 years the band has brought not just extreme metal to the live circuit, but a highly visual experience. Armed with corpse paint, blood, skulls, spikes, chainmail and live samples, the band’s entire energy revolves around the live stage show, and will only grow in scale as the band evolves. The band quickly caught the attention of the local scene, with their Ravens Fuel The Sky EP, which they used as a platform to release their follow up, As They Rot. This release was extremely well received by both fans and critics alike, placing it in several best of 2016 lists, including winning Uber Rocks’ ‘International EP of the year 2016″, tying with Voivod.


The Great Miasma is available to pre-order here:

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This Place Hell Release New Playthrough Video ‘Denied’ In Promotion Of Their Forthcoming EP ‘Contempt’



Dublin based This Place Hell, who are formally known as ‘The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back’ have released a brand new playthrough video of their track ‘Denied’ which is the fourth track on their forthcoming EP ‘Contempt’. 

This is another evolution of their sound and fits into the concept of their two part EP idea. 

A band clearly headed in the right direction and an EP I’m very much looking forward to hearing upon release! 

Check out ‘Denied’ here! 


‘Contempt’ is available to pre-order on their official store and on iTunes now!
Each physical copy ordered on our store comes in a square tin case with an exclusive soft enamel pin of our fork logo. Physical copies are limited to 100 so get yours now!

This Place Hell official store:…/contempt-tin-case-cd



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Following The Signs Release New Track ‘Point Blank’ In Promotion Of Their Forthcoming Debut EP



Cork based Following The Signs have just released a brand new track in promotion of their forthcoming debut EP. 

This is another great track that firmly backs up my belief that this band are heading in the right direction! 

It reminds me of Raging Speedhorn, and I love that band so that’s an up from me! 

Check out ‘Point Blank’ here! 





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