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Irish Progressive Metal Band Sectile Release New Track ‘Invisible Threads’ From Their Forthcoming Self Titled Debut EP



Sectile were officially formed in November 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. Initial ideas were developed several months before when longtime friends, guitarist Mark O’Reilly and bassist Cormac Hennigan, collaborated on their shared interest in both the heaviest and lightest elements of metal. With a few demos in the bag they began recruitment of other bandmates, firstly finding singer Gabriel Gaba.

The project remained as an online collaboration for several months until the boys drafted drummer Zachary Newman. It was then that the band began to hone in on their common ground – a sound that explores punishing and groovy metal riffing, complemented with delicate, bluesy passages. It wasn’t long before they added talented guitarist Michael Sheridan to complete their ranks and add his signature skill to mix.

They have now released ‘Invisible Threads’ are a taste of what’s to come when their debut self titled EP is unleashed upon us all. Which points to a very positive release! 

I’ve already heard the full EP and it’s among my favourite releases of 2017 by an Irish band. It’s a fantastic EP! We’ll do a more detailed break down upon our review closer to release. 

For now, indulge yourself in this excellent track! Top drawer Prog metal. 



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sectile/



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Today you can experience the Death Of October just a bit early with a brand new track from Halloween-inspired Gothic metal band Autumns Eyes



At the crossroad between a hallowed holiday and the cusp of a dead cold winter is where you’ll find Autumns Eyes mastermind Daniel Mitchell. After many seasons of seclusion in the studio, the recording process has finally wrapped up for a new album titled Ending Life Slowly.


Death Of October serves as the first taste of that impending album, and Mitchell had this to say about the new song stream: 


“With Ending Life Slowly being inspired by death and decay that takes place during the latter part of Fall, starting the album with a song dedicated to Halloween was a natural first step. It marks an end to the most hallowed month of the year, and celebrates its macabre mayhem before we enter the cold void of November.”


Featuring artwork crafted by Indonesian artist Sorrow Grips (Gojira), the new album is due out on October 31st and serves as a reminder that sometimes life ends far too slowly. 


Pre-orders are now online at https://autumnseyes.bandcamp.com/album/ending-life-slowly and the album’s track listing is as follows:


1. Death of October

2. Break the Skin

3. Your Last Day

4. Moments Into Memories

5. The Honest Liars

6. Couldn’t Hold On

7. Far Away From Fading

8. Internal Arson

9. Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists

10. Under the Skin of the Sun


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Disquietude: Progressive Blackened Death Metal From Italy


Disquietude are from Civitavecchia, Italy and play their own blend of Death/Black/Progressive metal. 

They are currently working on their debut album ‘EXTERMINATION’ which is due in 2018. 

They subbed to our YouTube channel and I of course investigated and I’m glad I did! While this is a rough recording in many regards, the talent is clearly there to see and this band are very good at what they do! 

Taking into consideration this is band are very much in their beginnings, the potential is very much here to see and I’ll be following them as they develop. 

Check out their track ‘The Edge Of Time’ here and make up your own mind! 

One to watch! 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/disquietudedeathmetal/


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Weed Priest Release New Video ‘Vampyr’ From Their Forthcoming Album ‘Consummate Darkness’ Released On Halloween Via Cursed Monk Records



Lo and behold! From the depths of the smoke filled dungeons, from the tops of the mountains of madness, the priest is coming back with the new opus. Four hymns depicting the unholy ceremonies of union with darkness, four sermons of crawling doom, four spits into the face of conformity and meekness.

Consummate Darkness is available to preorder now via the Cursed Monk Bandcamp, where you will also be able to stream Weed Priest‘s brand new track, “Vampyr”

Upon album preorders, fans will receive an instant download of new track Vampyr

Adam (guitar, vocals), Ragas (bass) and Adrian (drums) were brought together by 
the love of classic Black Sabbath sound, seventies psychedelic rock, doom/sludge metal and their interest in occultism in 2009. In 2011 Weed Priest released a well received demo CD. A grandiose debut self-titled full length album came out in 2013 and is now sold out. It was followed by “Worship” EP (2014). In 2014 the drum throne was taken over by Michael. Second guitar player Sean also joined. Two split releases followed: split single with Northern Irish doom brothers Astralnaut (February 2015) and split EP with Italian doomsters Black Capricorn (September 2016).
Weed Priest’s second much anticipated full length album “Consummate Darkness” is coming out on Samhain (31th of October) 2017 as vinyl, cd and digital via Cursed Monk Records.

Yesterday, they released their promotional video for the track ‘Vampyr’ and fully announced their long awaited return! 

We were sent on their album in advance, and I have to say it’s a truly excellent piece of work! The album contains four tracks in all at a running time of 39:02 in length. So despite a apparent shortage of tracks, it’s clearly a full length album! 

The album has many samples as example within and I won’t spoil the albums opening track ‘Witch’s Curse’ but an album doesn’t start any better in my opinion! 

This is truly an album you just sit back and let flow as a body of work. The tracks are excellent singular, but as an album it’s another level. There’s some excellent guitar playing on this album and all held together by fantastic Drumming and Bass. 

The previously mentioned ‘Witch’s Curse’ starts things off in excellent fashion followed by ‘Vampyr’ which is here for you to stream in full. ‘SkyDaddy’ is up next and concluded by ‘The Mass’. 

Personally, Witch’s Curse and The Mass are my favourite tracks. Both Vampyr and SkyDaddy as excellent so that speaks volumes of how highly I rate this album! 

In regards to this genre, Weed Priest have created the best of its kind released by an Irish band this year and without doubt one of the best Irish releases of 2017. 

Weed Priest have truly came of age with this release. An absolute classic! 



Adamus de Sabbator – vocals, guitars
K.H. Rhaagulus – bass
Sean ‘The Tormentor’ Sullivan – guitars
Mígorr – drums


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theWeedPriest




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BATUSHKA: Polish Black Metal Legion Joins The Metal Blade Records Roster; ‘Litourgiya’ Reissue To See Release On November 3rd



Polish black metal legion BATUSHKA is the latest addition to Metal Blade Records’ US roster.


Pronounced “Batjushka,” the band’s Cyrillic name Батюшка means “father” and is used to address an Eastern Orthodox priest. Despite their themes and imagery, they are not a Christian act. The identities of the members are unknown, but they are involved with other bands. Their live lineup contains eight members. 

Metal Blade will reissue BATUSHKA‘s Litourgiya full-length, initially released in 2015 in limited quantity via Witching Hour Productions, on November 3rd. Despite its relative cult status, the record earned critical accolades from journalists “in the know.” In a 4.5/5 rating, Sputnik Music championed the record noting, “Crushing intensity is a term bandied about with gleeful abandon nowadays, but it’s more than applicable when used to describe BATUSHKA‘s brand of Slavonic-influenced black metal. The mysterious nature of the band’s members only finishes off the creation of a truly intriguing entity, but in all honesty Litourgiya has done most of the hard work for them; a violent, devout, moving and sibylline affair, and one that will hopefully in time be revered as such.” No Clean Singing concurred, “The music is dark, heaving, and very heavy – with bombastic outbreaks of wildfire and thunder – and the bleak, majestic melodies are effective at getting under the skin. But what sets the music apart and makes the album especially memorable are the vocals. In addition to the incinerating shrieks that you might expect in a black metal album, you’ll hear reverberating liturgical chants in what I’m told is Church Slavonic – the language used in the Orthodox Church in such places as Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as nations in the Balkan Peninsula.” Nine Circles wrote, “to say BATUSHKA is a band that is able to create layers is an understatement…Litourgiya is a combination of ancient rites and modern blasts; a work of shocking magnitude that has gone almost unnoticed by the metal community at large,” while Metal Bandcamp hailed, “an excellent piece of work, filled with incredible instrumentality that elevates black metal to new heights.”


Physical preorders for Litourgiya are currently available at metalblade.com/batushka 



Litourgiya Track Listing:

1. Yekteniya I – Ochishcheniye

2. Yekteniya II – Blagosloveniye

3. Yekteniya III – Premudrost

4. Yekteniya IV – Milost’

5. Yekteniya V – Svyatyy Vkhod

6. Yekteniya VI – Upovanie

7. Yekteniya VII – Istina

8. Yekteniya VIII – Spasenie


Embrace the essence of musical ecstasy, fascination, passion and the urge to create… the substitute of modernity and classical perfection, a road to freedom… It’s a distinct world of sounds lavishing us with all their divine glory, sounds of liberation, sounds of spiritual spheres, sounds of harmony…


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Batushkaband/


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Scour – Red EP Review, Red Set For Release Via Housecore Records On November 3rd



An extreme metal supergroup with a pedigree covered in viscera, SCOUR is the brainchild of Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down), John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), Chase Fraser (Animosity, Decrepit Birth), and Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index). Forged in 2015, the band’s punishing mix of black metal, grindcore, and thrash made its debut with the ferocious single “Dispatched.” The band’s debut EP, Grey, was released the following year via Anselmo’s own Housecore label. Just before a crushing performance at Hellfest Open Air, which featured a cover of the Pantera classic “Strength Beyond Strength,” the band recorded their Red EP at Nodferatu’s Lair with Steve Berrigan (Down, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Eyehategod, Haarp, Classhole, etc.) at the helm. The record was once again mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, Cobalt, Khemmis) at Flatline Audio.

Like the Grey EP, this is pure Filth! Which I say that in the best possible way! The tracks are all short and pack an instant punch. All bar one, which was strange to me at first but once I got my head around it all I was more than impressed! 

The EP kicks off with previously released title track ‘Red’ which we shall link below and the first thing I noticed is Phil’s vocal improvement in this release over ‘Grey’. He really has the pure Black/Death metal vocals down on this EP. The song kicks off and holds a relentless pace throughout! A superb way to start things off. 

Another previously released track ‘Piles’ which again we shall link below blasts in and again holds a relentless pace. Full of fantastic guitar and drumming with Phil’s vocals killed it yet again. 

‘Bleak’ is a lot slower in tempo to begin, but oozes atmosphere and moves throughout the gears throughout effortlessly. The lyrics are excellent in this song and maybe my favourite track on this EP. It’s a truly excellent black metal song! 

‘Barricades’ speeds it up again and blasts its way through until a slight tempo change in the second half of the song. It moves up the gears again with and finishes with a bang. Another excellent song! 

We now move to the EP’s penultimate track and the one that caught me off guard. While they had an atmospheric piece in Grey at the same point. This track ‘Sentenced’  is an evolution of that idea. To sum up. It’s the best theme from a Horror film yet to be used. It’s eerie, atmospheric and a truly haunting piece of music. Fantastic!  

The EP concludes with ‘Shank’, which is different from the rest of the EP in ways. It’s still a tour de force Black metal track but a lot more dynamics this time. There’s also some fantastic lead guitar work and Phil’s vocals are excellent throughout! 

In conclusion, this is an excellent EP. There’s no weaker track and a real improvement over the ‘Grey’ EP. This easily ranks up there with Phil and the rest of the bands better works. A flawless release in my humble opinion! 







Red will see release on CD, digital, and vinyl formats on November 3rd. Physical preorders are currently available at this LOCATION. Desirers of the digital edition, go HERE.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scourband/?fref=nf

Housecore Records: https://www.facebook.com/housecorerecords



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