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MORBID ANGEL: New Track From Legendary Death Metal Unit; Kingdoms Disdained To See Release This Friday Via Silver Lining Music



Iconic death metal unit MORBID ANGEL will unleash their latest studio album, Kingdoms DisdainedFriday December 1st via Silver Lining Music. In advance of its official unveiling, today we iare offering up “For No Master” for public consumption.


Issues bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker of the track, “This is one of the songs that was written in the rehearsal space; something that we hadn’t done in many years. We wanted to get a live, intense feeling on some of the songs and this is definitely a great example of what we set out to achieve. The title of the song and lyrics are a bit self-explanatory. To live one’s life without masters, would be the dream of many souls.”


Preorders for MORBID ANGEL’s Kingdoms Disdained are currently available at THIS LOCATION where you can also hear opening track “Piles Of Little Arms.”


Kingdoms Disdained reunites founding guitarist Trey Azagthoth with Tucker. Captured at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida and produced by MORBID ANGEL with Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Belphegor), Azagthoth, Tucker and drummer Scotty Fuller (Annihilated, ex Abysmal Dawn), the record delivers eleven pieces of devastatingly dynamic death metal. Compositions such as “Garden Of Disdain,” “Architect And Iconoclast,” and “The Pillars Crumbling” supremely illustrate Azagthoth’s incredible creative alchemy with Tucker as well as his own incomparable guitar work.


Just one play of MORBID ANGEL‘s searing Kingdoms Disdained, and you’ll realize that this is the only true current aural document of a world sinking into uncharted despair. “The album title says it all,” says Tucker, “everybody’s fed up and nobody can figure out how to fix it. We’ve got all these miniature wars in neighborhoods, cities, countries, and we’ve got people with varying opinions causing chaos, yet everyone is doing what they feel is right. Which all makes it feel like the world has reached a point of utter madness and confusion.”


As if fate constructed the moment, these forefathers of death metal found themselves witnessing the storm’s eye as they prepared to create Kingdoms Disdained, deciphering it with their ferocious music via long-held Sumerian-based beliefs. “It’s been written but nobody pays attention, because we erase our history,” furthers Tucker. “We don’t understand much about the Sumerian texts because things got erased, buried, and broken up. And for years, Trey and I talked a lot about the idea of those Gods waking up and coming back to show us that they’re angry.”




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Lycanthrope are today announcing the release of their debut full-length album, Chapters, on Friday February 16 2018!


To celebrate, they are unleashing a brand new track and video into the world, entitled ‘Like A Ghost.’ Pre-Orders for the album go live on December 4th on iTunes (with users getting ‘Like a Ghost’ instantly) and the single live to stream on Spotify same day. 

The new album, ‘Chapters’ and the brand new single ‘Like a Ghost’ were recorded in early 2017 at Spinlight Studios with Rhys Zacher. The record took 3 months and has produced what is a developed and more focused and intense sound for the band. The video for Like A Ghost is out today and features a blistering, intense performance by the Newcastle six-piece.

Founded in late 2011, Lycanthrope hail from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. They immediately began playing shows and recorded their debut EP Limitless – from which the track The Golden Mile peaked on the Triple J Unearthed radio charts at #4 – what followed was a string of supports for I Killed The Prom Queen, Northlane, Like Moths To Flames, Aversions Crown, In Hearts Wake and many more. The crushing current line-up consists of Aidan Lee, Dan Greig, Brett Scott, Jason Salvini, Scott Wright and Matthew Stoja. 

Their second EP, Revival was released in August 2015. The band once again hit Australia’s Triple J Unearthed to release two new tracks. Both tracks, Wasteland and Jaws Of Life and almost instantly hit 1 & 2 on the metal charts. 2016 saw them tour New Zealand and also support Confession, Trophy Eyes & Capture The Crown. 

Pre-Orders for Lycanthrope’s ‘Chapters’ album go live on December 4th on iTunes (with users getting ‘Like a Ghost’ instantly) and the single live to stream on Spotify same day. 

For More Information, go to



Album Pre-Order Date: December 4 2017 

Single Release Date: December 4 2017
Album Release Date: February 16 2018

Genre: Metalcore

Hometown: Newcastle, NSW, Australia


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Drakonis Launch Their New EP ‘The Great Miasma’ On Saturday December 2nd In The Limelight, Belfast



Drakonis of Northern Ireland, focus heavily on the “live spectacle”, blending a mixture of contemporary black and death metal, to create something without the limitations of one genre. Not wanting to work to a strict template, the band dips in and out of many styles to create music which is both atmospherically uplifting, yet devastatingly brutal.
Initially formed under the working title, “Order of Shadow” (at the time including Gareth Murdock of Alestorm), Drakonis has been an ongoing project for many years, featuring Saul McMichael and Lee McCartney of pagan metal veterans, Waylander. The band remained a studio project until 2015, when a line up was assembled to take things to the live arena.

Over the past 2 years the band has brought not just extreme metal to the live circuit, but a highly visual experience. Armed with corpse paint, blood, skulls, spikes, chainmail and live samples, the band’s entire energy revolves around the live stage show, and will only grow in scale as the band evolves. 
The band quickly caught the attention of the local scene, with their “Ravens Fuel The Sky” E.P, which they used as a platform to release their follow up, “As They Rot”. This release was extremely well received by both fans and critics alike, placing it in several “Best of 2016” lists, including winning Uber Rocks’ “International E.P. of the Year 2016”, tying with Voivod.

With so many reviews asking for an album, the band decided to hold off on that idea and release one more E.P, this time on a much larger scale. Therefore “The Great Miasma” came into being, a story driven concept spanning 3 songs. Each song takes us through a different chapter, following the ritualistic sacrifice, possession and wrath of a young girl to appease an ancient god.
Each song will be accompanied by a story driven, highly visual music video, released out of  sequence, bringing the bands live theatrics to the medium of film. Only when all 3 videos have been released and played in order, will the story become clear.

With this new release on the horizon, Drakonis are set to take things to the next level and aim to catch the attention of more international listeners.



We were sent on their EP for review and it’s a definite move forward for this band! It still has that Drakonis sound they created in their previously released ‘As They Rot’, but an evolvution. 

The EP’s opening track ‘The Great Miasma’ caught me a bit off at first as it’s a lot slower in tempo than previous works, but has a real haunting vibe throughout. The guitar work on this track is excellent and it moves up and down the gears effortlessly. They speed up the tempo at the right moments and suitably slows down again. The keyboard work on this track also really adds to the overall atmosphere of the song and the almost narration vocally throughout the song really completes it. The addition of church bells as they sound concludes in truly dark/atmospheric fashion.  A strange one at first for fans of the band, but easily one of their best works to date. A brilliant opener! 

The EP’s second and penultimate track ‘Let Us Pray’ follows. A track that was previously released so we shall link it here for you to check out. This track has a lot more in common with their earlier material and a real tour de force Black metal track. Like the opener, the musicianship has improved yet again as the band have evolved. The addition of a ‘Vincent Price’ narration from Witchfinder General is great and overall this is an excellent track. 

‘Queen Of Swarms’ closes this excellent EP. Yet again, another track that proves the bands evolution and different from both previous tracks in regards to dynamics and structure. It has a great Black metal riff throughout the song and relentless throughout. It even has a catchy fists in the air moment with, “Hail Hail, To The Queen Of Swarms” in there for good measure. Which I can imagine will work really well in a live environment.  The song then transforms into a hail of excellent lead guitar work full of solos and suitably fades out. Which left me wanting more! 

I loved their previous EP ‘As They Rot’ giving it a 9.5/10 rating, considering it one of the best releases of 2016. I didn’t know if they could better it with this release, but they’ve absolutely smashed it! 

I considered this band to be one of the best Black metal bands on our little island, but after this I would say they are arguably the best. 

A truly brilliant release in every regard and one I shall return to many times.

EP of the year hands down!! 




Drakonis are: 

Stephen Reynolds – Lead Vocals
Saul McMichael – Guitars/ Backing Vocals
Tommy Hewitt – Guitars
Lee McCartney – Drums
Stephenie Dickey – Bass

EP Credits

All music written by Drakonis
Recorded/Produced/Mixed by Saul McMichael
Mastered by Saul McMichael and Bryan Shortell
Cover photo by Kerri Clarke
Cover design by Saul McMichael





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GENOCIDE PACT Announces Relapse Records Debut ‘Order Of Torment’ Opening Track “Conquered And Disposed” Now Streaming



Washington, DC-based GENOCIDE PACT is prepared to unleash their raging sophomore full-length and Relapse debut, Order Of Torment. The song “Conquered And Disposed” has been issued for streaming alongside preorders for the record.


Recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Code Orange, Magrudergrind) at Developing Nations in Baltimore, and featuring cover art from the legendary Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Pink Floyd, Autopsy, Marduk), GENOCIDE PACT‘s Order Of Torment features eight tracks of pulverizing, relentless death metal that harkens to the greats while pushing the genre to chaotic new realms of possibility. With a thick, titanic crunch that focuses on crushing groove as much as skull-splitting intensity, GENOCIDE PACT is the death metal band to watch in 2018.



GENOCIDE PACT‘s Order Of Torment is due out February 2nd, 2018 on CD, LP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical packages and digital order are available via HERE and all digital retail outlets HERE.


Order Of Torment Track Listing:

1. Conquered And Disposed

2. Decimation Grid

3. Spawn Of Suffering

4. Pain Reprisal

5. Ascendancy Absolved

6. Structural Dissolution

7. Authoritarian Impulse

8. Blood Rejection


Hailing from the chaotic realm that is our nation’s capital, GENOCIDE PACT has been making pulverizing, relentless death metal since their inception in 2013. No Clean Singing praised the band as “titanically heavy,” and Cvlt Nation issued, “suffocating in the highest, complementary form of the word, GENOCIDE PACT crafts death metal that hearkens to the greats while pushing forward to something even greater.” After touring on a much buzzed about demo and 7″ single, the band recorded their debut LP Forged Through Domination for A389 Recordings in 2015. The band has since toured North America extensively as well as select dates with Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper, Darkest Hour, Iron Reagan, Power Trip, and Torche, in addition to an appearance at the renowned Maryland Deathfest.



Tim Mullaney – Guitar/Vocals

Mike Nolan – Bass

Connor Donegan – Drums



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IRON MONKEY Announce 2018 UK Live Dates

IRON MONKEY Announce 2018 UK Live Dates



Cult UK doom/sludge unit IRON MONKEY has announced three headlining shows the UK this coming April. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 29th at 10:00am GMT. A full list of confirmed shows is available below.


IRON MONKEY will be supporting their 9-13 full-length, recently issued via Relapse Records. Recorded in their hometown of Nottingham in Spring 2017 A.D. with producer Johnny A. Carter, 9-13is nine songs and forty-eight minutes of total nihilism. Now older, more cynical and more isolationist, IRON MONKEY are back to usurp the scene, then crush it’s skull. Without question, their most focused, aggressive and direct material to date, 9-13 is an all-out assault of violent hatred and nightmarish negativity. Recommended listening for fans of pain, suffering, and misanthropy.


9-13 is out now on CD, LP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical packages and digital orders are available via HERE and all retail outlets HERE.




4/13/2018 Rescue Rooms – Manchester, UK

4/14/2018 The Underworld – London, UK

4/21/2018 Ruby Lounge – Manchester, UK


IRON MONKEY was beaten to life in the year of your Lord, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four, at the location of Nottingham, England. The original members were named: J.P.. Morrow, J. Rushby, S. Watson, D. Dalziel, and J. Greaves. Influences were primarily Eyehategod, Buzzov*en, Floor, Grief, and various hardcore punks and heavy metals.


IRON MONKEY shit out six disgusting tracks of raw sludge-core that were released on the Union Mill label then later on Earache Records. During this period, S. Watson was thrown out and replaced by God’s lonely man, Dean Berry. Nineteen ninety-eight saw the release of the album Our Problem, also on Earache Records, a masterpiece of negative rock that instigated peace on earth and goodwill to all men. This was succeeded by a split release on Man’s Ruin Records with Church Of Misery from Japan. J. Rushby soon abdicated and the band found a replacement in the manner of S. O’hara of Acrimony. IRON MONKEY was destroyed sometime in nineteen ninety-nine. Vocal terror J. P. Morrow died of a heart attack in June of two thousand and two. Rest in noise.


The band reformed for no reason in the winter of two thousand sixteen with original members J. Rushby and S. Watson, with the addition of current Chaos UK drummer Brigga, forming the shape of an inverted black triangle of vitriol and phase two of operations. IRON MONKEY do not care about your scene, bands, or opinions… ELECTROCUTION, DOOM, OMEGA OMEGA OMEGA. – J. Rushby, Two Thousand Seventeen




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Melbourne, post-grunge monsters Jarface have announced their debut album ‘Now They See’ will be release on Friday, December 8.

To celebrate the release of ‘Now They See’, Jarface have released a taste of the album in new single Absolution; a grooving track about finding love in the early hours of the morning after a show.

It’s been a long journey to ‘Now They See’ for Jarface and the album title is a subtle digat the arduous process it took to bring it to fruition.

“After three years of writing, and six months of recording, mixing and mastering, it seemed fitting that a debut album which felt like forever to complete should have the title’Now They See’, but just every other aspect of our music; it’s open to interpretation,”

Despite the long development behind ‘Now They See’, Jarface have crafted a strong showcase of post-grunge that defines and sets the band apart.

“For the most part it’s a loud and heavy sound, that consists of riffs that are butted together with drums complimenting them but still giving them a beat to help them 

New single Absolution is a notably positive track tracing the beginning and first meeting of a future couple.

“Absolution was written after meeting my partner on a late night out at a Smith Street bar. I was there after we’d played a show at another venue and I remember spending most of the night trying to convince her I was actually in a band,” said 

That positivity bleeds through the music, the bass line delivering this incrediblepumping rhythm!

“Absolution has this groove that was inspired by the blues tunes that were being played that night,”



Formed in Melbourne, Australia, way-back-when, the now 4 piece powerhouse began with just a single guitarist and bassist playing covers in a basement. Founding members Sean & Matt would started by playing covers from their favourite bands, but after they soon realized that they were no good at playing covers they decided to start writing their own stuff. 

Fast forward a few years and after playing some of Melbourne’s biggest and best venues like the famous Cherry Bar, The Northcote Social Club, The Ding Dong Lounge, The Espy Gershwin Room and many more, Jarface keeps on establishing and growing their name and following.




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