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Words That Burn – ‘When We’re Forgotten’ Single & Video Out Now!



Irish Modern Metal act Words That Burn are proud to unleash their new single and offical video “When We’re Forgotten”.
“When We’re Forgotten” single has been produced by Josh Robinson in JSR Studios, Belfast and mastered by Alan Douches in West West Side Studios, New York.

The band stated:

“WTB are super excited to share our video for When We’re Forgotten with you. It is our first time working with Carl Quinn and the rest of the guys in Empty Horoscope Media. He is by far one of the most professional, dedicated and easy to work with people we have dealt with. Even though this was his baby he kept us in the loop throughout the entire process. From initial concept, we knew that this video a big task  – The production was huge, there was a lot of people involved, multiple locations, pyro & special effects –  so we are absolutely stoked with the end result.  
This song is a snap shot of the new direction that we are taking as a band so we wanted to come out guns blazing. We wanted something visually striking to compliment the song. I think we got that!”



Get the single here:



Visuals : Empty Horoscope Media 
Director : Gareth Stewart 
Producer : Andy McCormick 
DOP : Carl Quin


Taking musical & sonic influence from bands such as Deftones, Bring me the Horizon, Slipknot, Northlane, Killswitch Engage, Architects and The Defiled, Words That Burn compiled an album of hook laden tracks which saw the album chart at Number 1 in the Irish Metal, Irish Rock and Irish mainstream iTunes download charts. Over the course of 2016/2017, Words That Burn completed an Irish tour with a plethora of shows the length and breadth of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, followed by the video release of ‘Mirror Perfect Mannequin’, which led to a slew of European dates in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic, including a main-stage performance at the Exit Festival in Serbia alongside Destruction, Discharge and Black Dahlia Murder. Currently in the studio writing the follow-up to “Regret is for the Dead”.



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Deadly Circus Fire Launch Pledge Campaign For Their Third Album



London based progressive metal band Deadly Circus Fire have launched a pledge music campaign for their third album. They released this statement. 

Our 3rd Studio Album is on the way!…/deadly-circus-fire-new-album
This year has been an incredible roller coaster for all of us in Deadly Circus Fire!! �We have experienced a tough time but thanks to all your love and constant support we have been able to make it through. We feel so lucky to have you and we are now ready to get back in the studio and finish off what we have been working very hard for, our 3rd studio album!
This next album, is really special for us, for many different reasons and we are doing the best we can to make it a truly special one.
You can be part of this, help us out by heading to out Pledge Page…/deadly-circus-fire-new-album 
Get your favourite items and get your friends and family involved so we can make this record happen.
Thank you so much for all the support you guys have given us over the past years and the support you continue to give us. We are forever grateful for each and every one of you, and we hope to repay you by continuing to release music you love and that is from our hearts.
Big Love
Paul, Mike, David & Save


Check out two of their tracks here that will probably be on the album. Their latest singles so assumption tells me….




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LESSER GLOW: Boston Post-Metal/Doom Unit Release ‘Under The Polar Shade’ Live Video



Ruined is the impending debut full-length from Boston’s LESSER GLOW, featuring within its ranks members of Black Elm, Irepress, and The Proselyte. Set for release next month via Pelagic Records, with RuinedLESSER GLOW rips open a massively wide and confident blend of traditional doom and melodic metal, paired with hardcore, noise, post-rock, and beyond. Molding all these into one cohesive mix, LESSER GLOW stands out as a refreshing and unapologetically brutal take on heavy music.


In advance of Ruined‘s official release, today the band is pleased to unveil a live video for the track “Under The Polar Shade”


If you missed it, view LESSER GLOW’s unsettling video accompaniment to second album track “Vacant Throne” as well as a live video of the album’s title track HERE.

Ruined will see release on June 8th on CD, LP, and digital formats. For preorders in North America visit THIS LOCATION, for Europe go to THIS LOCATION and for digital orders goHERE.


In today’s world, there is an undeniable, ever-growing sea of noise. Like an ocean, it swirls together the sounds of humanity into a churning vat of anonymity, and we are drowning. It is from this abyss that LESSER GLOW was born. A necessary change from the common kind, this Boston five-piece brings an undeniable heaviness, with lyrics and music coexisting in the same beautiful, dynamic, and volatile space. Heavy but not excessive. Massive yet not gratuitous. Meticulous. Focused. Direct. Necessary. The idea of LESSER GLOW grew as a response to the unrealistic progression of heavy music in recent years… generally feeling over-technical, over-produced, and sometimes entirely fake.

“I was caught in a major ‘90s binge, listening to a bunch of stuff like Unsane and Failure, and feeling like that raw, palpable energy and songwriting was slipping away from modern heavy records,” comments main songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Nault, who is not only the guitarist in LESSER GLOW, but also session drummer for electro-post-hiphop outfit Arms And Sleepers. “I was tired of genre-choked bands, and missed hearing songs instead of riff parades.”

The lineup of the band came together organically, “though now the combination of individuals feels incredibly fortunate,” comments Nault. The fact that all members are experienced professionals – engineers and session musicians – has certainly helped LESSER GLOW to accomplish the simplicity that makes this record what it is: Heavy.

“I tried to keep that simplicity in mind during the recording process, don’t over play or worry about shredding to fill space,” adds bass player Scott Conza. “Just as important as choosing when to play, is choosing when not to play.”



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Xero Release Music Video ‘Barriers’ featuring Shawn Bowen of Neurotica & Meatspace



Limerick based Xero have just released a brand new music video ‘Barriers’ featuring Shawn Bowen also of Neurotica and Meatspace. 


They released this statement! 

Here is Xero – Limerick‘s newest release, ‘Barriers’ feat. Shawn Bowen of Neurotica & Meatspace. We’d like to thank Shawn for all his enthusiasm and help throughout the creation of this song and for being a part of something so special to us.



Zero are: 

Andrew Farrell (drums)
Mike Carroll (vocals)
Dave Bourke (guitar)
Conny O’Connor (guitar)
Nick Bromfield (bass)




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COMESS: Kentucky Extreme Metal Unit To Release Debut LP ‘Botched & Flailed’ New Single ‘Pit Dweller’ Released



Louisville, Kentucky-based extreme metal unit COMESS will release their annihilating Botched & Flailed full-length next month. Captured by Tom Curtis of Dead Bird Studios in Louisville, Kentucky and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full of Hell, Vallenfyre) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon, the record boasts eleven tracks of noise-strewn, nihilistic, audio bedlam.

Comments the band: “Botched & Flailed, being our first record, was a huge success in our eyes. We captured something many bands with many more resources strive to achieve. We spent countless hours making every second count, making it the best it could be. Through the ease and mastery of tracking and mixing with Tom Curtis, to the final touches by the heavy music god Brad Boatright, we feel we have created one hell of a punishing record.”

Botched & Flailed will be self-released on June 15th on CD and all digital platforms with preorders to be announced soon.

In the meantime, check out the maniacal video clip for “Pit Dweller” below.



Botched & Flailed Track Listing:
1. Vorkuta
2. Pit Dweller
3. Bitten
4. Toothskin
5. Disact
6. Stygian
7. Decrepit
8. Doomsaint
9. Serpenticost
10. Deracinate
11. Second Death

COMESS will bring their sonic abrasions to the stage in the coming weeks with additional live incursions in the plotting stages. Stay alert.

7/26/2018 Trixies – Louisville, KY w/ Jinjer
8/01/2018 Mag Bar – Louisville, KY w/ Bewitcher
9/06/2018 Full Terror Assault Open Air – Cave-In-Rock, IL

COMESS is a heavy music project from Louisville, Kentucky. The band formed in late 2016, striving to create the most aggressive music to come out of the state. From their chaotic live performances, to their eerie, throat-slashing recordings, they found the name COMESS — a word defined as a confusing or noisy situation — to be a perfect fit. In February 2018, COMESS joined Jarvis Booking And Management spearheaded by John Jarvis of Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Scour and more. Stay tuned for COMESS to obliterate a town near you.


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The Blessing Way Sign With Mourning Light Records



Galway based ‘The Blessing Way’ Have signed with Mourning Light Records. 

We premiered the album earlier this year and proud to have done so as it’s an amazing album. For those unaware the album was made and recorded by one man, Mr Ollie Gill. He spent a few years working away on the project and dropped a stunning Gothic Black metal album ‘From Empty Plates We Dine’ I’ll add the album below for you to make up your own mind. 

This statement was released today: 


The good news keeps coming in; please join us in officially welcoming Galway Ireland’s The Blessing Way to Mourning Light Records! The Blessing Way’s gothic and symphonic black metal masterpiece “From Empty Plates We Dine” will be released shortly on Mourning Light Records with full European and North American distribution. We are overjoyed to have such a welcome addition to our label, and we can’t wait to share their music with all of you!

Review of The Blessing Way:


Great to see this album get a distribution deal as it’s a phenomenal body of work and it makes me very happy we were involved in helping it get to this level. That’s why I do it… 


Title Track! 


Full Album Stream




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