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Introducing CANAVAR: Debut Single ‘Sacrilege’ Out Now South Coast Punk-O-Metal For The Masses



When different worlds collide, it usually ends up with a disagreement or a fight, that is not the case with South Coast Punk-O-Metallers Canavar. Firmly crossing the divide between Metal and Punk, this is a band that brings unity to the chaos, a synergy of sounds, bringing something fresh to the musical landscape.

Hailing from Southampton, usually known for its post-hardcore offerings, Canavar have broken the 7th string with their genre-melding style, combining fierce riffs with frenetic energy whilst still managing to provide a memorable melody. With zero plans to write or record a fluffy-love radio-friendly ballad, Canavar took the mould, smashed it and then cast their own out of the carnage that remained.

In their own words:

“We are 4 dudes who met through our love of skateboarding, we had all been in other bands but nothing serious so once we came together, we didn’t just become bandmates, we became brothers.”.

Not just brothers by choice, but also by blood, the entire rhythm section share not only the same band name but the same surname.  The synergy doesn’t stop there, 3 of the four band members also work at the same company when they aren’t slaying stages around the UK.

Ahead of their debut self-titled album later this year, Canavar are getting have just released storming their debut single, ‘Sacrilege‘, and is available on all major platforms.

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Precision (88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against) at Bombshelter studios, Chicago and Brick by Brick studios.

Check out the video for Sacrilege right now:



Canavar are:

Deklan Webb – Vocals / Guitar
Jack Bowden – Guitar
Rowan Rashley – Bass
Toby Rashley – Drums


Find Canavar online:


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Dirty Casuals Release Debut EP ‘Light And Dark Matter’



Dirty Casuals are a groove metal three piece band that formed in late 2015 when guitarist Jim met drummer Sam through Donedeal. Within a matter of weeks bassist Rory had been recruited and Dirty Casuals began there quest to bring metal to each and every corner of Ireland. 

The lads were based in Clonmel, Tipperary for most of their formative years and at one point they had recruited a vocalist. It didn’t work out for whatever reason so they decided to continue as an instrumental project once more.

They then relocated to Cork and things outside the band started happening. Jim is one of the men behind Seshtival which started in Clonmel and also relocated to Cork. Which made sense due to a higher population. No offence to Tipperary, but it has a fairly firm glass ceiling in terms of attendance like an rural town outside the cities. 

They’ve spent their time honing their craft as a live act and gave themselves plenty of time to get the finished product recorded. Which was the best idea in hindsight. No point rushing it, get the sound down and release your debut when fully ready. 

The EP is now upon us and it’s a very good first release from the lads. They describe themselves as Groove metal. To my ears they’re a fusion of Sludge, Groove and Math rock with a progressive vibe. 

There’s six tracks in all. They all vary in sound and keep it interesting. It’s an instrumental release so a challenge to some in regards to attention.

‘Choice’ opens it up nicely and I love the Primus style Bass lines and very good guitar solo around the two minute mark. It gets nice and heavy from there on and we’re off to a good start! 

‘Upon Us’ is slower in tempo at the start and it then starts to pick up. It moves through the gears effortlessly and slows down suitably at the end. 

‘Jim Biy Destroy Planet Earth’ is a shorter and more direct affair. It really kicks it up in the second half and finishes strong. 

‘Lighter Face’ and ‘$andwich’ follow in the same style as the first three tracks in many regards. Shifting through the gears and solid instrumental tracks. 

Light And Dark Matter concludes the EP and man it’s a very different beast then everything before. With a running time of 6:37 it’s also the EP’s longest track. It’s also the best in my opinion. It’s an excellent prog track. It starts off very light but really kicks up the heaviness at around the half way point. I would have liked if it has dropped down to the lighter again at the end and faded out, but that’s a minor gripe. I just felt it would have finished it off perfectly. 

Al in all, this is a solid debut release and shows that these lads have real potential. All the songs were good and at no point was I skipping to the next track. Which is always a good sign. 

A huge improvement from their earlier demos and a band firmly on the rise. 

One to watch! 






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Oracle Release Official Lyric Video ‘Serpentine’




Oracle are a five piece groove metal band that hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They play high energy, groove laden metal which is oozing with riffs, harsh vocals and filthy rhythms.

Oracle formed in March 2015, and released their debut single “Take my blood” in August of the same year. Taking the response from this positively, Oracle went under a vicious writing period to develop their sound and tone their stage craft.

Bouncing back from their writing break, Oracle released new single “Burn the nameless” which tackles hierarchy and false media coverage, on the 3rd of March 2017.

On the 6th of February 2018, Oracle released their debut music video for “No God Waits For You” which was premiered exclusively on Burning Metal Irl.

This March they released their highly anticipated first E.P “Tales of Pythia”, five tracks that touch on topics which are political, mythological, spiritual and occultic, whilst also dealing with issues that are relevant to their personal lives. Tales of Pythia is based on the idea that we all live in a prophetic time where a lot of people remain in a state of blissful ignorance,and are too busy occupied with materialistic and secondary distractions to care. Oracle proceeded to win the 2018 Belfast leg of Metal to the Masses, which means that they will be gracing the mighty Bloodstock this summer.

Oracle will release new single “Serpentine” on the 26/07/2018, ahead of them taking to the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air on August 11th.

Serpentine is about the elite that control our lives and mindsets, its about struggling with society, and the depression that comes with day to day life. In today’s political climate their is mass confusion and increased restrictions on freedom of speech. Serpentine is a metaphor for the mental prison that many find themselves in and how it can be conquered with awareness.



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Introducing: Master The Crown

Introducing: Master The Crown




Master The Crown are a Metal band from Leeds, U.K. 
Fusing styles such as Metal-Core, Nu-Metal and Alternative, they have created their own fresh and unique spin on modern metal.

The band take inspiration from metal hard hitters like, Deftones, Gojira and Architects to name a few.

Formed in September 2017, at Leeds College of Music, Master The Crown have a strong love and dedication to the metal scene. The Lads infuse their repertoire of both originals and covers with the same strength and passion that they show for the genre on a daily basis.

The band have just released their debut single “Meet Your Maker” available on all major platforms.

A very young bunch of lads that are not even a band two years release their debut video/single. What was I sent on this time…. My sometime cynical nature was very much quashed and I was firmly reminded that I shouldn’t be judgemental at times. 

They are very much what you would expect from the new wave of metalcore bands with hardcore influences, but these lads are good. Very fucking good! One thing I really liked about this track was the clearly audible Bass. They’ve got a seriously talented Bass player too might I add. This track follows the perfect formula for this particular type of metal. They have the launching start, heavy vocals with some excellent melodic vocals in the chorus. Their use of dual vocals throughout is really good. There’s also some really good lead guitar in this track. One particular part I liked was the heavy vocals over the lead guitar work and man do the rhythm section hold it together properly throughout.   

I’m seriously impressed by this band. Excellent lead guitar work, a top rhythm section and great vocals. They can also clearly write a good song and understand structure far beyond their years. 

File under massive potential. 

One most certainly to watch!  










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PARASITE INC. Release Music Video & Second Single ‘Once And For All’



Back for war… The German Melodic-Death-Newcomers PARASITE INC. are set to unleash their second album, »Dead And Alive« on August 17th, 2018 through Reaper Entertainment Europe. To celebrate the release of the new album the band confirmed an exclusive release show at the big Summer Breeze Open-Air in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.

The band has released the second single entitled ‘Once And For All‘ together with their stunning music video today:

The band states:
“After our first single and the lyric video for ‘Headf**k Rollecoaster’, we want to go one better: Even faster, more melodic and more aggressive: here comes ‘Once and for All’ and the official video for the second single from ‘Dead and Alive’.”



Pre-order »Dead And Alive« now:

“Dead and Alive” tracklist:
1. Countershock
2. Once And For All
3. This World
4. Fall Of The Idealist
5. Headf**k Rollercoaster
6. Flesh Decadence
7. Red Wine Collider
8. Sunset Overdrive
9. Cold Silent Hell
10. Dead And Alive
11. Empty Streets (Cover)

The lyric video of the first single “Headf**k Rollercoaster” can be seen here:


More about PARASITE INC.:

With the review to PARASITE INC.‘s official debut album “Time Tears Down” in late summer 2013 Germany’s leading metal magazine Metal Hammer summed it up pretty well: “When in modern melodic death metal a young German band succeeds to become a talking point, there must be something behind it!“. Words that are truly emphasizing the young band’s musical qualities considering that their first official and self-produced album already hit the top 30 of Germany’s official metal-rock-charts as well as the 12th position in Japan’s import charts. PARASITE INC. like their metal melodic but death and so does their continuously growing fan base worldwide:

No clean vocals, no softeners, no compromise.


Kai Bigler –  vocals / guitars
Dominik Sorg – guitars
Stefan Krämer – bass
Benjamin Stelzer – drums

Find PARASITE INC. online:



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Kill Everything Premiere Crushing New Video ‘Laid To Waste’ At Slam Worldwide



Today Kill Everything have unveiled the second video in support of their forthcoming debut album, Scorched Earth. ‘Laid To Waste’ is a brutal assault on the senses and a perfect example of the inhuman bludgeoning to be found throughout the Scorched Earth album – surely destined to be one of the heaviest releases of this or any other year.

The video is premiering on the Slam Worldwide channel, notorious for promoting the most skull crushing metal around and is sure to whet the appetite of the death obsessed worldwide.

Scorched Earth will be released on August 17th through Comatose Music and preorders are open now at the label website.

Early media reactions to Kill Everything’s bludgeoning and nihilistic sound are more than positive, with Cranium Radio‘s 10/10 reaction epitomising the views of fans of  super heavy sounds – “Love this monster of an album!”

There’s not long to wait now until Scorched Earth is let loose upon the world, but for now head to Slam Worldwide and bathe in the bloody brilliance of ‘Laid To Waste’!



For more information on Kill Everything click here
Visit Kill Everything on Facebook


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