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Zealot Cult Announce Debut Album ‘Spiritual Sickness’ Release New Track ‘Blades Of Jihad’


Limerick based Death metal veterans Zealot Cult have announced details for their long awaited debut album. 

They released this statement.  

We are delighted to finally announce the release of our debut album ‘Spiritual Sickness’ via Blood Harvest Records. Check out the first song to be released below.

releases October 26, 2018

BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS and HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS are proud to present ZEALOT CULT’s highly anticipated debut album, Spiritual Sickness, on CD, Cassette and vinyl LP formats.

In early 2016, Ireland’s ZEALOT CULT self-released their debut EP, Karmenian Crypt. Duly impressed by this quartet’s power and poise, BLOOD HARVEST stepped in and released Karmenian Crypt on 12″ vinyl later that autumn. Quickly, Karmenian Crypt reaped critical acclaim, and for good reason: here was a band seemingly effortlessly crafting pure and total DEATH METAL that was simultaneously timeless and modern. Alas, those three songs were just a teaser for more mastery to come, and it’s now arrived in the full-length Spiritual Sickness.

Instantly upon pressing “play” on Spiritual Sickness, this is the same whirlwinding ZEALOT CULT of before, only taken to bolder and more bellicose ends. Here exist those same strong, expertly integrated influences from classic Floridian death metal and especially the early Roadrunner/RC catalog which fostered same. And yet, ZEALOT CULT further manage to make epic, multi-dimensional majesty from that firm foundation, their compositions constantly rising and falling and taking dark ‘n’ doomed directions, all while remaining immediately memorable. So, while various strains of Pestilence, Death, Morbid Angel, and especially Obituary can be heard loud ‘n’ clear across Spiritual Sickness, its eight songs build upon said foundation and contribute to this rich legacy, underlining the unyielding ties to tradition whilst making majesty in modern times.

Completed by clear-yet-crushing production and a fully satisfying 42 minutes, Spiritual Sickness is indeed aptly titled. The time is NOW to join the ZEALOT CULT!


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Interview: Jamie Clark Of Razor Sharp Death Blizzard



Hailing from the Scottish borders, Razor Sharp Death Blizzard are a politically charged metal band loaded with cut-throat riffs and thought-provoking lyrics that bathe in a brainhacking sequence of melodies and soaring choruses. Formed in 2014 by Jamie Clark (Vocals) and Daz McSwell (Guitars) from the molten steel remnants of former bands, Ridgeback and Swellbellys, and later joined by Liam Roberts (Drums) and Ross Corbett (Bass), the band have been attracting considerable interest from their native Scottish scene as well as national and international attention from a wide selection of respected media platforms. . 2015 saw the release of debut E.P. ‘Riot Revolt Revolution’ which received positive reviews, notably in Metal Hammer, Zero Tolerance and Vive Le Rock; amongst other media platforms. 

2015 saw the release of debut E.P. ‘Riot Revolt Revolution’ which received positive reviews, notably in Metal Hammer, Zero Tolerance and Vive Le Rock; amongst other media platforms. 

Honing their live set on the U.K. scene, set the band in good stead for the recording of 2016’s debut album ‘You Will Burn’. Recorded at Skyhammer Studio in Cheshire, England with Producer Chris Fielding (Conan) at the helm, this album to date has been received well to critical acclaim worldwide with awesome reviews. 

2017 saw the band play a number of shows on mainland Europe and across the U.K. and 2018 promises to be another great year with plans to hit the road before working on the follow-up to ‘You Will Burn’. 


We had a brief chat with vocalist Jamie ahead of their two date Irish tour this coming weekend. Friday in The Cellar Bar, Galway and Saturday in Fibber Magees, Dublin. 

BM: As we may have readers unaware of your background, can you please tell us about the bands formation? 

Jamie: Daz and I (Jamie) started playing together when my old band Ridgeback needed someone to play bass for a final few shows as a send off for Alec (Ridgeback guitarist) who was moving to Czech Republic so Daz stepped in to help out. Daz, I and Deano (Ridgeback drummer) jammed a few times until we were kicked out our rehearsal space. Deano moved away also . This all happened around 2011/2012. Come 2013/2014 Daz found a new space and a Drummer Greg Armstrong. Several months later we found a bass player Graham Paxton. We recorded an EP (Riot, Revolt, Revolution 2015) and our Album (You will Burn 2016) with this line up. Greg left to concentrate on Uni and Graham left to pursue his own greatness. Which has led us to our current and stable line up of me Jamie Clark on Vocals, Daz Tait on Guitars, Ross Corbett on Bass and Liam Roberts on Drums.   


BM: This is your first time touring in Ireland. Was there any particular motive to play over here, or was it just about the experience and promotion of the band?  

Jamie: Yes, it’s the first time for RSDB although our Daz has been over with his previous band Swellbellys many times. The motive was from a telephone conversation and various emails with Oran O’Briene at Overdrive and Mainstage Design who wanted us to come over and play in Dublin. Oran did our EPK which is amazing (thanks Oran). Which led to me speaking to Kev Kirwan at who set us up with Dublin (thanks Kev xx) and Danny Fitzgerald down in Cork who put us in touch with Brendan and yourself at Damage Inc. Galway. 


BM: To the outside in Ireland with Bloodstock MTTM’s, Various Independent festivals varying in size and noticeable up and coming bands growth . The underground in the UK seems to be on the rise. Is that true or is it a struggle to get people to “local” gigs as it can be here in Ireland at times?  

Jamie: That’s a tough one Philip. Its more hit and miss I think, win some lose some. Past few have been well attended. There’s a great wee monthly called Hellraiser in Edinburgh run by the boys in ‘Dogtired’ and ‘Lucifers Corpus’. It’s always a good night. I think there’s definitely a few wee scenes all around the UK. 


BM: Can you tell us about any up and coming/underground bands in the UK you rate highly?

Jamei: Well there’s the two bands mentioned above but a couple of great bands from the Scottish scene are Somaethesia and Gay Panic Defence and across the UK I’m loving OHHMS and MASTIFF are brutal fucking love them. 


BM: What’s your hopes for this tour?  
 Jamie: Hope we get asked back lol, make new friends and spread the word of RSDB. 


BM: Anything you would like to add?  

Jamie: I would like to thank Oran, Kev, Danny and Brendan for helping and organising putting us on. Its going to be a pleasure to come over and play and party with you all. This will be the first of many shows in Ireland, we’ll be back next year for more. These shows this weekend we play three new songs exclusively for Ireland, no one has heard them other than us four. They are the beginnings of our next album which we will record next year. 

Many thanks Philip and we look forward to meeting you and everyone else next weekend, its going to be brutal and messy.  

Cheers Jamie xx 


BM: Indeed! Oran and Kev do great things in Dublin with the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Competition. That’s an amazing opportunity for bands to have here, so long may they continue! Danny is also doing a great job by bringing the MammothFest competition to Cork, so we have openings for Bloodstock and Mammothfest now. Which is amazing! 

I’m looking forward to the gig and also checking out the support bands on the night Peasant To A King are also from the midlands, so it’ll be nice to see them in action. 

Great to hear exclusive music and thanks for taking the time to speak with us! 



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LA’S Psych Doom Metal Trio MOAB Pay Tribute To Fallen Member On New Album ‘TROUGH’




LA psych doom trio MOAB will release their long awaited 3rd full-length album, Trough, on October 19th with Falling Dome Records. Today, the band has revealed the record’s first new song, “Skeptics Lament”. 


“Opening the album, this song sets the stage lyrically and sonically for the entire record. We wanted to make to it big, melodic and twisty. I think we achieved that.” – Andrew Giacumakis


Moab’s debut single from upcoming album Trough, Skeptics Lament, culminates the band’s progression into rarified crafters of sonic heft. Twisting melodies surrounded by haunting atmospheres, searing vocals and instrumental interplay, all entrenched in the weighty concrete foundation of riff and hook. Get hooked.


Equal parts dirge and grace, Moab earned critical praise with their first two albums Ab Ovo (Kemado) and Billow (ScionAV), establishing themselves as underground darlings of LA’s heavy music scene. A unique ability to blend atmosphere and melody into an incessant dark riff and drum attack, Moab creates a sonic massage and listenability that few other metal bands wield. 


2018 finds the Los Angeles based trio set to release their 3rd full length album Trough, a record steeped in loss with the passing of drummer Erik Herzog mid-way through its production. A gifted drummer and founding member of the band, his untimely passing had the band considering retirement. But with encouragement from family and friends to finish the album and let Erik’s final work be heard, the band refocused and committed to the album’s completion. Remaining band members Andrew Giacumakis and Joe Fuentes, joined by Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) filling the void on drums, are set to play select shows in support of the album’s release.


“Trough is a significant album for us in several ways. We lost our brother and friend (drummer Erik Herzog) during it’s making. That was a tough blow. We considered calling it quits but ultimately decided it would be better to finish the album and let Erik’s final work be heard. The album also is very much a collaborative effort with all members of Moab past and present playing on different songs. We thought it a fitting way to say goodbye to our friend. We think it’s good and hopefully others will too.” – Andrew Giacumakis


1. Skeptics Lament 4:09
2. Into The Sea Swine 3:38
3. All Automatons 3:40
4. Moss Grows Where No One Goes 4:53
5. The Onus 3:37
6. Medieval Moan 2:38
7. Fifty Thousand Tons 3:19
8. The Will Is Weak 4:21
9. Turnin’ Slow 4:48
10. Fend For Dawn 4:07




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Lifeblood ‘Expand’ Their Reach – Release New Single/Video & Announce EP



Lifeblood are a chaotic hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia. Today they are set to “expand” their horizons and their reach into the world with the announcement of their brand new single “Expand” and their new EP, “The Air in My Lungs”. The new EP will see its release in to the world on Friday October 12th, 2018, with Expand being the first taste of it, available this Friday August 24 on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all good streaming outlets.

The single was spun on triple j’s Short Fast Loud Wednesday night and then added to high rotation to 24/7 metal/heavy station, The Faction and the video premiered online at killyourstereo.

Formed in 2015 through a shared love for bands such as The Chariot, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die, the band quickly recorded and released their demo ‘Send Me Far Away’ and began subjecting audiences across the east coast of Australia to their particular brand of abrasive music. They have shared the stage withbands such as She Cries Wolf, Deadlights, Apate, Underminer, Wraith, The Gloom In The Corner andVitals. 

Vocalist for the outfit, Dylan Clark, spoke of the band’s excitement. “This has been a while coming – we have been playing a bunch of shows lately and holding on to this record to wait for a good time to kick this off – we are hyped to get this into people’s ears – it’s the stuff we are most proud of so far in our career.”


Lifeblood will release this, their debut EP, “The Air In My Lungs” on October 12. The EP was recorded and mixed by Troy Brady (ex-The Amity Affliction) and mastered by Scott Simpson (Alpha Wolf). Sonically, “The Air In My Lungs” brings abrasive and dissonant tones, while simultaneously exploring the world of atmospheric and ambient textures. This foundation leads the way for lyrical content of a depressing nature, battling inner turmoil and trying to remain calm under tremendous adversity.


The first track “Expand” deals with themes of feeling inadequate as a human and failing to complete the most basic of tasks, with that feeling of inadequacy constantly building up and never being released. The music video, shot by Nick Hargans, depicts how easily we can be our own worst enemy – and that we should cut ourselves some slack – our lives and our problems really are not that bad.

Pre-Orders for Lifeblood’s new EP “The Air in My Lungs” go live this Friday August 24, and first single Expand also goes live for streaming and purchase. 



For more information, please go to


Artist: Lifebood
Single Title: Expand
Single Release Date: Friday 24/8/18
EP Title: The Air in My Lungs
EP Release Date: Friday 12/10/18

Genre: Hardcore

Hometown: Brisbane, QLD, Australia


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After 41 Years, Rush Say It’s Over

After 41 Years, Rush Say It’s Over



For over 40 years now, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Rush have been at the forefront of all things rock & roll related. Many even claim that Rush are the founders of Prog-Rock (progressive-rock). It’s certainly not an argument without merit, either. Rush’s songs are complex, intelligent, fascinating, and above all else, iconic for all of those reasons. Rush are one of the best, pure and simple. However, it’s been a while since we’ve heard the band, but the reason why has just been revealed…

In a recent interview with The Globe and Mail, guitarist Alex Lifeson recently gave some insight as to why the band has been quiet, as of late. Here is what he said…

“It’s been a little over two years since Rush last toured. We have no plans to tour or record any more. We’re basically done. After 41 years, we felt it was enough.”

If you’re like me, then you’ll definitely be saddened to hear this news. It seemed as if Rush could continue on forever. However, we should respect their decision to retire. After all, they have spent decades doing nothing but giving us timeless music and performances, and for that, we say thank you, Rush!




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SUICIDE FOREST Announces Debut Self-Titled LP and Premieres Track ‘Kingdom of Solitude’



Seeking to promote self-destruction and nihilism, Arizona-based black metal extremist SUICIDE FOREST has premiered its first single, “Kingdom of Solitude,” from the band’s debut self-titled LP. 

With driving rhythms and ethereal keyboard accents, NoCleanSinging says the scathing track is “propelled by a surging physicality that brings the pain within it to life, and while this song is compulsively vibrant, it’s also mystical and haunting.” 

Suicide Forest was engineered by Frank Blair, mixed and produced by A. Kruger, and mastered by the illustrious Collin Jordan (Nachtmystium, Cough, Eyehategod), with additional production handled by Chris Wisco (Broken Hope, Origin, Novembers Doom). Cover art was drawn by Lariyah Haze of Haze Designs. 

SUICIDE FOREST is the brainchild of 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist Austin Kruger, who self-released a trio of demos between July 2016 and July 2017: EmptinessIndifference, and Apathy. Taking its name from Aokigahara, a 35-square kilometer forest in Japan known for being one of the most popular places in the world to commit suicide, SUICIDE FOREST‘s music reflects the dour nature of the forest. Follow its trail deep into the woods, and join with the dead already residing there… 

Suicide Forest will be released Oct. 2 via Ascension Monuments Media. Pre-order announcement to come in the next week.




A. Kruger – Everything




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