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Exclusive Album Stream: Ketos – First Strike

We are very proud to bring you an exclusive stream of Ketos’s new album ‘First Strike’ and the only place the album can be heard until its release on April 26th via Hostile Media.

This band have been constantly building their profile over the past couple of years and are really taking things up a level in 2019. This is an excellent album and we hope it gets the support it deserves.

Stream it in full here.

We also spoke to the band about this release and their future plans.

BM: What are your hopes for the album and the band going forward? 

Ketos: We’ve put everything we have into Ketos over the last couple of years. It’s still a relatively young band but this album is a huge milestone for us. Our hopes are to ultimately gain new fans and break into some new geographical regions and get out there to a wider audience. Anyone else out there in a band will know the grind is real, but you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t love it. Our next steps have to be getting some decent support slots and venturing outside Ireland, as well as starting on the next album ‘First Strike 2: The Re-Strikening’.

First single/video ‘Harmacist’

BM: You have already qualified for the Metal To The Masses final. Have you anything special in store for that or just go out and do your absolute best? 

Ketos: Yeah, we’re thrilled to have got to the final again. The competition is so close and the standard in Belfast is so high that you really have to be firing on all cylinders. It makes bands step up and the gigs have such an electric atmosphere. Our goal is to always make the next gig better than the last. We film each set and study the performance and pretty much have debrief sessions to identify improvements. We have some things lined up for the final, but we’re not about gimmicks or anything like that and ultimately, we always let the music do the talking and just leave it all on the stage.

BM: Bands that reach the final can usually gain an advantage with their online promo skills. Ten Ton Slug immediately come to mind. Have you anything outside the box in mind to gain online momentum going into the final? 

Ketos: Online presence, social media posts etc are now such a huge part of being in a band. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to have fun with our followers. You’ll see plenty of memes and crudely photoshopped images on our page. We take the music and the performances seriously, but it’s also important to us to have fun while doing it. With regards of what we’ve got coming up, one highlight is going to be the video for ‘Escape the Chains’. This is a very special retro gaming themed, animated video that we hope people are going to really enjoy. There’s more instrument playthroughs to come too, as well as an astonishing lyric video for ‘Temptations’ that was done by Very Metal Art. There has been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes to support this launch and hopefully we can do enough at the final to earn the slot at Bloodstock.

BM: You are now of course signed to Hostile Media. Do you think the bands current growth is down to lessons from the past aka previous bands? 

Ketos: That is one part of it for sure. Experience plays a part in it and having some established connections helps. We obviously still have a long way to go and signing with Hostile Media is a step in the right direction for us to help us make those next steps. Having that backing from a label and the connections that come with it are a big help and opens doors that would previously be closed to you. We wanted to give First Strike the best chance possible at standing out from the huge amount of metal music being released and hopefully with this launch we will see some more growth.

BM: Is there any band you would love to tour/play with?

Ketos: Yeah, we think a Ketos tour with support from Metallica would go down great! Haha. In seriousness, there are so many brilliant bands about these days and getting an opportunity to do a tour would be huge for us. This is something we’re actively working on.

The promoters in Ireland, both north and south deserve a lot of credit for getting the big bands over here. Landing a slot on one of those gigs is a great stepping stone and helps put Irish metal on the map. The competition is fierce here, but we are ready when the opportunity comes.

BM: The scene in Belfast seems very united to an outside view. Why do you think the scene in Belfast is so united over other cities? 

Ketos: It absolutely is a united scene. Nearly everyone knows each other and has mates in other bands. There’s a tightknit community spirit of supporting each other. Everyone is fighting the same fight and in a market as niche as metal in a small city like Belfast, it’s important to support your peers. It also helps that the standard of music and production is so high now that people are genuine fans of the bands.

BM: Is there anything you would like to add?  

Ketos: Thanks very much for the interview and we hope you enjoy the album. Make sure to pick up a copy at a show or on the Hostile Media site at: or on all the usual media outlets (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc).

You can catch us live on 04/05/2019 with Death of a Salesman and Dead Label for our album launch and again on 17/05/2019 for the Metal to the Masses grand final.

Buy ‘First Strike’:

Ketos Online


Hostile Media Online Website:

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BLKLST Drop New Single Featuring Aidan Of Dealer, Announce New EP ‘Spider Love’

BLKLST had a stellar 2018 – the band exploded out into the Australian Heavy Music scene with their EP Hard to Swallow and the singles ‘Hypocrite’ and ‘Phase’. Upon the release of the two tracks, BLKLST’s Spotify fan base blew up by a whopping 2069% to over 25k listeners in that month and the found themselves placed in playlists like New Metal Tracks and Rock Out – and they sold out their hometown EP launch show at Stay Gold.

Now they are backing up the promise shown on those tracks with a brand new single and video entitled “They All Look The Same”, featuring Aidan Ellaz of Dealer. 

The drop also serves to kick off the leadup to their new EP ‘Spider Love’. The EP will see its release on Friday June 7 and will be available for Pre-Order from all good online outlets and streaming platforms from Friday April 19. 

Vocalist Joshua Westwick spoke about the new single, featuring guest vocals from Aidan Ellaz from Dealer. “
They all look the Same’ is about feeling like you’re living in a prison. Like you’re nothing and no one, surrounded by strangers.”
The new single and the EP ‘Spider Love’ were both produced at STL Studios by Evan Lee with additional engineering by Sonny Truelove, and mixed and mastered by Evan Lee and Ash Daws at THE LOUD NOISE ESTATE. 

The hard-out crew from Melbourne are out on tour now and are finishing up a run of shows by supporting Dealer Saturday 20 April at The Workers Club in Melbourne and supporting Boris The Blade Friday 3 May at The Evelyn Hotel (SOLD OUT). EP Launch shows will follow.
BLKLST have been on a spree of amazing results since the start of 2018 – single Hypocrite was spun on triple j’s The Racket, added to rotation on The Faction Radio, added to Spotify Official’s Homegrown and Heavy playlist, the clip being played on Rage, and saying that Hypocrite is BLKLST is at “…not only their most dynamic and darkest here, but also at their most interesting too.” 

For those new to BLKLST – the band was Formed in 2015 and have made their mark quick off the bat. Establishing themselves on the heavy music scene with a crushing live show and a decimatingly heavy sound, the band quickly chalked up supports with bands such as 36 Crazyfists, Make Them Suffer, Deez Nuts, Alpha Wolf, Earth Caller, Justice for The Damned and Superheist and interstate runs with Boris The Blade. 

BLKLST’s new single “They All Look The Same”  will be available to purchase and stream from Friday April 12 and their new EP ‘Spider Love’ will see its release on Friday June 7 and will be available for Pre-Order from all good online outlets and streaming platforms from Friday April 19. 

For more information, please go to
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The Last Martyr are today announcing the release of the title track from their EP ‘Creatrix’, out Friday April 26! The single’s lyrics rails against the thought of getting stuck in self-destructive or unsatisfying patterns in one’s life – and The Last Martyr are set to release the full EP next Friday.

Pre-Orders for the EP are live now at Creatrix will be live for purchase and streaming from this Friday April 19! 

Vocalist Monica Strut explains the lyrical themes of the single. “Creatrix is about our innate ability to create our own reality.  Many of us are stuck in old patterns or lives we’re not completely satisfied with. We believe we can’t do certain things or achieve certain goals but that’s all just a state of mind. Our beliefs dictate our behaviors and at the end of the day, beliefs are simply thoughts we’ve had over and over until they’re ingrained in our subconscious. Whether those thoughts are our own or have been expressed to us from someone else, who and where we are in our lives is a reflection of this. Creatrix is about consciously stepping into the person you want to be – even if that feels uncomfortable and like you’re faking it a bit – in order to change your thought patterns through action, achieve your goals and live life to the fullest.

The Last Martyr recently debuted their live show at the gender-diverse festival UsFest, where Hysteria Mag said that they “…brought an infectious energy to the Girls Rock! stage for their first performance EVER. Swinging guitars, high jumps and headbanging anchored their set—and that was all it took the get the crowd moving. Good stuff.” They are following this with another debut performance, this time in Melbourne May 4th at Stay Gold, supporting Darkcell. Tickets are available at

The Last Martyr’s previous singles ‘Into The Black’, ‘Stay Awake’ and ‘Fear’ saw the band achieve national radio play on triple j (Stay Awake on both The Racket and Home and Hosed) and rotation on The Faction. ‘Stay Awake’ also attracted the attention of Butcher Babies‘ Heidi, who added them to her ‘Sisters That Slay‘ playlist alongside the world’s best female voices in heavy music! 

The ‘Creatrix’ EP will see its release on Friday April 26 2019 and is available for pre-ordernow at Single ‘Creatrix’ will be live for purchase and streaming Friday April 19. For more information about The Last Martyr, go to

Facebook –
Instagram –

The Last Martyr is:
Monica Strut – Vocals
Ben Rogers – Guitar
Travis Presley – Guitar
Matthew Mumford – Bass
Vin Krishnan – Drums

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Dratna Release Third EP An Cath (The Battle)

Dratna Release Third EP An Cat

Dratna is a one-man black metal band operating on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

His third EP, ‘An Cath (The Battle)’ follows the critically-acclaimed records ‘Cliodhna’ and ‘Altar’, both released in 2018.

Taking inspiration from the wildness of Ireland’s Mourne Mountains, Dratna combines the sound of the landscape with ideas from Irish mythology, Black metal as well as unlikely sources of inspiration including Celtic history, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd and 1980s pop.

We spoke to the man about this project. This is what he had to say…

Q: Could you please tell us about the formations of this project? 

Dratna started out purely as a love for playing black metal. In my high school days I played the guitar in a punk/metal band, we had a laugh doing that for a few years. We played Green day, Metallica, Slayer, done lots of partying and boozing, but that all ended when we went to uni, the band split up and we left the music behind. 

After a 15 year gap of not playing any music, I picked up my first guitar late 2017, I was walking past a Guitar shop and just went in and bought the cheapest setup I could. In those 15 years my musical taste got heavier and heavier ultimately leading me to Black Metal, and I cannot get enough. I listen to everything btw, Pink Floyd, techno to 80’s pop but black metal is where my heart lies. 

I run my own business and I spend the majority of my time doing that, but having your own business has it perks, I have certain freedoms and one of the choices I made was to make time for playing music again. This is where Dratna was born, It’s the work life balance thing and doing shit you love. 

Q: As a one man project there are of course many challenges. Is working alone as such a decision you choose or just the way it all worked out? 

The choice to work alone is solely down to time management, I spend so much time on my business when the chance to make music arrives I take it. The beauty of a one man band is you are not relying on anyone else but yourself.  I don’t have to leave the house to go to rehearsal or the studio, setup takes me 2 minutes and I’m jammin. All the music of Dratna is recorded in my home office. It works for me, and fits my lifestyle. I do everything myself, the music, the artwork right down to promotion. However I am open to working with people. 

Fenriz of Darkthrone describes black metal as ‘individualism above all’. Dratna is individualism, it’s my personal take on Black Metal. Some of my favourite BM artists are one man bands, but I only found out they were one man bands after listening to them for a while. Evilfeast is the perfect example of this. “Elegies of the Stellar Wind” is probably my favourite Black metal album. If you haven’t heard it and like black metal check it out, it is a masterpiece. Theres so many Black metal one man bands, when I found that out I was like f*k it I’m gonna give it a go. 

Q: What drives you to create this music and do you have any plans when starting the next release or let it all flow organically? 

When I was younger teens and early 20,s ( in my 30’s now) I was a bit of a bum, I would  laze about with my mates smoking weed and spend days chilling out & drinking, Its Ireland we drink from no age! But the older I got the more driven I became. These days when I start something I need to complete it, Im a driven mutha f*ka.  I think this all stems from running my own business. So when I recorded the first dratna track I just kept going and then came the first ‘Clíodhna’ EP.  Within 6 months I released my second EP ‘Altar’ and now just past the year mark I have my 3rd EP An Cath (The Battle) just out. If you said to me a year ago you’ll have 3 EPs out I’d laughed at you.

As soon as An Cath was finished I started writing riffs for an album, It’s now time for an album, I have found my direction and style and I’m ready. It has to flow organically, If I pick up the guitar and have to force a riff I just out it down again.

Q: Have you thought of playing this live or is it just a studio project now?

I’ve thought about it but for now it just a studio project. I don’t have the time to organise and play live any more. I really enjoy doing what Im doing. There’s zero pressure on me and that’s the way I want to keep it, I like the writing and recording process more than the live playing. I don’t think anyone would show up if I had a gig haha. 

Q: Is there anything you would like to ad? 

Be an individual, and don’t be afraid to listen to non-metal music. Hope you enjoy the record, Thanks for your time Burning Metal !!!! 


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Svet Kant Release Video/Single ‘Personae Contra Natura’ And Announce Signing With Wormhole Death

Progressive metal band Svet Kant have release and new single/video ‘Personae Contra Natura’ from their forthcoming album. This is their third single from the release (all will be included in this piece) and most importantly, they will now have worldwide distribution after signing with Dutch record label Wormhole Death.

They released this statement.


“Personae Contra Natura” lyric video OUT NOW!!! 🤘

Watch the full video following the link below and don’t forget to subscribe:

Additionally, we are proud to announce the album
‘The Visage Unbiased’ will be released worldwide via Wormholedeath. The album will hit Europe, Japan, Scandinavia and North America plus all digital platforms Friday 31st of May. Pre-order links available from 03/05. 🌎

Tracked and mixed at Trackmix Recording Studio by Michael Richard.
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen.

We spoke to the band recently and asked them their thoughts on the album and their overall hopes going forward.

What’s your thoughts on the album? 

Daragh (drums):  I consider this album the pinnacle of my drumming, the best playing I’ve ever done in my 15 years of my career.  I feel the songs have some really strong hooks and memorable riffs that people will really love. We plan on releasing more playthroughs and live footage off it in the coming months which I’m really excited about.

Paul (bass):  I’m very happy with the way it turned out, I think it sounds absolutely cosmic, to be honest, and I feel it really represents Svet Kant as a band. 

Liam (guitars):  I have to say how organic the album flows, each track has a place and purpose on it while being wildly individual tracks, the album overall, is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Santiago (vocals/guitars): I believe the album is a new episode into experimenting and trying to find a new and original sound within this genre.  We are very happy with the final product.  I believe that the album gets better as it progresses and that each individual track stands alone very well.  However, listened as a whole the experience is enhanced.

What are your hopes for this release? 

D:  I really hope it resonates with the metal community of Ireland and also further abroad. I feel our first single “A gaze indifferent to your suffering” was very well received so I can’t wait until everyone sinks their teeth into the other 9 tracks as they’re all just as if not more epic and brutal.

P:  I’m very excited about the album coming out it.  I’m hoping this release will be a breakthrough for us, we all put a lot of ourselves into it, especially Santiago who never seems to stop working.  I’m hoping this release gives him the recognition he deserves as a truly original composer.

L:  I hope for this release to be our stamp on modern metal.  Its production was like a well crafted, intricate timepiece and I believe the music and lyrics will only become more and more relevant.

S:  Personally I would like the album to continue to slowly build up this band (and brand) and open up doors within Europe and America.  We’d love to tour mainland Europe and America, their understanding and scene of this genre are strong, and we believe our live shows would be well received.  Additionally, I’d love to encourage people to try something different, to try and develop their own sound and stay away from generic stuff. 

You are really doing something different with this in regards to Irish metal. Was that always the aim or was it organic?

D:  As far as organic growth from the first album it has the input of three new members and three new musical sensibilities. I very much enjoyed putting the album together with Santiago and tweaking parts, changing and shortening or extending sections and putting my own embellishments on parts.  I’ve never been as proud of an album that I am with this album. As far as objective growth from the previous album the songs and slightly less lengthy, more to the point and in your face.

P:  Thanks very much. I think it sounds unlike any other band, we are all very open-minded as regards to music. We’ve never tried to sound like anybody else so yes! I suppose it was organic. 

L:  Yes, both organically and let’s say, trained to Olympic standards!  The timing of the release is perfect, the imagery and music speak to what is on ‘the shelves’ already in the industry and new branches must organically sprout.

S:  We always try to experiment and look for something new, even it that may make things even more difficult.  Although we always go for something different, those kind of compositions and style are very organic to us.  It just grows out naturally.  However, whenever we work on a track, we always look to improve/modify/shift and work around the material to make it more attractive.  We write tracks by combining improvised elements and then work around them to avoid just being a song derived from “jamming”.  It is very advisable to sit down and analyze and scrutinize your creative output constantly, to ensure quality throughout. 

Purchase all tracks via Bandcamp:


Catch the band at Gothic Species 2019.
Event page here:

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Introducing: The Enigma Division

Introducing: The Enigma Division

The Enigma Division are an Irish/UK based band. Their music comprises of eclectic elements, most notably film score, synthwave & progressive metal.

Conor McGouran: Guitars/Synths (The Enigma Division/Xerath) 

Conor began playing shows at the age of 11 and over the years has performed and recorded with notable acts such as Brian Robertson(Thin Lizzy), Bobby Kimball(Toto), Riccardo Cocciante, Oakhaart to name only a few. In 2013 he joined U.K. Progressive Metal titans Xerath which led to performances at notable festivals such as Euroblast, Tech-Fest, Bloodstock, Hammerfest etc and tours with such bands as Tesseract, Periphery and Fleshgod Apocalypse. He recorded the album “III” with the band in 2014 and the band’s swan song single, “Regret” in 2017. He is also co-founder and co-producer for The Enigma Division.

Ronan Burns: Bass/Synths (The Enigma Division/Session)

Ronan has been playing live since age 11 and has toured with the likes of Riccardo Cocciante and Craig Walker as well as a number of original projects. His roots are in metal but playing wise have swung from progressive rock to jazz fusion / blues and back again over the years. Probably listens to as much classical music as anything else, so long as it’s loud and unsettling. He is also co-founder and co-producer for The Enigma Division.

Ben Wanders: Drums (The Enigma Division/Xerath/Shardborne)

Ben started playing drums at the age of 8 and has toured extensively with many acts around the world. His beginnings were in rock and metal but eventually evolved into jazz, fusion, pop and progressive music.

Some of the most notable acts he has performed with include Xerath, Noel Hogan, Elmore, Síomha and Shardborne, to name a few.

William Alex Young: Vocals (The Enigma Division/Defences/Arcaeon)

“Having been in bands since 2013 and having written a variety of my own music since I was a teen, I’ve sang in many different genres of rock and metal. From the metalcore influenced grunge to epic progressive metal, including many guest spots.

I’m excited to help get the vision for The Enigma Division off the ground as it is shaping up to be something truly unique!”

Needless to say, this all sounds very promising. They have released a few teasers on their Facebook page such as short Guitar/Drum takes. They have assembled an amazing band so hopefully this lives up to its potential and beyond!


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