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TOXIC HOLOCAUST To Release Primal Future: 2019 LP On October 4th ‘Chemical Warlords’ Available To Stream Within

Crossover thrash unit TOXIC HOLOCAUST will release its long-awaited new full-length, Primal Future: 2019, on October 4th via new label home, Entertainment One (“eOne”). 

The band Terrorizer called, “a whirlwind of booze, denim jackets and riffs,” began kicking out the corrosive jams in basements and bedrooms some twenty years ago, building a punishing legacy of mutant thrash and filthy street punk that’s outlasted the heydays of the genres that spawned them. Founder Joel Grind, the headband-wearing headbanger whose dedication to the one-man-band ethos gives the late Quorthon a run for his money, melting down the greatest punk metal crossover riff collection imaginable into nuclear ooze. With each successive release, Grind repurposes the most visceral strengths of speed, thrash, and punk through his own unique prism, making for new (and certainly not “nü”) metal anthems that consistently reignite a circle-pitting feeding frenzy in the scene. 

TOXIC HOLOCAUST 2.0 detonates like doomsday all over Primal Future: 2019, an ambitious new mission statement from the man whose guiding forces remain Discharge, Megadeth, Venom, English Dogs, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., and G.B.H., all juiced by the unrelenting, feverish, urgent power of a modern metal trailblazer. 

A dystopian technological takeover drives the album thematically, but the passionately delivered music is vintage TOXIC HOLOCAUST, taking things all the way back to the band’s early origins. “When I started the band in 1999, I never imagined I’d still be doing it in 2019,” Grind explains. “It’s been a long time coming but the new album is finally ready and it’s sort of a culmination of my past twenty years of doing this band. Most notably, I decided to go back to my roots and record this entire album by myself and play all of the instruments like I did in the early days. It was a lot of fun and nostalgic and at the same time exciting to be able to apply everything I’ve learned over the years.”  

Primal Future: 2019 was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grind with artwork by Steve Crisp. In advance of its release, a lyric video for opening bruiser, “Chemical Warlords,” has been unveiled. “‘Chemical Warlords’ opens the album and sets the tone for the rest of the record. My vision for this album was sort of a cyberpunk dystopian future. Enjoy!”

TOXIC HOLOCAUST‘s Primal Future: 2019 will be released on CD, digital, and vinyl formats. For preorders go to THIS LOCATION.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST was the cover story of the same Decibel issue that inducted Venom’s Black Metal into the magazine’s Hall Of Fame. They’ve toured the world with genre legends, including Danzig, Gwar, Satyricon, and Discharge. 

When LA Weekly compiled a list of the Top 10 Crossover Thrash Bands ever (a list that included Suicidal Tendencies), TOXIC HOLOCAUST was name checked as part of an elite few carrying the, “music that slam dancing was made for,” torch, alongside Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, and Trash Talk. 

TOXIC HOLOCAUST was born when Grind was just seventeen years old. A rural teenager weaned on metal mix tapes, punk vinyl, and the Big 4, he was determined to conjure forth his vision of what an ideal band should sound like; what their iconography looks like; how the whole thing should feel. Early on, the frontman wrote, performed, and recorded all of the band’s music, unleashing a series of seminal demos followed by more than a dozen albums, compilations, EPs, and split records, with now classic jams like “Acid Fuzz,” “Nuke The Cross,” and “Bitch” (heard on TV biker drama Sons Of Anarchy) amassing millions of streams and views on Spotify and YouTube alone. 

Now, in the same year Linda Hamilton, James Cameron, and Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the Terminator franchise, TOXIC HOLOCAUST reemerges from the shadows with a freshly mutated reincarnation of its original spirit, one mechanically rebooted with Judgment Day-like analog fury. 

“Where I grew up there wasn’t really a music scene, which is a big reason why TOXIC started as a solo project. Once I was able to drive, I was able to go to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and other places with great record stores that stocked underground releases,” Grind recalls. “It was then I started to discover bands like Aus-Rotten, Nausea, and other crust-punk, which I wanted to incorporate in the thrash I wanted to make. The best bands create something by throwing everything they love in a blender. Why steal from one or two bands, when you can forge your own sound from many inspirations?” 

In the six years since Chemistry Of Consciousness (2013), an album Metal Injection hailed as, “a bottled up riot distilled into musical form,” Grind sharpened his skills as an engineer, producer, and composer, working on everything from synthesizer-drenched ambience to epic film scores. “Primal Future takes listeners on a bit more of a ‘journey,’ but all of the elements are still there – the hooks, the riffs,” he promises. “The arrangements are bigger.” 

TOXIC HOLOCAUST going back to its DIY roots blew the doors open on a new chapter for the man who is the band’s nucleus. It’s a sonic re-splitting of the atom, ushering in the next twenty toxic years of crossover thrash devastation.

Facebbok link for more details:

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EXHUMED To Release New LP ‘Horror’ On October 4th Via Relapse Records New Single ‘Ravenous Cadavers’ Streaming Within

“If you’re a fuckin’ maniac that wants to pound some beers and smash up some tombstones, this is the record you’ve been waiting for.” — Matt Harvey, 

Twenty-one years since their murderous debut, EXHUMED continues their onslaught of gore-obsessed death metal on their new album, Horror, coming October 4th via Relapse Records.

Aptly titled, Horror is an exploration of all things macabre, as the undisputed pioneers of neck-breaking riffs plow through fifteen of the band’s most intense tracks to date. Nightmares meet shred, as the speed-inducing track “Ravenous Cadavers” highlight EXHUMED‘s penchant for blazing, face melting guitar work, while “Naked, Screaming And Covered In Blood” and “Playing With Fear” elevate EXHUMED to levels of grind unheard of since Gore Metal

Horror was recorded at EXHUMED‘s home-built studio Darker Corners (a first in the band’s career)., produced by the band and Alejandro Corredor (Brujeria, Nausea), and mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). 

In advance of its release, EXHUMED is pleased to unleash first single “Ravenous Cadavers” for public feasting. Elaborates EXHUMED frontman Matt Harvey, “‘Ravenous Cadavers’ is a great taste of the album – and this is one of the more mid-paced tracks on the record, so… Horror is all about stripping away everything and getting down to the core elements of our sound: raw and nasty aggression. The album’s like mainlining grinding death metal at a lethal dose. If you liked the more intricate, melodic stuff that we’ve done, this may not be the one for you. If you’re a fuckin’ maniac that wants to pound some beers and smash up some tombstones, this is the record you’ve been waiting for.”

Horror is due out October 4th on CD, LP, deluxe LP, and digital formats. Physical packages are available for preorder via HERE. Digital downloads/streaming services are available HERE

The exclusive Horror deluxe VCR “Slaughter Video” Rental Store Pack is strictly limited to 100 and includes the Horror LP pressed on blood red and white merge with aqua blue, blood red, and oxblood splatter, a playable VHS in custom slipcase with audio and visuals of the entire album, a retro VHS inspired sticker sheet, plus an authorized Slaughter Video membership laminated card as well as an official Slaughter Video employee t shirt. All items are exclusive to this package and are housed in a meticulously designed VCR inspired boxset.

Horror Track Listing:
1. Unsound
2. Ravenous Cadavers
3. Scream Out In Fright
4. The Red Death
5. Utter Mutilation Of Your Corpse
6. Slaughter Maniac
7. Ripping Death
8. Clawing
9. Naked, Screaming, And Covered In Blood
10. Playing With Fear
11. Dead Meat
12. Rabid
13. In The Mouth Of Hell
14. Shattered Saity
15. Re-Animated
16. Crypt Of Terror (Bonus Track)
17. Re-Entry And Destruction (Bonus Track)
18. The Day Man Lost (Bonus Track) 

Matt Harvey – guitar, vocals
Ross Sewage – bass, vocals
Mike Hamilton – drums
Sebastian Phillips – guitar

EXHUMED on Facebook:…
EXHUMED on Instagram:…
EXHUMED on Twitter:
EXHUMED on Bandcamp:

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Scottish Metal Band BEARERS Release Video For New Single ‘PREY’

Young Glaswegian metal band BEARERS have released a video for their new single ‘PREY’, The track is taken from their first ever release, debut full-length Inhumation, which is out on 13th September 2019. 

Preorder Inhumation here:

An impressively powerful record, combining adept technicality and brutal melody, Inhumation is a no-holds-barred forty minutes, as much Architects as Northlane or Monuments.

A very young band whose instrumental members are only 20-23, BEARERS are already drawing the attention of the likes of Make Them Suffer and Lotus Eater, whose vocalist Jamie Mclees features on ‘Confessions’. Prior to joining BEARERS, the band members had variously been in Initium QuietusShattered Horizons, and almost-namesake Bearers of the Divide.

Unsurprisingly given such company, Inhumation is a relentless release from BEARERS, whose vocalist Jase played through a dislocated knee and torn tendons on the band’s second ever show. Modern metal at its finest, this is an album which combines the best of honest metalcore, groove metal and just a hint of post-hardcore, without letting up.

The album takes the brutality of the music into the lyrical themes, basing the release on the violence possible and inherent in real people and real killers, and showing the damage these monsters can cause with their actions and their repercussions. For example, lead track ‘PREY’ centres on this predator-prey interaction, and the randomness of survival. Safe to say, this is an album savage in noise and outlook.

For more info:

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Belfast Based Heavy Pop Band THVS Release New Single ‘Palisades’

Born out of frustration and desire THVS formed in the foul year of our lord 2014. Michael, Matt and Dave make up the elements of guitar/vocals, drums and bass. More than the sum of their parts the power trio have earned a reputation through their energetic, sweaty and cathartic live shows.

Purveyors of their own Heavy Pop sound the new single ‘Palisades’ show cases this in its purest form. Sounding like every band from the 90’s that never got signed to a major label, ‘Palisades’ marks a change in sound and direction for the band moving away from the post-hardcore squeals of previous EP’s and fully embracing their Heavy Pop sound.

Sonically ‘Palisades’ see’s the band flirt with the loud-quiet-loud dynamic, tension and release before launching into a distortion turned to 11 chorus recalling all the best smells like flannel distortion drenched moments. Lyrically the song explores the idea of two people meeting, becoming inseperable, building their own world around them, having their own language and not letting anyone in on the secret.

The song acts as a teaser, a peep hole in the wall, to the forthcoming album, ‘Fevers’ due to be released on October 7th.

‘Palisades’ was released on August 12th available on all streaming platforms and includes a previously unreleased live version of ‘Neon Demons’ from a BBC session.


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Irish Metal Roundup: July 2019

Irish Metal Roundup: July 2019

Time for our July roundup of all things heavy in the Irish scene. We normally have news and releases but just the releases this month. I’ve had an extremely busy month and possibly missed releases, but I’ll add them in later if needed. 
It’s my jobs peak season so I haven’t had a minute these past few weeks and working insane hours due to been in the middle of a take over and can’t recruit the needed bodies… 
That’s my tale of woe out of the way! 
Another stellar month for the Irish heavy music scene! 


Spirit Ruiner – Vol 2

Belfast based Spirit Ruiner have released their second EP aka Vol 2. Like their previous EP Vol 1, it’s a down and dirty death/sludge release. It’s also an excellent EP yet again. A band firmly heading in the right direction and the evidence is now there that this band can continually release great material.


Ascend The Hollow – Sea Of Crises (feat. Jon Howard & Kris Norris)

Cyber metal band Ascend The Hollow released a new lyric video ‘Sea Of Crises’ They released this statement.

We are thrilled to reveal #SeaOfCrises featuring Jon Howard (Threat SignalImonolith) and Kris Norris Official (Official Darkest HourScar The MartyrShadow Domain).

The video was created by Andy Pilkington / Very Metal Art who did an awesome job turning our lyrics into a powerful visual representation.

While the song’s theme is centered around the so called “lunar lunacy”, what we really dig into is our current socio-political and environmental climate. Instead of progressing as humans, we elect incompetent leaders who dismiss the most basic science, deny evidence for global warming, build walls instead of unite people… sounds familiar? Let us know in the comments if you spot that person in the video!

The song is taken from our debut album #EchoesOfExistence released via Dr. Music Records / Dr. Music Promotion…

Lock Horns – Pages

Belfast based Lock Horns released a new music video ‘Pages’ ahead of their appearance at Bloodstock Festival next weekend.
A top class release from an absolutely top class band! If you haven’t checked out their album ‘Molon Labe’? Do yourself a favor and do it! A feckin’ marvelous album!


Fornoth – Of Mist and Murk

Dublin based experimental metal band Fornoth released their debut EP ‘Of Mist and Murk.
They recently released this rather magnificent statement about it all…

Want a free copy of our EP, Of Mist and Murk? To win, simply like and share this post, like our page, invite all your friends to like the page, share five of our photos, send us a self-addressed envelope, perform a minor sacrifice to Mithras and collect enough tokens!

Alternatively, you can download it for free from our Bandcamp:

Being serious, this is easily one of the most ambitious and interesting albums released by an Irish band this year. A fusion of black metal thrash and more.


This Place Hell – Zero Point

Dublin based This Place Hell released their comeback video/single. They released this statement.
Our new single Zero Point is out now across all platforms!
Back in March of 2018 we ventured over to the UK to record with Justin Hill who helped us more truly realize our sound on record.
The rest of 2018 was one of the most exciting and surprising years for us, from winning our @bloodstockfestival slot through the Bloodstock Festival Presents: Metal 2 The Masses – Ireland competition, playing our very first KnockanStockan, supporting DevilDriver, premiering our last single Filth through Kerrang! and then finally the departure of our founding guitarist Mick Hynes to join friends Dead Label
This video, put together by our good friend Angel Croitor is a recap of all we got up to last year and is a final send off for Mick.
This isn’t our return, but we hope it will tide yous over until we’re ready.
We owe you all so much for that amazing year, and if you want to support us more give it like, comment and share it with your friends 🤘🏻
Overdrive / polymath_pr / / Rhino RadioDown The Barrel Photography / Photography by Olga Kuzmenko

Instagram: @thisplacehell

Aborted Earth – Grindcore Allegedly

Experimental grindcore nutters Aborted Earth have released a simply quite bonkers EP in Grindcore Allegedly! It’s great though so that’s all good!
Not for everyone, but imagine if Mike Patton at his most bonkers decided to create a grindcore album. That paints the picture here…

Ilenkus – 3456

Galway based Ilenkus released their long awaited new single ‘3456’. As usual it is of the highest quality. Any long term fans of this band know they always kill it with all their material. 3456 is no different!
Like all their material, this is another evolution of their music. A band that always keep it fresh!


Coroza – The Plutonian Drug

Cork based Coroza released their first single ‘The Plutonian Drug’ from their forthcoming debut album Chaliceburner which will be released August 31st.
If this is anything to go by, the album was be excellent! This is a top class sludge/doom release. 18:24 in length too. Never gets bring either so bring this album on!!

Stone Sea – Seeing Red

Stone Sea released their third track ‘Seeing Red’ from their forthcoming album ‘Mankind Maze’. While their last release was full on sludge, this is more of a direct hard rock approach. Still very good so who cares? Not me! I’m very much looking forward to this album. It’s sounding extremely varied and great.


Gealach – Gealach (Demo)

Gaelach are a new Black metal band from Cork. They released their debut Demo this month to a good reaction. Deservedly so too!
This band clearly have all the tools required and looking like they could be among the best black metal bands in the country if this demo is anything to go by!


Strangers With Guns – Monkey King

Modern grunge band Strangers With Guns released their second single ‘Monkey King’. This is absolutely bonkers, but in the best possible way. This band clearly don’t take themselves seriously and in this for right reasons. Commendable! Just write what they want and have a good time doing it!


Jailbirds – The Great Escape

Hard rock band Jailbirds have released their new album ‘The Great Escape’.
They released this statement.


Our debut album “The Great Escape” is out today via Golden Robot Records. Special thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes making this possible including our friends at North South Recordings, who made this album sound incredible, and also Lacuna Creationsworking around the clock putting together our music videos. Big thanks to our manager Oran at Overdrive for believing in us and taking us under his wing, and pushing the band in such a positive direction. 
And finally, thank YOU to the fans who have been following and supporting us up until this point, we would be nothing without you.

So go and check out our brand new video of single ‘Thrill of the Chase’ and crack open a beer for the weekend!!



We have one bit of news though! Iron Mountain Metal Festival was launched today! I’m the chief of staff on this so please support it. I plan to tie all this in together over time…
Lets get this over the line first!

That’s the July round up of all things heavy within the Irish scene. Same again next month. This month will be another really busy one with Bloodstock etc and IMMF promo nights in Galway on the 16ht in the Cellar bar and Fibbers, Dublin on the 17th.
Hopefully back to the full proper reports in September!

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