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FRECUENCIA DE MUERTE: Hardcore Punk Practitioners Featuring Members Of From Ashes Rise, Aütocracy, And More Release Death Frequency

Hardcore punk practitioners FRECUENCIA DE MUERTE recently unveiled their mauling Death Frequency full-length via Armageddon Label.

Forged in late 2017 in Portland, Oregon, FRECUENCIA DE MUERTE (AKA FDeM) currently features vocalist Eduardo Agostocrates (Terokal), bassist Jeff Carlisle (Aütocracy), guitarist/production mastermind Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise), and drummer Ian Makau (Lowered, Dödläge). The band released one four-song seven-inch featuring Manny of Peligro Social on second guitar in 2018 before composing Death Frequency just a few months later. Recorded and mixed by Derek Leisy at Falcon Recording Studio (Poison Idea, Final Warning, Wehrmacht) and Audiosiege and mastered by Boatright at Audiosiege (Poison Idea, Converge, Disrupt, Pentagram), Death Frequecny spews forth seven psalms of ravenous hardcore punk performed by four hardcore punk lifers with backing vocals on “F. ‘Em” by Jerry A. of Poison Idea and lyrics in Spanish leading the battle cry. 

“The four of us in the band are quite giddy with how this album came together,” notes Boatright of the output. “The songs echo the music that has occupied our hearts across years and borders, and I’m personally very proud of the collective effort by everyone involved, including Derek Leisy and Ben Barnett. Punk up the volume.” 

View the band’s recently released video for “Frecuencia Muerta” below .

Death Frequency is out now on LP and digitally. For orders go to THIS LOCATION where the record can also be streamed in full.Death Frequency 

Track Listing:
1. No Habrá Paz
2. Capaz De Moria
3. Frecuencia Muerta
4. Parasitos Mentales
5. Pacto Mortal
6. F. ‘Em
7. Alarmas

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Pain In Vain Release New Video /Single Forsaken

Dublin based Pain In Vain have just released a new single/video Forsaken.
I’ve followed this band a while now and they are constantly improving. This is probably their best track to date.
A band heading very much in the right direction!

They released this statement.


Here is our music video for the lead single from our debut Immolation – L.P, Forsaken!

Footage courtesy of Crooked Gentlemen,
Recording courtesy of Trackmix Recording Studio,
Buy their debut album ‘Immolation’ – https://paininvainofficial.bandcamp.c…

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Mayhem Release New Album ‘Daemon’ On Digital Platforms Physical To Follow On November 8th

The True Mayhem reveal the digital release of their brand new album ‘DAEMON’! The physical release will follow on November 8th!

True Norwegian Black Metal masters MAYHEM release their highly anticipated sixth studio album “Daemon” on all digital platforms. Stream the album here:!

‘Daemon’ will be available in all physical formats on November 8th:

Limited Deluxe LP Boxset (various colors)
Limited CD Mediabook in Slipcase
Standard CD Jewelcase
Limited Gatefold LP (various colors)
Digital album

I absolutely love this album. A massive return to form and up there with their best releases to date!
A black metal masterpiece!

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Review: Cursed Sun – Vendetta

Review: Cursed Sun – Vendetta

Formed in 2007, Cursed Sun are one of the longest running Metal bands in Northern Ireland. They have been a staple of the gig scene since their formation with their energetic live shows and grooving yet technical music.
This infectious energy has given them the opportunity to support such high profile names as Onslaught and Hed (P.E.) They have also appeared at SunflowerFest as well as being three time finalists of the Northern Ireland Metal 2 The Masses competition.
They have released 5 EPs and one album, with each being
stronger than the last. Currently enjoying their strongest line-up since their formation, Cursed Sun will release a new four track EP ‘Vendetta’ this November via Sudden Strike Records.

I’m a long time fan of this band, and this EP is probably their most direct in terms of style. They have clearly found their sound and creative direction for this release. I enjoyed their previous work, but this EP has great balance and a lot more direct!

All four tracks are solid and there’s some excellent lead guitar work in there. Cursed Sun have always had their own thing going on and this EP is no different. Jones is a film/comic book etc fan and his lyrics reflect that. This is coming from a man currently surrounded by consoles, games, toys etc so that’s not any sort of dig. I enjoyed all the film reference lyrics in this release. MDK 187 clearly wasn’t a Demolition Man reference… 🙂

All in all, a very enjoyable EP and one I’ll listen to again. Their best to date? Possibly!
The music is solid. Great guitar solo work. Steve’s Bass and backing vocals have added another dimension and I love the lyrics.
MDK 187 has already been released so it’s added here for you to check out.
I loved Cursed Sun and you should too!!


MDK 187 video. Hit the link!

Recorded at JSR Audio, it captures the energy of their live shows whilst adding some incredible dynamics into the mix. The cover was hand painted by the talented Gerard Torbitt at GT Art & Design, who translated what they had in our heads into a reality. The songs over such diverse topics as Serial killer John Wayne Gacy, a homage to “The Purge”, a Blade Runner future and revolt against oppressive government.

1: Replicant


3: Fallen City

4: M.D.K. 187


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Review: Oracle – Novissima

Review: Oracle – Novissima

Belfast based Oracle are set to unleash their debut album ‘Novissima’ to the masses on November 1st.

I’ve followed this band since their early days and while I very much liked their previous material. I always felt this band had another gear! Their last single ‘Serpentine’ definitely suggested such and with Novissima the Oracle that could have being have simply become!

This album is relentless from start to finish and a real tour de force! All the promise of their early days has being firmly recognised!

‘Hypocrisy’ opens proceedings and instantly grabs you! It just comes out firing from all angles and delivers in every regard.

Follow up track ‘Hollow’ holds the relentless pace.

The third track ‘Novissima’ is another juggernaut and one of the best tracks on the album.

‘Limos’ really slows it down at first but soon starts moving up through the gears. Probably the most dynamic track on the album. Lots going on in this track and all good!

‘Sky Burns Red’ is a more direct affair but always solid.

The previously mentioned single ‘Serpentine’ is present, but remixed so different in many regards. A brilliant track!

The previously released ‘All-Father’ and ‘All Must End’ conclude this excellent album. I’ll link them both below so you can make up your own minds!
Two of the strongest tracks on the album for sure, but the entire album is excellent in equal measure.

Oracle have came of age with this release and this album should send them out a lot further! One of the best albums released this year without doubt! So pre-order it here now:



All Must End

Facebook –
Instagram – oracle_band_official
Spotify –…

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THE LAST MARTYR Release New Single/Video ‘LIKE A GHOST’

Melbourne-based melodic metal outfit The Last Martyr have returned with a new single, ‘Like A Ghost‘, a track that tackles the contemplation of giving up on goals and aspirations when the going gets tough, and overcoming the negative thoughts we all struggle with. coast tour to launch the new single live!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker), ‘Like A Ghost’ is a hard-hitting tune from start to finish with a heavy, haunting undertone that compliments the theme of the track. Vocalist Monica Strut‘s impressive vocals are flaunted with soaring highs and harsh screams that are utilised in a chorus that’ll get you humming along by the second half! Monica explains the thoughts behind the single in saying that “Like A Ghost is about a conversation with someone contemplating giving up on a lifelong dream. At first it was written about having that conversation with someone else but later on I realised that it is also a conversation that many of us frequently have with ourselves.

“There are good days where you feel on top of the world and bad days where there devil on your shoulder takes over. The song is about trying to stay positive and learning to catch yourself in those darker times whilst also recognising that as difficult as the unconventional road may be, it’s a hell of a lot easier than becoming a shell or ‘ghost’ of yourself by giving up.

The music video takes a unique lyric video format with concept and direction taken from David Owen Blakley of Her Name is Murder Productions (SepulturaNorma JeanOcean GroveOur Last Enemy), and depicts a range of emotions that are experienced as we venture through unconventional pathways – including within the music industry and in entrepreneurship. Producer David Owen Blakley explains that “the majority of the scenes were intended to play out surreal. Because everything was filmed by a collection of people on various devices I knew early on that the only way for the video to feel visually coherent was to actually do the opposite of that. So I created many dreamlike situations in order for the viewer to be aware they were not experiencing a “normal” reality. The various stages and characters of Monica represent the many emotions we wander though on a day to day bases as we deal with our decisions, choices and mindset.”

The Last Martyr’s previous singles ‘Into The Black‘, ‘Stay Awake‘ and ‘Fear‘ saw the band achieve national radio play on triple j (Stay Awake on both The Racket and Home and Hosed) and rotation on The Faction. ‘Stay Awake’ also attracted the attention of Butcher Babies‘ Heidi, who added them to her ‘Sisters That Slay‘ playlist alongside the world’s best female voices in heavy music! The Last Martyr will serve up their specialty mix of intricate musicianship and soaring vocals  when they jump up to support Bare Bones at Melbourne’s Stay Gold alongside FANGZ on Saturday December 7.

The new single ‘Like A Ghost’ is out Friday October 25 and will be available through iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets. Don’t miss The Last Martyr playing alongside Bare Bones, tickets available here!

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