Aborted Earth Announce Debut Album ‘Cut The Chord’

Now experimental Grindcore band Aborted Earth have announced their debut album ‘Cut The Chord’ and released one track ‘Polygonal Planet’ as of now.

We were sent on an advance copy of the album, and it’s well it’s different lets just put it that way! ‘Polygonal Planet’ was probably the correct track to release in advance as this album is diverse. It goes from Mongolian chant style metal to all out Grindcore and then they throw in a Mike Patton influence in there. It’s bonkers really, but in the best possible way.

The album is set to drop on May 30th on all platforms. Check out ‘Polygonal Planet’ here for now.

Definitely one of the most interesting Irish releases this year incoming. It won’t be for everyone, but I don’t think this band care. They are clearly doing what they want with this release instead of what they “should”!

Line up: 
Jamie Murphy – Vocals
Darragh O’Connor – Bass
Shannon Bowman – Guitars
Machines – Drums

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