Acidwhore Release Debut Album ‘Midas Touch’



Acidwhore are based in Athboy, Co.Meath and all three members are seventeen years old. They requested we possibly listen to their album and sent us on their debut album for review. To be honest, I was of the thought I’ll find something good about this and highlight it as they’re so young and also their first release. 

I then received all tracks via email to be told they done this release on a budget of €70! What was I going to have to go through here… 

Less than a minute in this release I actually laughed. Not at the material. Far from it! It was basically a reaction to what I was hearing. This is phenomenal stuff! I was sent an album by three seventeen years olds on a budget of €70 and they produced this! Holy shit! 

I was listening through all the tracks and then realised from the email they only formed last March. Eight months together, got an album done, seventeen years old! How good can this band become!? The potential here is insane! 

Granted, they’re not the finished article and still growing as musicians. For where they are and their level of experience, this is mindblowing! They wear their influences on their sleeve and you’ll think Silverchair, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and I have no problem with this. This album actually brings me back to the mid 90’s when Silverchair appeared. How could lads the same age as me be signed and write something like this? These lads are of equal talent in my opinion. 

Their vocalist/bass player just has the grunge voice! You’d swear he was in his mid twenties at minimum. He’s also a good Bass player and I like his playing on this release. The guitar playing is also very good. The drumming is solid if unspectacular, but that’s fine. The greats keep it simple and hold a song together as the drumming here does. 

To say I’m impressed by these lads would be an understatement. I was completely blown away by this when all is considered. The potential for this band is outrageous and they’re still very much at the start of their musical journey. 

I’m going to rate this album on all factors and ignore little gripes here and there because I’d be an elitist dick to even go there! I see the bigger picture… 

Easily one of the most impressive releases we’ve been sent this year from an Irish band. A band to most certainly watch and one I’ll be following with great interest. They’re aren’t even a year old yet! It’s crazy…. 




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