Adam Grant Returns To Deadly Circus Fire



In what was a highly unexpected, yet utterly magnificent piece of news. Adam Grant has returned to Deadly Circus Fire. 

Deadly Circus Fire were a band firmly on the rise a few years ago. Major music festival appearances, tours, bigger labels were hovering and word of mouth was really spreading. Then it just all went wrong. Bad managerial appointments, bad luck, signing with a useless label, pretty much everything that could go wrong had and was. Adam was clearly burnt badly by it all and decided to leave the band. 

For a time they continued as an instrumental project and fulfilled any bookings in that way. There’s more to the story but a lot of it wouldn’t be my place to say here. To be honest, I don’t know how they survived that era of the band. It was a dark time for them! 

A new vocalist was found and movement towards album number two was well underway and even gone as far as a crowdfunding campaign launched along with an official music video. Then all went dark. The crowdfunding project was cancelled and nothing was made public about what had happened or where the band was going next.  The curse of Deadly Circus Fire was continuing… Maybe they shouldn’t have named themselves after an incident where 167 people died and more than 700 were injured! 

Then it was announced that their replacement vocalist had left the band and Adam had returned. Which is great news as to me Deadly Circus Fire need his magnificent vocals. The last singer was alright, but he wasn’t Adam. His distinctive voice was and is now again a massive part of their sound. You don’t take the engine out of a Rolls Royce and replace it with a FIAT engine….

Time has passed, they have matured as people and musicians and there was always going to be unfinished business… If they gave it one more shot what would happen? Would they gain back their momentum and all those opportunities return. This time doing everything right with mistakes of the past learnt from? 

Time shall tell in that regard but the original band are back. They released this statement! 

Welcome back Adam!

‘Even it’s been a couple years since I departed from DCF, each of us have grown into healthier people both physically and mentally which is a vital thing for any venture to survive. I don’t speak for the guys but back then I wasn’t strong enough to carry on playing the music game in the state I was in and the state the industry was in. It just wasn’t working and I didn’t want to drag everything down to this lowest point I was at but after speaking to Save and the boys recently I noticed a big improvement in our quality of life. We grabbed a drink and hashed it all out one night and after finding out that David had parted ways with DCF I had to seriously consider the outcomes of a return. To wrap up the rant… I’m back and it feels good to be back!’



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