AeSect, Broken Jaw Gig Swap 

AeSect Broken Jaw Dublin

Dublin/Kildare based Irish metal titans AeSect shall be working in collaboration with UK based Broken Jaw this year in a good old fashioned gig swap. Cork/Dublin in August, and then AeSect head over to the UK in October where they shall perform in Doncaster/Cheltenham.

It’s an interesting idea as they are two very different bands. AeSect are more metalcore in their sound and Broken Jaw are by their own description, Too Punk to be Metal, too Metal to be Punk. Fireball swigging loons! Which is pretty accurate! Don’t know about the fireballs thing now, but shhhh! Venues don’t like such things… 

Here’s links to both bands and they have solid line ups on both dates. I’ve included the event pages below so check them out also. 



Broken Jaw 

Broken Jaw

AeSect and Broken Jaw shall be performing in Cork and Dublin on August 5th/6th. Fred Zeppelins on the 5th and On The Rox on the 6th. 

Event page for Dublin here!

Event Page for Cork here!

AeSect Broken Jaw Cork

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