Ascend The Hollow Release Album ‘Echoes Of Existence’

 Ascend The Hollow let the dark “Echoes Of Existence” resound with their relentless Cyber Tech Metal album.

With ten brutal and intense songs of their debut “Echoes Of Existence” ASCEND THE HOLLOW take the listener into their breathtaking Cyber Metal world. The music on the album, which was released on June 7th, 2019 worldwide through Dr. Music Records, is driven by 9-string guitars, 6-string basses and modern electronic soundscapes. The whole thing is rounded off by a diverse mixture of grunts, screams and a melancholic, clear voice.

A few weeks ago ASCEND THE HOLLOW emerged from the ashes of the band Xerosun into the new metamorphosis. They have been fearless and fierce, rose strongly from the ashes, were reborn and took responsibility for their self-reinvention. They are the power that lies dormant in every one of us. They do not give up and do not accept failure. They have the power to ascend the hollow and reach towards the sun. With their album teaser the Female Fronted Progressive Cyber Tech Metal band gives a dark insight into their debut album “Echoes Of Existence”

ASCEND THE HOLLOW, consisting of M-NOISE (vox, lyrics), RAVEN (guitars, programming), GEF (guitars, programming) and DAVEC (bass), combine their eclectic influences to a powerful, aggressive yet melodically intrusive and innovative sound. Partially produced by Kris Norris (Darkest Hour, Scar The Martyr, Shadow Domain) as well as mixed and mastered by Thomas ‘Drop’ Betrisey (Samael, The Erkonauts, Sybreed) 

“Echoes Of Existence”, the first ASCEND THE HOLLOW album in the new manifestation, is now available at the following record stores:
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Their first single “Prisoners Of The Storm” is also available at all well-known download shops and streaming services and deals about the struggle of depression and its debilitating effects. Our minds can be our worst enemy and our most effective prison. Here ASCEND THE HOLLOW lead us with their music video produced by Olga Kuzmenko Photography into the threatening atmosphere of their album:…

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