ASTRALIST Release First Self Titled Four Track Demo EP

ASTRALIST are a new project that was born in Lockdown by Ciaran Coghlan also of Coroza.
As of now it’s just him but there are plans for this project. After listening to it in full I’m delighted there’s further plans on the horizon as this is an excellent EP!

He said:

The initial idea was to put together a band, but I decided to put some full tracks together myself during the pandemic lockdown. Sub-genres were not on my mind when creating this, so it does fall under various parts of the “doom” umbrella.

Anyway, thanks for checking it out. All of your support is greatly appreciated.

– Ciaran Coghlan

Lets hope this all comes together now and they can bring this to the live circuit next year. Real potential here!
One to most certainly watch!


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