Bailer Set To Record Debut Album

Cork based Bailer have came a long way over the past couple of years. They gigged relentlessly and really got their name out there the old fashioned way since making their breakthrough in 2016.
As they are set to take things up another level they have decided it’s now time to record their debut LP after a few highly successful EP’s already under their belt.
They released this statement today.


We’ve been a little quieter on the live front this year, we’ve still done A LOT of cool shit but we tried to space out our shows and cluster things together a bit better to allow ourselves plenty of time to focus on writing new songs for an album.

Well after almost a year in the making we are thrilled to announce we will be stepping into the The Ranch production house in Southampton on December 2nd to record our debut full length with Lewis Johns. Lewis has worked on some of our favorite records over the last few years and we are excited to birth a disgusting child together. 🤘

As many of you know we have 3 Irish shows in Belfast, Dublin and Cork next weekend Nov 28th-30th. Would be sick to see everyone out for the shows and we could really use your support!

We reprinted our longsleeves for these shows and have a good few vests and tees leftover if you wanna help us eat while we’re away. 

Although we’ve written all the new songs for the album this year, it feels like a culmination of everything we’ve learned as a band over the last 5 years pumped into our music. We already have some awesome stuff lined up for 2020 and can’t wait to show you all what’s next!

For now, hopefully see you at a show next week! Let’s go mad 

Check out their previously released single ‘Crawl Back’.


Catch them at Iron Mountain Metal Festival 2020
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