Behemoth Release New Video/Single ‘God=Dog’ New Album ‘I Loved You at Your Darkest’ Out October 05th



Extreme metal titans Behemoth have released a brand new video/single ‘God = Dog’ from their forthcoming album ‘I loved You At Their Darkest’. A European tour was also announced today so a lot happening in the world of Behemoth today. 

I’ve given this track a couple of listens and it’s a real grower. It caught me off at first as it’s a departure from their latest works. I’m sure this album will be amazing anyway as Nergal is his own harshest critic and quality control within the band is extremely high!   

Give it a spin here and come to your own conclusion! 


Legions! Our new album ‘I Loved You at Your Darkest’ will arrive October 05 featuring new single “God=Dog”. Watch the video premiere + pre-order the album here:

Strictly limited to 666 copies box set! Order here:



European Tour Poster! 



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