Best Albums: The Crawling – Strangle Wire – Unkindness Of Ravens – Donum Dei – Lock Horns- Sixth Extinction – The Blessing Way – Zealot Cult – God Alone. – Wintriness – Gama Bomb



Our final award of the year has arrived. (Insert the sound of five people cheering) Normally we would pick an overall album, but it was too damned hard for me to pick just one this year. Last year we had ‘The Vicious Head Society – Abject Tomorrow’ which just knocked it out of the park but this time it was far too close for me personally. 

I’ve listened to all these albums numerous times and will no doubt return to them again. There were other good albums released of course, but these were the ones for me anyway in 2018. 

The Crawling – Wolves and The Hideous White

The Crawling are one of the best bands on this small island of ours in my humble opinion. Their previous album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ was excellent and ‘Wolves and The Hideous White’ was even better. The lads have years of experience and have taken it all and created something special with The Crawling. 2019 shows no signs of slowing down for them and I expect them to continue their amazing D.I.Y approach to music videos etc. They just know how to get things done and do them right! 












Strangle Wire – The Dark Triad

Strangle Wires album ‘The Dark Triad’ can only be described as the inner workings of a man having a complete psychotic breakdown in music form. It’s a dark, horrible and nasty listen throughout and it’s absolutely brilliant! The lads play their cards very close to their chest so I can imagine they have more coming in 2019………


Unkindness Of Ravens – Beautiful Tragedies


Unkindness Of Ravens basically have their own genre. There’s darkwave, synth, doom, melody and more in there. With Beautiful Tragedies they undone themselves yet again. The title is more than fitting and it’s an absolute work of art that really comes into its own as a body of work. I didn’t get this band at first and if you’re like me. Go back and listen to them again. Absolutely brilliant band!


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Donum Dei – Contribute To Chaos 



Donum Dei sadly called it a day this year, but they did deliver with their debut album in a big way. The lads were highly rated by those that knew them, but it just never seemed to happen for them. They really should have become a lot better known than they were, but success is never a given. A great band that left a brilliant album before they left. 



Lock Horns – Molṑn Labé



It’s almost criminal that Lock Horns are not far better known than they are. They have a solid following in Belfast, but outside that… Everything they have released has been of the highest quality and easily one of the best up and coming bands on this island. They have UK based management as of now so I hoping that 2019 sees this band move to the next level and beyond. They have all the tools! 





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Sixth Extinction – X And Why? 


Clonmel based Sixth extinction went big when they decided to record their debut album X And Why? Rather than use a local studio and producer they headed over to Denmark to work with acclaimed producer Tue Madsen. The results speak for themselves! They released a truly great album and hopefully they will hit new heights next year!  



The Blessing Way – From Empty Plates We Dine



The Blessing Way is the brainchild and creation of one man. Mr Ollie Gill. He had been working on this album for quite a while and the finished product is fantastic. It’s a concept album based on the film Interview With The Vampire and does it more than justice. Easily one of my favourite albums released this year! 



Zealot Cult – Spiritual Sickness 



Limerick based Zealot Cult finally released their long awaited debut album Spiritual Sickness this year and they firmly delivered in the process. The lads are a true old school death metal band and heavily influenced by bands such as Obituary and Morbid Angel. I personally love that era and the bands belonging to it, so naturally this was one of my favourite albums of the year as a result. A top class release and a band that should be a lot better known!



God Alone. – Poll na mBrón



Cork based God Alone. are a band firmly on the rise. All aged under twenty years old and already they have won the best band competition at MammothFest in the UK. An amazing achievement! They released their debut EP last year and in 2019 their full length was unleashed. A truly great band with a huge future! 





Wintriness – From Light To Absolute Darkness


Wintriness is the brainchild and creation of one man. Mr Jordy Thompson. A remarkable achievement all round when considered this album was composed by one man. This is melodic black/death metal at its finest and an album a full band would be extremely proud of… The project is now on hiatus and  it’s highly likely this material will never be performed live as initially planned. At least he kept this project going until the album was released. It’s also a shame it’s not better known but hopefully this piece will introduce a few people to it. A top class release and again the fact one man composed it is amazing!  



Gama Bomb – Speed Between The Lines



Irish thrash legends Gama Bomb returned in 2018 and what a return it was! Everything I loved about them was back and turned up to ten once more. An album that’s just enjoyable and will make you happy. Also top class drinking music… The album also has a track called ‘Kurt Russell’. That’s an obvious album of the year straight away! Great to see the lads back and firing on all cylinders once more. 


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That concludes the list of our favourite albums this year. If you disagree, I’ll fight you to the death armed only with a rubber duck! A foul and awful death awaits! 

Here’s to 2018. Another whopper year for Irish metal and I expect 2019 to be of equal quality. It always is… We have amazing talent on our little island! 

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