Best Band: God Alone.



Time for our penultimate award of 2018 that nobody cares about. We still have your best albums list to come. I couldn’t pick one, so it’s albums… Spoiler, these lads will on that list too. So make sure you check out that list when it drops. I notoriously take the piss out of our awards, but there’s some amazing stuff coming in that one. 

God Alone came to my attention last year like many others. A bunch of young lads from Cork aged between 16-18. How do I talk these kids up was my original thought….? Turns out I didn’t have to! They were raw of course but the talent and potential was so obvious a blind man could see it. 

Fast forward a year after they won our Best New Band award (nobody cares about), they’ve jumped a level outside everyone’s imagination. Their own too I can imagine. 

They entered the MammothFest competition in Cork this year with the hope of getting their name out further and possibly a final appearance in front of Steve Dickson, MammothFest director. Not only did they win that competition. They went over to Brighton and won the whole Best Band competition. An amazing feat as they were up against some amazing bands and highly experienced musicians.  They are all under 20! Just let that sink in… 

They then dropped their debut album “Poll na mBrón” and that more than lived up to expectation. It’s a brilliant album! In our album of the year lists which is coming next. 

Where will 2019 take them? I’m going to make any predictions. If they keep growing at this rate, Bloodstock, Donnington etc etc await by 2020 at the latest. The sky doesn’t seem to limit for these lads. They’ll probably get past that too… 

All things considered, there was no other band that came near their achievements this year and when you consider their age… 

Congratulations lads. That’s two awards you’ve won from us. Hopefully the next ones are from sources people actually care about! 

I also hope everything keeps going as it is for them. It’s great to see a bunch of young lads with a dream get to this level in such a short space of time. 


Jake O’Driscoll – Guitar/Vocals 
Cian Mullane – Bass/Vocals 
Jack O’Hanlon – Drums/Percussion/Vocals 
Seán Thompson – Guitar 
Dylan Kelly – Synthesizer 

Recorded and mixed by Ronan McCann at Groundfloor Studios Cork. 
Mastered by Matthew Corrigan of Ghostking is Dead.


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