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2016 was a stellar year for the Irish scene. So many great EP’s and LP’s were released along with more stand alone tracks. 

I’ve compiled a list here of what I considered to be the best this year. If I forgot anyone? I do apologise, but trying to recall a years events is not easy! 

Lets get this underway. Descriptions shall be very brief. I’ll post a track and a link to their Facebook page for more details, links etc. 


Axial Symmetry 

Dublin based death/black/thrash metal fusion at its finest. Their EP “United Corruption” was one of my favourite releases of 2016. Check out D.F.E here! 

Link to their Facebook page:


Aeternum Vale

Black Metal from Dublin. Their new EP “Ashes Of Memory” is without doubt their strongest work to date. A band all Black metal fans should already know… Check out Ashes Of Memory here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Brutal death metal from Dublin. Their album DEATHMETHYLTRYPTAMINE is easily one of the best albums of 2016! Death Metal fans need to know this band! Check out “Vicious Mucus” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Belfast based melodic Death metal with a progressive edge. Indominus released their debut EP “Legion Within” in 2016. It’s a statement of intent! Check out Legion Within here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Dublin based Xerosun really mix it up. But in the best possible way of course! It’s death metal, but more… I really liked their EP “This Dark Rage” and fans of extreme music need to check them out. Check out This Dark Rage here! Amazing video!! 

Link to their Facebook page:


Theories Divide

Dublin based Theories Divide’s album “The Outcast” is full of grooves, aggression, melody and full of riffs. Great fucking album that I’d suggest you check out if you haven’t. Check out The Outcast here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Dublin based Psykosis are Thrash metal at its finest. They finally released their full album “Welcome To The Psyko Ward” this year and their debut video “Driller Killer”. Which is amazing as they’ve played Bloodstock twice and Metal Days. It was worth the wait! Check out Driller Killer here! 

Link to their Facebook page:


Sixth Extinction 

Clonmel based Sixth Extinction released their self titled EP in march this year. I really liked it and saw massive potential. As a result I’ve added their latest song/video “Vivid Black” here as it’s more suitable to where they are going in 2017. One to watch! Check out Vivid Black here!


Link to their Facebook page:


Ten Ton Slug

Galway based Ten Ton Slug had quite the year. The release of their new EP “Brutal Gluttonous Beast” and their triumphant performance at Bloodstock. Check out “Unit” live at Bloodstock here!


Link to their Facebook page:


Two Tales Of Woe

Dublin based Two Tales Of Woe had a great year also. Playing to a packed out Jager stage at Bloodstock and the promise of new material in 2017. One of my favourite Irish bands! Check out “Burning Lands” here!


Link to their Facebook page:



Carlow based Subsist released their debut EP this year. Deathcore is probably the best description I can think of. It’s modern metal and it’s done really well. The lads are still very young so they could do something yet!! Check out “Psycho Feat. Patrick Scanlon ( Heel Of Achilles)” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:


Words That Burn

Dundalk / Carrickmacross based Words That Burn stepped it up their year with their album “Regret Is For The Dead”! It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard from an Irish band anyway. The perfect modern metal release! Check out “Unalive” here! 

Link to their Facebook page here:


Minus Ten Thousand Hours 

Dublin based Minus Ten Thousand Hours are probably the best live band you will ever see! Their finale “I Cut The Gasline” ends in utter carnage! Really good band that could be big if they got the chance… Check out “Tidal Waves” here!


Link to their Facebook page:



Dublin based Alpheidae released their EP “I In All” after a long delay. It was well worth the wait though and showcased how good this band really are. The EP has many progressive elements and full of layers. It’s an excellent EP start to finish! Check out “Altruist” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Cork based Emigra really came back with a vengeance this year. Their previous vocalist Tony Macca back in the fold and unleashed their strongest track to date. This band may finally recognise their massive potential and I have to see them live this time…Check out “Tomb” here!


Link to their Facebook page:



Limerick based Hedfuzy is the brainchild of one man. Mr Pat Byrne. He done pretty much all this album himself and now has a full band. They have played one date as of now. So lets hope for more! This is Prog at its finest! Check out “Snakes” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Dublin based Jenova really had a phenomenal year. They are a full band just over a year now. An insane rise on their behalf. But it’s for one reason. They’re good. They are really fucking good! Check out “Nail The Eye” here! 

Link To Their Facebook page:


Dead Label!

Kildare based Dead Label had quite the year themselves. Toured with Fear Factory. Main stage at Metal Days and supported Gojira. They also released their full length album “Throne Of Bones” this year. That’ll do!! Check out “Salvation In Sacrifice” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Galway based Ilenkus released their heaviest and most direct material to date with their EP “Hunger”. It’s also their best work to date. Real change in direction, but for the better! Check out “Hunny Bunny” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:


The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back 

Dublin based “The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back” released the first of their two part EP “Malice” and it has set the tone for where the band are going. A definite evolution in their sound and lets hope the next instalment will be as good… Check out “Casualties” here!

Link to their Facebook page:



Derry based ProXist have started moving on the release of their long awaited album “Join You In The Sun”. It’s been a while coming but this will be worth it. I fucking love this band! Check out “Synthetic Creation” here!


Link to their Facebook page:



Louth based Okus released their full debut album and man it is good! Dirty blackened crust at its finest. Check their full album “Scourge” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Black metal from Dublin. The band had quite the year. Played some high end gigs and toured the UK. They also released their debut album ” Heir To Scoria and Ash. Big things await! Check out “Searing Impulse” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Clonmel based barbarians highlight of 2016 has to be playing Wacken! They are coming back strong in 2017 and their album “Ethos Pathos Logos” should be along soon. Due for release in 2016, but it will be worth the wait! Check out “The Breach” here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Dublin based AeSect had a busy first half to the year. Including the release of their EP “Devour The Earth” and reaching the Metal To The Masses Final. They are currently recording playthrough videos and have plans for 2017! I look forward to seeing what they do next. Check out Devour The Earth here! 

Link to their Facebook page:



Probably the best black metal band to appear in 2016. If Carlsberg made black metal. It would be watered down shit! Not this band though! Check out “Bonegrinder” here! It’s an amazing video. 

Link to their Facebook page:




This concludes our best of 2016 list. If there’s anything I’ve missed out on or something I should consider which I haven’t heard. Please make me aware and I can edit this very easily. 

I think we can all agree it was an amazing year for Irish metal. Long may it continue! 






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