Best Single: zhOra – Ruthless Bastards



In this our highly anticipated (by nobody) best single of Irish metal in 2018 we had many options. Hedfuzy, Snowblind and Withered Fist come immediately to mind. In the end it was an obvious choice for me personally. 

I got into zhOra around five years ago and loved their energy and vicious heaviness. A city could be powered for a day if their stage energy was harassed. They were an absolute juggernaut. As we all know, nothing can stop The Juggernaut!

I tried so hard to get into their last material and direction, but it just didn’t feel like the same band to me. I love prog, but this was zhOra! Where was that unrelenting energy and sheer heaviness. 

With this single the band have fused all the best aspects of their time. The progressive aspect is there as is the sheer vicious heaviness and energy that got me hooked on this band in the first place. 

The lads have a new album en route in 2019 and I expect that to be one of my favourite releases next year. 

Up Tipp !!! 




Instagram: @zhoraireland


Twitter: @zhOramusic


Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mick Richards at Trackmix Studios, Dublin.

Directed and edited by DOCK (



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