Black Shuck Release First Two Recorded Tracks



Galway based Black Shuck recently released their first two recorded tracks ‘ The Hound’ and ‘Counterfeit Throne’. 

The band are the reincarnation of long time Galway band Negativ Result. Their formation was brought about by not been able to secure the role of a second guitarist. Rather than continue with the old name, they decided a fresh start and change of direction was the right option for them. They still have tracks such as ‘Red’ in their live set, but this is a very different animal than Negativ Result. 

Check out both tracks here. They are moving away from their groove metal sound of old and creating their own sound in the process. 

The signs are good from these tracks! 

The Hound


Counterfeit Throne



Black shuck:

Recorded by Gavin Doyle at Symmetry Industry studios:


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