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BM: How did Blood Thread come about and when did you form?
BT: It was originally a studio project started in 2010 with a full lineup making its live debut in 2012. There has been quite an evolution of the band in the last few years and the current lineup has been together since 2014.

BM: This is your first Irish tour. As Peter is originally from Sligo do you plan on making this a regular occurrence?
BT: We aren’t really thinking that far ahead to be honest. We are just really excited to be coming over and playing to people we have never played to before and getting to share the stage with some great Irish bands.

BM: You recently supported the amazing Cattle Decapitation. How was that experience?
BT: Amazing. It was one of, if not the biggest crowds we have ever played for and we got a great reaction. It was amazing getting to meet the guys in Cattle Decapitation as we are all big fans and they were incredible live.

BM: In another reality, which band would you most like to play live with?
BT: The Saw Doctors. Just to see the look on their fans faces.

BM: What’s your plans going forward and where will 2017 and beyond take you as a band?
BT: We start recording our new ep after we get back  and are aiming for an early 2017 release. We want to play as many new places as possible throughout 2017 and play to as many new people as we can and hopefully land a few more high profile support slots along the way.

BM: To finish up. Which band member has the most annoying habits? The worst hygiene? The laziest?
BT: Hard to say but I’m sure we will know the answers to all those questions after we get back home from this tour.


Check out “The Tolerance Is Over” full EP: 


0.00 Bawbag
4.34 Titan step
8.57 Captured in Stone


Blood Thread are: 

Tony Mitchell – vocals/guitars

Peter Wall – guitars

Chris Mancini – bass

Dikie – drums


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