Burning Metal Awards 2017: Best Album – The Vicious Head Society – Abject Tomorrow



Album of the year. It’s probably every musicians dream. To see the fruit of their labour recognised by someone else and pay them the ultimate compliment for that particular year. Well, it would be if a big source presented you that award and more than ten people actually read it! 

It’s a real bottom of the ladder award here, so at might at least make your Wednesday. Good job I didn’t release this at the weekend or it would be a complete afterthought for the winner! 

This year we were treated to some great albums here in Ireland. Nautilus, Overoth, The Crawling, zhOra as examples all released phenomenally good albums so this had major competition! 

Lets go back a bit to how this all came about. Graham Keane was a regular man, living his regular life and probably ironed his socks. A passionate musician and when his wife became seriously ill, which she has now recovered, he decided there’s got to more to life! Ironing socks just wasn’t cutting it now! He then decided to bring The Vicious Head Society to life. As a one man project working around guest players schedule, the finances involved  and a virtually unknown entity. It took a while! A few years in the end but after hearing the early tracks you knew this man was onto something with this album. We all hoped, well at least 20 people at the time that he would see this project through to the end. 

The album was released earlier this year independently.  I was sent an advance copy before release to cover on our site and I was right all along about what the man was going to deliver. It absolutely blew me away! I couldn’t believe the level of musicianship and overall quality of this release. I gave the album 10/10 and declared it album of the year. My view has not changed! I couldn’t believe I was listening to an Irish project and would compare it to the best Prog releases of all time! It really is that good! 

The Vicious Head Society are now signed to Hostile Media, so physical copies are available again! All sales go towards album number two. 

This is not your every day story. An incredible album that may not have happened, but the hands of fate dictated Graham was going to leave a legacy on this planet other than ironing socks. 

This album was untouchable this year as it’s an absolute masterpiece. Nothing came near it! A true timeless classic that will hopefully reach more people as time progresses. It deserves it… 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheViciousHeadSociety/


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