Burning Metal Awards 2017: Best EP – Drakonis – The Great Miasma



Another award nobody cares about and another band receiving one of the least prestigious awards of the year! It’s not one they’ll be telling their grand kids about anyway! It’ll probably be joked about after a few beers at a gig some night… 

This category like albums was absolutely stacked! So many amazing EP’s released this year. Jenova, Warpath, Animator as examples. This release gets the nod from me though! It’s Black metal, but loads more to it than most releases within the genre. Eternal Helcaraxe’s forthcoming album ‘In Times Of Desperation’ which we received yesterday and ‘The Great Miasma’ were the best Black metal releases of 2017 in my humble opinion. 

The EP is a concept and really needs to be listened to as a body of work. We have it here in that format and I suggest you listen from start to finish. They really achieved their goal with this release and a massive improvement from their previous EP ‘As They Rot’. Which I also rated very highly. 

I’m very much looking forward to their next release and what they do next. They keep improving so the next one could be up there with the all time classic Black metal releases from this small island of ours! 





Artist: Drakonis
Album: The Great Miasma
Buy ‘The Great Miasma’: http://www.hostilemedia.net/

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