Burning Metal Awards 2017: Best Video – zhOra – Infernal Liturgy


Photo © Olga Kuzmenko

C: Olga Kuzmenko


We now bring you our next award which like Best New Band, nobody gives a fuck about either! Again we’ll still do them in the hope at least one person may click on the link… It’s hard times in these the days of instant gratification where people don’t click links anymore unless it’s some nonsensical article. Maybe I should title all our stuff ‘Meteor Coming For Earth’ or the like? Actually, No! I won’t be doing that! Good job we don’t depend on this for financial reasons… 

This one was on my mind over the past while on who to actually award it to. There were loads of great music videos and all were deserving in their own right. Then Clonmel based Progressive Sludge barbarians dropped their amazing video for  ‘Infernal Liturgy’ and made my life a lot easier. 

The lads, and Colin in particular have a great artistic mind and it really shone through in this video. It’s D.I.Y at its finest here and a top job done by all involved. 

It was also nice to see Ritchie in this video. For those unaware, he was the bands original Bassist that had to leave the band due to health issues. 

A truly amazing video that proves you don’t need massive amounts of money to make a great music video. A creative mind and a get up and go attitude is all you truly need. 

The lads have really taken off over the past couple of years and we hope this continues in 2018 and beyond! 



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Stream ‘Ethos, Pathos Logos’ here! 



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