Burning Metal Irl Awards 2017: Best New Band – God Alone.



It’s that time of the year again. Our awards that nobody gives a fuck about! We still do them though as certain bands do deserve that bit of extra praise each year. Unfortunately for them though it’s not Metal Injection etc. It’s us….

This was a tough one in some regards, but an easy choice in the end all things considered. We’ve been treated to some great new bands this year, but the majority of them are experienced musicians that have started a new band. Other bands may be new, but a lot older than these lads! They were probably not that good when they were the same age as these lads either. 

God Alone. from Cork are all aged between 16/18 and describe themselves as post metal. I’d personally describe them as Progressive Black metal myself but how and ever. There’s about 5000 genres at this point. My view is, it’s good or it’s not! These lads are very good! 

They’ve been gigging around Cork and already have a ‘Siege Of Limerick’ on their CV so they are impressing the right people within the Irish scene. Are they the finished article? Clearly not, but considering all and the kind of music they are play, it’s a massive step above 99% of musicians their age! 

I’m very much looking forward to this bands progression and as winners of the ‘Best New Band’ award here at Burning Metal. An empty can of prawn cocktail pringles will be in the post in early 2018! 

Congratulations lads! It’s all the way down from here…. 

Check out their debut EP ‘Intivim’ here! 



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godalonecork/


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