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Exclusive Album Premiere: The Blessing Way – From Empty Plates We Dine



We are very proud to bring you this exclusive album premiere. It’s not just any premiere though! This is the work of one man. Mr Ollie Gill. 

An excellent album spanning ten tracks and a true work of art from beginning to end. I really can’t speak highly enough of this album and the fact it was created by one man is just outrageous! 

Ollie released this brief statement upon the albums long travelling journey to release. 

“The album is based around my love of the book Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. It is a concept album so to speak and based around a piece of literature that is very important to me. I hope this release has done it justice! 

It was recorded with Michael Richards in Trackmix studio, Dublin.” 

Ollie, I can saw with confidence you have more than achieved your goal. This is an incredible body of work and the fact it’s available for free download means all can enjoy it at any time offline. 

Don’t take my word for it though, stream/download it here in full and prepare to be blown away! 

A true Gothic Black metal masterpiece! 


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Gibson Guitar Facing Bankruptcy After 116 Years In Business



We’ve been hearing about declines in guitar sales for years.  Now, one of the most storied guitar makers in history — Gibson — may be in serious trouble.

Gibson Guitar is now falling on hard times, and softer guitar sales are just part of the picture.  According to details surfacing this week, the company remains deluged in debt, with desperate sell-offs to service a growing list of creditors.

Ringing the scary alarm is Nashville Post reporter Geert De Lombaerde, who unearthed mountainous debt obligations and a worsening financial crisis.  De Lombaerde pointed to a recent, $16.6 million coupon payment by Gibson to service $375 million in senior secured notes that come due this year.

The debt pile wasn’t a secret to frustrated bond holders.  But De Lombaerde is seeing an iceberg ahead.  “The situation facing the iconic Nashville-based music instrument maker, which has annual revenues of more than $1 billion, is far from normal,” De Lombaerde remarked.  “CFO Bill Lawrence recently left the company after less than a year on the job and just six months before $375 million of senior secured notes will mature.”


“On top of that, another $145 million in bank loans will come due immediately if those notes, issued in 2013, are not refinanced by July 23rd.”



Gibson Guitar started in 1902, and has been interwoven into the musical life of America ever since.

Back in 1952, the company produced its first signature Les Paul, one of the most famous guitar series of all time.  The rest, as they say, is history.  But that storied history is making the present situation harder to stomach.

Just recently, Gibson sold its ownership of a former Baldwin Piano warehouse for $6.4 million.  Now, the guitar maker is trying to offload an even bigger Nashville property: the Valley Arts building, located on Church Street.  The selloff is expected to draw $11 million.  Both payments are likely to evaporate almost instantly to service a growing debt tranche.

We’ve read a separate report that Gibson is selling off Baldwin entirely — though that hasn’t been confirmed.


Gibson still pulls annual revenues north of $1 billion.  But multiple investors, bondholders, and analysts are now saying the ‘b-word’ out loud.

“This year is critical and they are running out of time — rapidly,” Kevin Cassidy, a senior credit officer at Moody’s Investors Service, told the Post.  “And if this ends in bankruptcy, [CEO/owner Henry Juszkiewicz] will give up the entire company.”

Moody’s has already downgraded Gibson.  And others are projecting a major change ahead — in leadership, or total control of the company.

One question is whether sagging guitar sales are playing a role here.  This has been a growing problem for years, thanks to surging interest in EDM and rap.  But broader cultural shifts are also putting the guitar in the rearview.  Indeed, the recurring ‘rock & roll is dead’ cliché may finally be coming true — and seriously impacting Gibson’s bottom line.

Incidentally, Moody’s also downgraded Guitar Center last year, as well.  The mega-retailer, a massive seller of guitars, is saddled with more than $1.6 billion in debt.


The issue of plunging guitar sales became glaringly apparent last year.

That’s when sales figures revealed a serious sales drop over the past decade.  Specifically, guitar sales have dropped from approximately 1.5 million units annually to roughly 1 million — all in less than a decade.  That’s still a million a year, though this is all heading in the wrong direction.

And buried beneath those top-line statistics is another problem: sinking prices.  All of which is great for anyone on the market for a guitar — new or used.  But it’s disastrous for a company like Gibson.

One obvious problem is that the guitar is just another toy for younger people today.  Up until relatively recently, it was a must-have for a giant percentage of young Americans — all of whom were in love with rock & roll in some form or another.  Now, the six-string is just as easily replaced by a turntable, videogame console, or simply a laptop.

And the ‘guitar gods’ of the past are fading, with their adherents downsizing.  “I don’t know. Maybe the guitar is over,” Eric Clapton said last year when asked about eroding guitar sales.

“Good question though.”


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Irish Two Piece Garage Punk Act VULPYNES Release Video ‘Sublingual’ From Their Forthcoming Self Titled Debut EP



Irish Garage Punk power duo ‘Vulpynes’ have been making quite a name for themselves over the past year and are set to move to the next level with the release of their debut self titled EP. 

They released this statement today!  

Our debut, self titled EP is out on March 1st from Headcheck Records and you can pre-order it from their website http://www.headcheckrecords.co.uk now! We’ve never released physical copies of our music before, we are beyond thrilled!

Not only that, we have a new song for you which will only be available on the CD release.

Check out the video for ‘Sublingual’ here, which was filmed and edited by Secret Cellar


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BLACK ROYAL: Finnish Death/Sludge Unit To Release Debut Full-Length This March Via Suicide Records Stream ‘Cryo Volcanic’ Within



“Three hundred thousand years man has roamed the earth, losing every chance to 
prosper, grow and learn.”   

Finnish death/sludge unit BLACK ROYAL will unleash their debut album, Lightbringer, this March via Suicide Records.


A truly dense and obliterating offering both musically and thematically, the ten-track Lightbringercenters itself on mankind’s utter failure in finding inner strength and the meaningless trust in fake ideologies. “Faith is, more or less, a consequence of fear and ignorance,” elaborates the band. “Mankind’s quest for meaning is greater than their ability to understand that we hold the key to our own potential and inner strength. This act against the original plan of The Elders and The Wise has led mankind to the brink of their own intellectual extinction. To survive, mankind must abandon the power of religious dogmas and evolve by the strength from one’s inner self. Time has come for theLightbringer to enthrone and steer man back to the path of free thought and prove wrong their false choices (the reason for current global chaos). Now is time for the new world order. It won’t be divine.”


BLACK ROYAL‘s thundering Lightbringer will see release on CD, LP, and digital formats via Swedish-Finnish label Suicide Records on March 9th with preorders to be announced in the coming weeks.



Lightbringer Track Listing:

1. Cryo-Volcanic

2. Self-Worship

3. Salvation

4. Denial

5. Pentagram Doctrine

6. Lightbringer

7. The Chosen

8. Dying Star

9. New World Order

10. Ou[t]roboros


Hailing from Tampere, Finland, BLACK ROYAL was forged in 2013. The quartet’s music combines modern sludge with ’90s death metal, classic seventies influences, epic choruses and unconventional arrangements, resulting in a distinctly alluring sound often and accurately described as “death blues.” Inspired by beer and occult teachings, their music is laced with distortion and growls proclaiming various themes from free thought to the perils of organized religion.

Following two critically-lauded EPs — The Summoning Pt.1 and Pt.2, released in 2015 and 2016 respectively — the band was signed by Swedish-Finnish label Suicide Records and unleashed theDying Star seven-inch/digital single, serving as the first taste of BLACK ROYAL‘s imminentLightbringer debut, coming at you this Spring.



Jukka – drums, percussion

Pete – bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar

Riku – vocals

Toni – guitars, backing vocals


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KING WITCH: Under The Mountain Full-Length From Scottish Doom Metal Faction Available To Stream Within



The smoking debut full-length, Under The Mountain, from Scotland-based doom metal faction KING WITCH is set for release in North America on March 16th via Listenable Records. Unleashed last week in Europe, the record is as melodic as it is monolithic, taking its listener on a journey from soulful doom to full-tilt metal mayhem.


Under The Mountain was recorded and produced by guitarist Jamie Gilchrist at their underground studio in their home city of Edinburgh, mixed and mastered by Tom Dring at Vagrant Recordings (Dragged Into Sunlight, Acolyte) in Southport and comes swathed in artwork created by vocalist Laura Donnelly. The record serves as KING WITCH‘s follow-up to their debut EP, Shoulders Of Giants. Influenced by everything from Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin to Mastodon and High On Fire, Under The Mountain boasts nine riff-laden tracks offset by Donnelly’s powerful yet bewitching vocals.


In a recent review of Under The Mountain, Nine Circle gushes, “KING WITCH have crafted a stellar debut that hits numerous emotional notes, rips like crazy, and remembers the golden rule of always being in service to the song.” Angry Metal Guy hails a record, “highly recommended for fans of classic doom.” Of Donnelly’s vocals, Team Rock boasts, “Laura’s breathtaking, husky pipes convey equal measures of wisdom, heartache, scorn and fury, though the music mostly contents itself with the latter; aside from the creepy-crawly true doom of ‘Approaching The End’ and ‘Ancients” acoustic jangle, satisfyingly brute-force whirlwind tempos dominate.” Grizzly Butts concurs calling Under The Mountain, “a modern day classic and a muddy brick to the face of anyone not-so-sold on the power of female vocalists in heavy metal.” The Obelisk writes, “Individual tracks present different vibes, whether that’s the rolling undulations and progressive forward drive of third cut ‘Solitary’ or the thrashier thrust of the later ‘Possession,’ but especially with a foundation of hooks like those of ‘Carnal Sacrifice’ and the near-seven-minute centerpiece ‘Approaching The End,’ which recalls finer moments of post-Ozzy-era Black Sabbath in its sense of class and stage-presence-in-the-studio spirit. Under The Mountain is unafraid either to blaze ahead at top speed directly in the face of the listener or to stand back and manifest its ideas with a precision bordering on the graceful.” Adds Dead Rhetoric, “We could use more acts like KING WITCH stirring that doom/classic heavy metal pot as they clearly possess all the requisite tools and songwriting ability to gain a following like Grand Magus on slightly more of classic ’70s/’80s slant. Revel in the despair, as you’ll come out better for it in the end.”


Order Under The Mountain today at THIS LOCATION.


Formed in early 2015 in a dark cavern beneath the streets of old Edinburgh, KING WITCH manifests a potent and heavy brew of old school metal and the meatiest of ’70s classic rock. In a time where many seek to stick rigidly within the confines of their chosen genre, KING WITCH simply writes the songs they want to play.


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Bloodstock Festival: Metal To The Masses NI Heat 3

Bloodstock Festival: Metal To The Masses NI Heat 3



The third heat of Northern Irish Bloodstock Metal To The Masses competition is tomorrow night in Voodoo Belfast. Another stacked line up set to compete for a potential slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Festival this coming August. 


Acid Age

Acid Age are a Hyper Thrash band from Northern Ireland influenced by various Thrash, Punk and New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands. The band consists of Eddie Cross on vocals, Jude McIlwaine on guitar, Jake Martin on bass and Aran Howe on drums. 
Acid Age have supported many notable acts, toured through the UK and had released two official full length albums and 2 E.Ps plus one “Mini-album” which contain familiar special guests.


Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal from Northern Ireland. Formed fromed in January 2016, debut EP “Legion “Within” now available. Their forthcoming album is set for release in 2018. 



Thunderwolf are a heavy metal band from Armagh, formed in March 2016. Taking the stylistic and thematic elements of 80’s and 90’s Cyberpunk/Tech Noir culture and combining it with fast paced and technical conceptual thrash with pumping drums and aggressively melodic bass riffs, they capture the feel of the neon sci-fi era, while moving into new territory.


Wardomized are a four piece Grindcore band from Northern Ireland. They actively tour and consistently release new material. In the true Grindcore spirit! 

Friday 16th February 2018
Voodoo Belfast, 9 – 11 Fountain Street
Doors 8pm
Admission: £5.00 – includes 1 voting slip

Stage times will be:

Band 1: 8.45 – 9.15
Band 2: 9.30 – 10.00
Band 3: 10.15 – 10.45
Band 4: 11.00 – 11.30

Running order will be drawn at random on the day of the show.

Voting will close at 11.45 and the results will be announced between 12.15 and 12.30.

2 bands from each heat will qualify for the semi-finals, and the judging will be 50% audience vote and 50% judges vote. There will be a panel of 3 judges comprised of local journalists/sound engineers/other promoters and/or other music industry folk in Northern Ireland. Punters will be given voting slips as they enter the venue and asked to score points to the bands in descending order, by writing in the boxes on the voting slip.

4 points for their favourite band, 
3 points for their second favourite band 
2 points for their third favourite band
1 point for their fourth favourite band

An x or tick beside the band you want to win o will NOT be accpeted and these votes will NOT be counted!!

Good luck to all involved and let battle commence!!


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