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Best EP: Bailer – Bailer

Best EP: Bailer – Bailer



We now award our one of our most coveted awards that nobody wants. The award for best EP. An EP is like an album but the band were too lazy to record an actual album and release a few tracks instead. Which can be for the better in some cases, but in this particular situation it leaves you wanting more. The first rule of showbiz. If they’re not booing you and throwing shit at the end, you’re on the right track.

On that note, Steve from MammothFest was so impressed by the lads when he saw them live earlier this year he added them to the festival line up. They also destroyed KnockanStockan this year so their name is spreading. Even as far as Russia where they toured this year. 

People with sense already regard this band as one of the best in the country so it’s no surprise they are continually growing. No doubt 2019 will continue their legacy and the bigger festivals will hopefully start taking notice. They’re knocking heavily on the door now so lets hope they just kick that fucking door down in 2019! 

Hopefully next year they get awards from sites that people actually give a fuck about too! 

Alex O’Leary – Vocals 
Chris Harte – Guitar 
David Cleere – Bass 
Sean Conway – Drums 

All music written and performed by BAILER. 
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Aidan Cunningham. 
Artwork by James Sheridan Art.



BAILER’ out now on all platforms

Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2Ebsdkd

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2EQrrqb

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2Fkdh33

Merch: http://bit.ly/bailermerch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bailerofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bailerofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bailerofficial

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Withered Fist Release First Single ‘This Is My Mountain’



Withered Fist in a new project by Justin Maloney (ex-Acrid Nebula, ex-Two Tales of Woe) and Carl King (Two Tales of Woe).

Their first single ‘This Is My Mountain’ inspired by the glorious mortal remains of St. Istvan. Withered Fist bring you slowness, heaviness and melody in equal measure.

If this track is anything to go by, then this will be one of the better releases of 2019. At a running time of 8:42, we are treated to an excellent melodic doom song with many dynamics. 

An excellent track and a great way to end output in the Irish scene for 2018.



The EP is released on January 1st and can be preordered now via Bandcamp. 


releases January 1, 2019 

Recorded in Debt Valley, Tipperary through July 2018 by Justin Maloney 

Carl King: Vocals 
Justin Maloney: Instruments




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Best Music Video: Lock Horns – Blood and Oil

Best Music Video: Lock Horns – Blood and Oil



Our next Irish Metal Golden Raspberry award equivalent and yet another award nobody gives a fuck about. 

This time we honour the band that made the best music video of 2018. There were a few contenders but this one just stood above all in the end.

I’m not one of those anti-capitalism types as I can clearly see capitalism is the best system we could possibly have. It encourages people to do and be more. Really bring out the best in them and not expect things to be handed to them… It’s not capitalism’s fault human greed got involved and ruined everything. Communism is a good theory, but tell that to the people in Cuba, previous USSR or North Korea. Humans have a habit of ruining any system! 

I probably shouldn’t have had these couple of cans after work while writing this. I promise no politics tonight, two drinks later…… 

The main thing I like about this video is the fact the subject matter and theme all line up perfectly. If it had a big budget to back it, it would have been on many media sources etc. It’s relevant to current politics and has a strong message behind it. 

Lock Horns are one of the best bands on our small island in my humble opinion and when they do something, they do it right! No half measures…

Great to see an up and coming Irish act act in such a professional way. (I could do with taking a leaf out of their book..) They understand the product has to be right and that will hopefully stand to them in 2019. They are now on books of a UK based agency and the next step is within sight. 

They shall be included in two more pieces from us before the years end and I promise the next ones will be no better. A Burning Metal award is like winning a Golden Raspberry award. It’s the worst kind of recognition possible! 

Being serious, Lock Horns have all the tools to really go far and in a just and fair world they’ll take off next year and the capitalist world will bring them many album/merch sales instead of loads of commies listening to their stuff for free on Spotify. 
I done it again….


Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/mol…

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6a0ASO… 

FOLLOW: Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/LockHornsOff

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/lock_horns

Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/lock_horns/

Snapchat ►lockhofficial


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Best New Band: Grey Stag

Best New Band: Grey Stag



Time for our highly prestigious end of year awards that nobody gives a fuck about. Winning one of these is the Irish metal equivalent of a Golden Raspberry Award. Nobody wants one despite it been some sort of recognition… 

There were a few contenders for this and the lucky ones just didn’t make the cut. Tonight they shall not cry themselves to sleep in shame… They will be recognised in our ones to watch feature coming later this month though. 

All aspects were taken into consideration in regards to this pointless award. Online promotion, live show and how far they had come in the year 2018. 

Grey Stag formed in 2017 and I had heard about them towards the end of the year. They had played a few gigs and were going about their business. They really took it up a level though in 2018. They gigged wherever they could and put on a brilliant live show. I caught them during the year knowing little or nothing about them. After 30 seconds I knew I had found a new band. They levelled the place and seriously impressed me. 

They then dropped their debut EP ‘The Guide’ which is one of the finest Irish releases of 2018 in my humble opinion. It’s that perfect sync of  groove/sludge/doom metal. By their own description, Grey Stag are a sociopathic groove tyrant with a penchant for dank riffage. I couldn’t have said it any better myself! 

I expect this band to continue along their steamrolling path in 2019 and it’s anyone’s guess how far this band will go at present? With the right luck and timing hopefully they will go far. They have the talent, songs and amazing live show required to go a long way so I genuinely hope when I’m looking back at the end of next year they will have gone as far as our previous winners God Alone have this year. 

The Guide can be streamed here in full and links to where it can be bought below. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greystagrocks/



Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4l3vWUzEcNH521srJUjoRQ…

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-guide-ep/1436760318…



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Children Of Bodom Release Single/Video ‘Under Grass and Clover’



Over 20 years into the tough, heroic grind that represents the lifeblood of extreme musicians, Finland metal scientists Children of Bodom have certainly won over crowds globally through a crafted alloy that is theirs alone. But the building of their esteemed career has also been aided an abetted by the simple math of all that work, the intense touring, that inevitable return visit to your town that has made the band’s shows engaging, personable and energetic thrash parties indelibly stamped on the circuit boards of headbangers worldwide.

They released this statement today. 

“Today we kick off the pre-order for our new album “Hexed” which will be available on March 8th 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records! 
You can order your copy here: nuclearblast.com/cob-hexed

To celebrate we are releasing the first single “Under Grass and Clover” alongside the brand new music video.” 



Nuclear Blast: http://www.nuclearblast.com/cob-hexed

iTunes: http://nblast.de/COBHexedIT

Google: http://nblast.de/COBHexedGP

Amazon: http://nblast.de/COBHexedAMZ


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/cobhcba…

Apple Music: http://nblast.de/COBHexedAM



Website: http://www.cobhc.com/

Like: https://www.facebook.com/childrenofbodom

Follow: https://twitter.com/cobhc

Watch: http://bit.ly/subs-cob-yt

On Tour: http://bit.ly/cob-on-tour

Spotify: http://bit.ly/cob-spotify

VIDEO CREDITS: DIrector, Editor, Producer Ykä Järvinen DOP Juge Heikkilä F.S.C. Focus Puller Aaro Visala Gaffer Sami Mäntymaa Electrician Tatu Tuominen & Arttu Korpela Venue Lights Lassi Seppä & Lauri Hakoniemi Band make-up Aino Hyttinen Colorist Timo Luomanen/Post Control Crew Taneli Ratas, Brother Ratas, Jyri Helko, Valtteri Ihalainen Master of The Universe Liina Rislakki THANKS: Elmu/Nosturi, Jukkis Lappalainen, Tapio Hopponen, Maria Kuusinen, Tomi Riionheimo, Sanna Mäkynen, Teemu Järvinen, Pete Voutilainen, Teemu Salminen, Anal Thunder, focusnordic.fi, mberg.fi, Special Thanks to Everyone in the audience who showed up. You´re Priceless!


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Folk Metal Legends Waylander Set To Release 5th Album ‘ÉRIÚ’S WHEEL’ In 2019



Formed in 1993 and after a long break, Waylander are set to release their fifth album ‘ÉRIÚ’S WHEEL’ in March 2019. 

They released this statement.

We are delighted to announce that our 5th studio album, “ÉRIÚ’S WHEEL” will be released in late March 2019 via Listenable records on CD, Vinyl and Digital release!

“‘Eriú’s Wheel’ is the band’s first concept album which will bring the listener on a journey through the pagan wheel of the year, from dark to light. Beginning at Samhain and finishing at the Autumn Equinox, the songs will encapsulate the atmosphere of the changing seasons as well as the celebrationary, yet solemn vibe of the four fire festivals, solstices and equinoxes.”

More details to come shortly. Please like and share the band page and this post to spread the good news.

-Clan Waylander-

Cover art by Matt Vickerstaff

As a sneak peak, here’s a live recording of one of their new songs ‘As The Sun Stands Still’ recorded in The Button Factory. 





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