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The Crawling Release New Video/Single ‘Wolves and the Hideous White’


The Crawling was born following a few failed attempts at getting a couple of ageing metal heads into the same room to play some death metal. Finally, towards the close of 2014, the band settled on a solid line up.

The music created is a result of a trio of music fans that have enjoyed, and participated, in the local music scene for decades. Creator Stuart hailed from 90’s death metal legends Severance, Andy fronted Honey For Christ for 14 years, and Gary Beattie is still blasting for Zombified.

The collaboration has resulted in a heavy, slow-death ensemble, forged against a back drop of misery and contempt for the world that surrounds us.

“There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy.”

They have just released their first promo video and self titled lead single for their forthcoming album ‘Wolves And The Hideous White’. In typical The Crawling style it’s yet another amazing D.I.Y. video. These lads really are the masters when it comes to self made videos on this small island of ours. Andy’s work ethic and creativity is bordering on the insane at times, but the band always benefit from it so keep er lit man! 

If this track is anything to go by, this album will probably get many album of the year awards. Their previous album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ was highly regarded and for good reason but this is sounding far more ‘mature’ for want of a better description. The band have most certainly evolved since their last release from this tracks suggestion and I for one am very much looking forward to the finished product. We already know it’s going to be good. How good is the question for now? 

Easily one of the best bands in this country and I firmly expect them to move to the next level after this release. They’re already climbing the ladder at an insane rate and show no signs of slowing down… 

Check out the track here and their short statement. Most importantly, Stay Miserable! 

“Check out our new video “Wolves and the Hideous White” on our youtube channel now: http://www.tinyurl.com/WATHWvideo 💥

Pre-order the album:

💿 www.thecrawlingband.bandcamp.com
📱 iTunes: www.tinyurl.com/WATHWitunes
🎧 Amazon: www.tinyurl.com/WATHWamazon”




Guitar / Vocals: Andy Clarke
Bass / Backing Vocals: Stuart Rainey
Drums: Gary Beattie

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecrawlingband

twitter: https://twitter.com/TheCrawlingBand

ULR: http://www.thecrawlingband.co.uk

IG: http://instagram.com/thecrawlingband


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Archaós Release New Single ‘The Chosen One’

Archaós Release New Single ‘The Chosen One’



Archaós are a four piece alt-metal band formed by four lads from Cork after meeting each other during their time at CSN’s Music, Management and Sound course. With influences from a wide variety of Rock and Metal music they began to mold their own original sound. With a passion for songwriting and hard-hitting music with energetic riffs they began to write original material in preparation for their first gigs around Cork. ` Cork’s Cyprus Avenue provided them with their first gigging experiences in December 2016 and February of 2017. They have since played in venues such as Fred Zeppelins, An Spailpin Fanach, The Firkin Crane Theater and The Cork Arts Theater in Cork and extended their reach to Fibber Magees in Dublin. They released 2 singles and their debut EP in December 2017. They recently have released their latest single and are currently working on their follow up EP which they plan to release later in early 2019.

This is just the beginning for Archaós!

They have now released their lead single ‘The Chosen One’ from their forthcoming EP. They released this statement. 


Our new single is out now! “The Chosen One” is the first single to be released from our forthcoming EP “Liberation” which is set to be out in early 2019!

We’ve been working on the next EP for the better part of this year and we’re very excited to be finally giving you a taste of what’s to come!

Check out “The Chosen One” here or on our bandcamp where you can download it for free! https://archaosireland.bandcamp.com/track/the-chosen-one

Artwork and logos by the wonderful Sarah Mackey Media We’d like to give a big shout out to her as she has always been so accommodating for us and always delivers quality artwork for the band. Thanks a million Sarah!

If you dig this and would like to hear it live, we’ll be playing at Pethrophile promotions Presents: The Magnapinna + Support this Sunday on the 14th of October! Get down to it!

Enjoy the breakdowns!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archaosireland/



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Donum Dei Call It A Day

Donum Dei Call It A Day



In what is an utterly shit piece of news, Donum Dei have decided to call it a day. Without any shadow of doubt the lads were one of the best live acts on our small island. They absolutely killed it in a live environment. 

Hopefully the lads remain in music as they all have much to give and all incredibly talented musicians and professionals. 

They released this statement. 


This is never the easiest thing to write. Something that meant so much to all of us, something that we literally put everything we had within ourselves in to.

Its time to say goodbye. Like everything, people change, priorities change and your mentality changes. We are saying goodbye. We can say goodbye with our heads held high because what a run we had, the support we got from day one was second to none and the band would have never got anywhere if it wasn’t for you. We’ve all become the highest of best friends because of this band and something we will forever hold in our hearts!

PLEASE, join us one last time! That’s all we ask, everyone to come out one last time to give us a night we will never forget!

Thank you isn’t near enough the gratitude we have for the promoters and bands that have helped us!

Thank you all so much for this!






BigCartel; https://donumdeiofficial.bigcartel.com/



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Peruvian Death Metal Band Rotten Evisceration Release New Self-Titled Single



You can enjoy the new song “Rotten Evisceration” on https://gutsandblood.bandcamp.com/track/rotten-evisceration-2nd-single as well on youtube » https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=IIwKSXTwBtQ&app=desktop

The lyric video for the first single, “Ascending From The Putrid Grave”, is available here 

Both songs are taken from the upcoming album “Ancient Grave Ascension”, which will hit the stores, November 1st, via Clabasster Records in Germany and Blood Spattered Axe Records/Guts´n´Blood Recordsrest of the world! 

Get it here: https://gutsandblood.bandcamp.com

It will be released on a three-panel digipak format, with exclusive artwork done by Indonesian artist Raymond Art (Stigmatuary, Decomposed, Bloodshed, Neoplassis, Swarm Of Serpents, Slaves Of Suffering…)

Featuring a raw death metal sound resulting from the mix of technique, brutality and harsh guitar solos, their concept album and lyrics are focused on telling horror stories and necrophiliac fantasies with the undead. It is similar to a horror movie that instead of using images we do it through our powerful and insane guitar riffs attached to crushing drums.


Track list:
01. Ascending From The Putrid Grave
02. Rotten Evisceration
03. Baptized In Semen
04. The Queen Of Anal Penetration
05. Raped And Headless
06. Master Of Vaginal Mutilation
07. Holy Butchery
08. Exhuming Corpses Of Children.

“Ancient Grave Ascension” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Solar Empire Studio by Aquiles “Solar Empire”, Pueblo Libre – Lima, 2018.






GUTS´N´BLOOD Official Fb Page:



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23/19 Drop Huge New Single/Video ‘Thousand Eyes (Restrict)’



There is something in the water in Adelaide that creates excellent heavy music. Among the absolute dearth of heavy music that comes from Adelaide comes 23/19. 

Today, 23/19 return to the fray with what is easily their heaviest and best song to date, ‘Thousand Eyes (Restrict)’. Produced by Scottie Simpson (Alpha Wolf, BLKLST) and mixed by Lance Prenc (Gravemind, Honest Crooks, Alpha Wolf), it also comes with a harsh and kinetic videoclip filmed, edited and directed by Colin Jeffs (Hammers, Boris The Blade, BLKLST). Vocalist for 23/19, Nathan Stuckey, said that “Thousand Eyes (Restrict) is about online bullying and how its effects can affect people’s actions in their everyday life.”

‘Thousand Eyes (Restrict)’ will be released on iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music & all good online outlets this Friday October 12. It’s the first track of a twin set of singles that comprise their release ‘Two More Reasons to Hate Us’ – which will be available Friday November 16 – just in time for their ‘Two More Reasons to Hate’ tour alongside fellow Adelaide-ians, Mauvais, which sees them kicking off in their hometown at Enigma Bar, then heading to Ballarat at Karova Lounge, Melbourne at Bendigo Hotel, Sydney All Ages at Chatswood Youth, Central Coast AA at ECP Studios and then finishing up at Brisbane’s home of heavy, Crowbar. 

This is a band who have seriously cut their teeth smashing out shows alongside some of the best hardcore in Australia and the world, including internationals Stray from The Path & Counterpartsand The Acacia Strain & Kublai Khan and The Plot in You, as well as Australian acts such as Polaris, Make Them Suffer, Pridelands, Windwaker, Iconoclast, Gravemind, I, Valiance, Dregg, Alpha Wolf, A Night in Texas and more. 

(Oh, and for those not in the know, the name 23/19 comes from the movie Monsters Inc., where an emergency code is called for a White Sock Alert – the letters W & S being the 23rd and 19th letters in the alphabet, respectively!)



23/19’s ‘Thousand Eyes (Restrict)’ sees its release this Friday October 12 on all good online outlets and tickets for their November “Two More Reasons To Hate” tour will be on sale Friday October 12 as well, with information at facebook.com/2319music

Artist: 23/19

Single Title: Thousand Eyes (Restrict)

Release Date: Friday October 12

Genre: Hardcore

Hometown: Adelaide, SA, Australia


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Rouen Release Final Track With Original Vocalist ‘Andy’ – You Won’t Get Far (With A Wooden Sword) [feat. Orlaith Maguire]



Dublin based Rouen have released what may possibly be their last track? The band were on the rise in a big way this year. A Metal To The Masses final and everything seemed to be pointing towards a great future. They appeared from literally nowhere with their debut single ‘Breed’ in January and then it all just stopped like it suddenly started. 

They released these statements. 







Shout-out to Andy for leaving the band, godspeed in Canada. Thanks to Orlaith also for her amazing contribution x This is our last upload before we re-assess how we’ll continue on, thank you to everyone who came to a show, bought a shirt or showed support by listening, we appreciate it. We’ll be back. x Recorded at Trackmix Recording Studio, Blanchardstown. Mixed and Mastered by Rouen/glasseyed.

I’ll be keeping an eye on what happens. Andy was a great fromtman so big shoes to fill… 

Time shall tell what happens next! 


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