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Bloodbath Release Lyric Video ‘Bloodicide’ From Their Forthcoming LP ‘The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn’



Bloodicide’ is the first track to be taken from Bloodbath’s new album The Arrow of Satan is Drawn, to be released 26th October.

Feat. guests Jeff Walker (Carcass), Karl Willetts (Bolt Thrower) & John Walker (Cancer) Video animated by Philippe Blain.

The track was penned by vocalist Old Nick (Nick Holmes), who explains his choice of guests “The lads play a part in representing the backbone of the old school British Death Metal scene, which has also been a big influence on Bloodbath since the beginning.”

Excited to be a part of the band’s new opus, Carcass’ Jeff Walker commented “I owed Nick a tenner, so he told me instead of sending the bailiffs round he would kindly let me pay off my debt by contributing vocals to his new album. Imagine my great disappoint when I found out it wasn’t for THAT band but, was in fact for BLOODBATH. I have great faith in him that my vocals will be lower than his in the mix”

Karl Willetts of Bolt Thrower adds “I have known Nick Holmes for over 30 years – so when he asked me to do some vocals for the new Bloodbath album how could I refuse? The opportunity to do things like this in life don’t often come twice so I am really pleased to contribute in a small way to this legendary opus!”

John Walker (Cancer) – “Bloodbath is an amazing band and I’ve had the chance to do some vocals for their new, killer album along with Jeff Walker and Karl Willetts. It’s been a bloody honour and a lot of fun!!”



Pre-save / pre-order now…





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Snowblind Release New Song ‘Judgement’

Snowblind Release New Song ‘Judgement’



Snowblind were formed in late 2011 by drummer Jake McCarthy and guitarist Sean Boland. Ian Mckeon joining on Bass and Vocals in February 2012. 

Dublin based and now formerly thrash metal band Snowblind have evolved! Seriously evolved if I’m honest. They were moving in a more prog based direction with their last release ‘Split Of Oak’, but this was unexpected. This is closer to Rush sound wise than their earlier thrash works. 

The track comes in at 9:14 in length and like any great prog song it doesn’t feel that long and kept me hooked throughout. I don’t actually know what to say about this track. It has really caught me off guard. It’s a brilliant track though. Their best work to date without absolute question and the rebirth of Snowblind has me more than a little interested. I want more! Where is it? When will it come out? How long do I have to wait? 

In all seriousness, it’s great to see the lads back releasing material as they were always among our most underrated bands. This track should go a way in changing that though and if this is anything to go by? Snowblind will be ascending to the next level in a fair and just world. 

One of the better tracks I’ve heard all year. No doubt about it! Snowblind are back! Well, so to speak… 

They released this statement today! 

**New Song – JUDGEMENT**

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and original artwork by Symmetry Industry Studios.

We had a great experience recording this song at SIS, and we intend to get back in the studio to record an E.P very soon.

Now…..give us 9 minutes and 14 seconds of your miserable existence.



Recorded mixed and mastered at Symmetry Industry Studios. For more info visit…

Symmetry Industry Studios:


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Hedfuzy Set To Release New Single ‘Shadows For The Disappeared’ Lyric Video Now Streaming



Irish progressive hard rock band Hedfuzy have released a brand new lyric video for their track ‘Shadows For The Disappeared’ their first release as a full band. Which is set to be released on all platforms on September 17th. The single is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Waves’.  

Hedfuzy begun in 2013 as a one man project. Mr Pat Byrne handled all the instruments outside drums which until now session players accompanied him with. All the guitar, bass and vocals were handled by the man himself. 

In 2015 he dropped his self titled debut album ‘Hedfuzy’ to critical acclaim. I have listened to the album many times over the years, and considering one man composed it all, a truly fantastic piece of art. Another single ‘The Lost Star’ was released in October 2017 with Keith McCoy as the bands drummer. 

Things went quiet in the camp since then. They played a couple of gigs in Limerick as a full band with Pat handling Vocal/Bass duties and accompanied by Graham Keane on Guitar and Keith Mc Coy on Drums. Since those rare live shows it was looking like maybe the project was slowing down as many of this nature can.

Then the announcements started.  Keith McCoy was confirmed as the bands full time drummer. Followed by the news the rather excellent Jamie Callaghan was the bands new vocalist. PJ O’Connell was then the final addition on Guitar. 

Their first release is now upon us and is it any good? Yes, it most certainly is! It’s a great song! I don’t like saying it’s better than previous releases as this is now a very different animal and unfair to compare. A great evolution of Hedfuzy would be my way of describing this track. I’m very much looking forward to their forthcoming album ‘Waves’ on the strength of this release. Pat like any great musician guarantees great quality control so it’s looking good. Very good for the album! 

They released this statement with the lyric video. 

Here is the Lyric Video for our new single Shadows for the Disappeared. Out on all Digital Platforms Monday the 17th of September.Thanks to Graham Keane for playing Guitar on this.Video by YOD Multimedia. 



We spoke to the projects founder Mr Pat Byrne as the release draws near of both their single and forthcoming album ‘Waves’. 

BM: Hedfuzy started off as a one man project. Can you tell us how the project started?

PB: I had started to write a bunch of songs around the end of 2013 that seemed to be leaning towards the proggier side of Rock/Metal and I was really enjoying it, so I decided to try to get enough songs together for an album. I spent most of 2014 working on the tracks and trying to get people involved but for various different reasons that idea didn’t work out so I went ahead with it myself with sessions musicians for whatever parts I needed done. It ended up taking a bit longer then I expected but I got got everything together the way I wanted it and the album came out in 2015.


BM: Did you compose the new release entirely like you have with previous releases?

PB: Yes. I had about 20 songs to choose from when I really started to get the album together. I usually put all the demos together myself and spend a bit of time seeing what songs work together and what I think works as a Hedfuzy track.


BM: Hedfuzy have played live in the past. What brought about the decision to replace yourself on vocals?

PB: I was writing songs for a kind of Classic Rock project that I had also wanted to get off the ground, and I had put a post up on Facebook asking about singers in that style. Someone sent on a video of Jamie singing and I was blown away by it. I checked out some of his other videos and thought he was superb. I sent him a message and we started talking about maybe doing something together. So as I was working on the new album I found that I was going back and checking out his videos and thinking he would sound so much better than me singing these Hedfuzy songs. I was right.


BM: Obvious next question, have you plans to take the new Hedfuzy line up to a live setting?

PB: Yes. We have started rehearsing with the new line up with Jamie, myself Keith McCoy on Drums and PJ O Connell on Guitar and it sounds great. I’ve been talking to quite a few bands already about getting some gigs together for maybe the end of this year or start of 2019.


BM: What are your hopes for this release?

PB: Well the album is being mixed by Chris Collier at the moment so I think maybe a December release date. We’re looking to get out and play the songs live as much as we can and like every other band try and get as many people as possible to hear it.


BM: Will this be a full on release with Vinyl, CD’s available?

PB: Cd’s and Digital release first and I would really like to do Vinyl but not sure of that yet.


BM: Great to hear. I’ll most certainly be getting to one of the future planned live shows for absolute sure! I’m also very much looking forward to the album. 

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today and we hope this really takes off for you!  






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Gama Bomb Release New Official Video ‘Bring Out The Monster’



Irish thrash metal legends Gama Bomb have just released a quite frankly amazing video ‘Bring Out The Monster’. This is really shaping up to be there best material in years. I liked their previous releases, but this is Citizen Brain level once more! 

They released this brief statement today. 

Here it is – the official video for Bring Out The Monster starring Snowy The Gamabombinable Snowman! What do you think, Maniax?



Taken from the album „Speed Between The Lines“, out October 12th, 2018.

Order now:


Apple Music:…


Their first single 666teen for those that may have missed it! 




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Cryptopsy Release New Single/Video Sire Of Sin From Their Forthcoming EP ‘The Book Of Suffering, Tome II’



Technical Death metal legends Cryptopsy have released a brand new single/video ‘Sire Of Sin’ from their forthcoming EP ‘The Book of Suffering – Tome II’. 

They released this brief statements today. 

Check out our new single ‘Sire of Sin’ from our upcoming EP ‘The book of Suffering, Tome 2’.


🎥Chris Kells from FTB Visuals
🎚Christian Donaldson at The Grid




The Book of Suffering – Tome II is now available for Pre-Order. Get your copy today!!!

We have some sick merchandise bundles that you should all check out.
Remy C from Headsplit Designs designed the artwork for The Book of Suffering – Tome II. Artwork by: Remy Cooper – Headsplit Design –

The official release date is October 26th!

Enjoy the brutality!…/the-book-of-suffer…

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Black Shuck Release First Two Recorded Tracks

Black Shuck Release First Two Recorded Tracks



Galway based Black Shuck recently released their first two recorded tracks ‘ The Hound’ and ‘Counterfeit Throne’. 

The band are the reincarnation of long time Galway band Negativ Result. Their formation was brought about by not been able to secure the role of a second guitarist. Rather than continue with the old name, they decided a fresh start and change of direction was the right option for them. They still have tracks such as ‘Red’ in their live set, but this is a very different animal than Negativ Result. 

Check out both tracks here. They are moving away from their groove metal sound of old and creating their own sound in the process. 

The signs are good from these tracks! 

The Hound


Counterfeit Throne



Black shuck:

Recorded by Gavin Doyle at Symmetry Industry studios:


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