Cattle Decapitation Release New Album Death Atlas

Cattle Decapitation have now released their new album Death Atlas.
I got into this band in 2013 when I saw them supporting Cryptopsy. They really split opinion in those days so I just never bothered with them for whatever reason. After witnessing them live, all changed! I had never seen a vocal display like it before or since! They were just outrageously good! I bought their album Monolith of Inhumanity and a t shirt on the night and was converted!

I’ve been a fan of everything since, but this is a new level. This is basically one of the best albums I’ve ever heard! They have taken everything that made them great and added more. It’s dark, menacing and the mood of this record is incredible. It’s everything that’s ugly and turned into music. It can be haunting and vicously brutal and effortlessly changes at will sucking you right in!
The lyrics are amazing and the delivery of them ranges from death vocals to all out haunting and at times almost clean in delivery.

I could keep writing here about how insanely good this album is, but I’d rather listen to it again and you’d be far better served doing the exact same thing.

Album of the year for me personally without question. It’s both beautiful and utter brutal in equal measure and as close to perfection as it gets.


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