Cursed Sun Celebrate Their Tenth Anniversary ‘A Cursed Decade’ This Saturday November 25th In The Limelight, Belfast



Belfast based ‘Cursed Sun’ celebrate their tenth anniversary as a band this weekend. They released this statement. 

“Like all bands starting up, back in 2007 Cursed Sun, set out to conquer the world…admittedly that is still a major fucking work in progress but even so….a decade of keeping the N Ireland metal flame burning? Most bands barely last one year never mind ten in this little corner of the metal universe. Thousands of hours of dedication both collectively and individually that we could have spent slumped on the sofa slumped watching TV, we were worshipping at the altar of heavy fucking metal, come rain or shine (usually rain ). Investing our time and hard earned money with no expectation or care of return, pouring our souls into Cursed Sun has been something special and we’re immensely proud of this band and our music.

Of course the cynics will say it was all a waste of time but not one of us would have it any other way. We do it because we have to do it, we couldn’t live our lives any other way without playing this metal music we love so much. To keep improving as musician’s, to keep chasing the dream has been a puzzle we just can’t resist from trying to solve. Anyway, did Lemmy not once say the chase is better than the catch? And it has been an utterly compelling journey regardless for all of us. These past 10 years, we’ve had many truly great experiences we’ll never forget, a million laughs (and not far off a million drinks 😈), met many fantastic people and made friendships to last a lifetime – what more could anyone ask for? And we hope to have many more in the future.

So my muthafuckin metal brothers and sisters, worshippers if you’re free this Saturday evening come join us in Belfast and celebrate a local Northern Irish band’s steadfast bloody mindedness not to give up. And raise the fucking devil horns and your drinks not just to Cursed Sun but to all the metal warriors that keep this fantastic local scene of ours alive.” 





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