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Belfast based Cursed Sun recently sent us on their forthcoming EP “The Amygdala” to review. I’ve been a fan of this band since early 2013 after I heard their album Premonitions (2012). So I was very happy to both do this and get to hear the new material before most people. 

Thankfully the band released a play through video of “Cataclysmic Decline”, which is the second track on this EP. 

Why? It’s almost impossible to describe this bands sound! They don’t fit into any genre as such. Obviously they are a heavy band, but it’s a mixture of Thrash, Death, Metalcore, Groove with melodies in there along with a somewhat classic rock feel. They really have their own thing going on! Maybe Entombed might be slightly close to another band I could compare for certain reasons. Still very different though… 

This is probably their most mature release to date! There’s so many layers in each track. Solos, leads, melodies, and more in there. They really have stepped up their game on this and that’s quite the compliment coming from someone that really liked their previous works. 

I’m not the type of reviewer that breaks down tracks and explains them. So I’ll post their track “Cataclysmic Decline” below and let that do the talking. I will say though the EP’s title track really caught me off guard. In the best possible way though! I absolutely love that track! 

This is undoubtedly a Cursed Sun release, but more! It’s already a contender for my favourite EP of 2017! Every time I listen to it I appreciate it more. 



Check out “Cataclysmic Decline” here! 


Cursed Sun are: 

Jones – Vocals
Jonny – Lead Guitar
Ciaran – Rhythm Guitar
Chris – Drums
Monty – Bass


The band have scheduled two launch nights for this EP at present.

Dublin they play Carnage Metal Club in Fibbers Basement on January 20th. Scimitar in direct support with two more bands TBC.

Belfast they play The Limelight 2 on January 21st with support from Scimitar, Drakonis and Neamhni. 


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