Dirty Casuals Release Debut EP ‘Light And Dark Matter’



Dirty Casuals are a groove metal three piece band that formed in late 2015 when guitarist Jim met drummer Sam through Donedeal. Within a matter of weeks bassist Rory had been recruited and Dirty Casuals began there quest to bring metal to each and every corner of Ireland. 

The lads were based in Clonmel, Tipperary for most of their formative years and at one point they had recruited a vocalist. It didn’t work out for whatever reason so they decided to continue as an instrumental project once more.

They then relocated to Cork and things outside the band started happening. Jim is one of the men behind Seshtival which started in Clonmel and also relocated to Cork. Which made sense due to a higher population. No offence to Tipperary, but it has a fairly firm glass ceiling in terms of attendance like an rural town outside the cities. 

They’ve spent their time honing their craft as a live act and gave themselves plenty of time to get the finished product recorded. Which was the best idea in hindsight. No point rushing it, get the sound down and release your debut when fully ready. 

The EP is now upon us and it’s a very good first release from the lads. They describe themselves as Groove metal. To my ears they’re a fusion of Sludge, Groove and Math rock with a progressive vibe. 

There’s six tracks in all. They all vary in sound and keep it interesting. It’s an instrumental release so a challenge to some in regards to attention.

‘Choice’ opens it up nicely and I love the Primus style Bass lines and very good guitar solo around the two minute mark. It gets nice and heavy from there on and we’re off to a good start! 

‘Upon Us’ is slower in tempo at the start and it then starts to pick up. It moves through the gears effortlessly and slows down suitably at the end. 

‘Jim Biy Destroy Planet Earth’ is a shorter and more direct affair. It really kicks it up in the second half and finishes strong. 

‘Lighter Face’ and ‘$andwich’ follow in the same style as the first three tracks in many regards. Shifting through the gears and solid instrumental tracks. 

Light And Dark Matter concludes the EP and man it’s a very different beast then everything before. With a running time of 6:37 it’s also the EP’s longest track. It’s also the best in my opinion. It’s an excellent prog track. It starts off very light but really kicks up the heaviness at around the half way point. I would have liked if it has dropped down to the lighter again at the end and faded out, but that’s a minor gripe. I just felt it would have finished it off perfectly. 

Al in all, this is a solid debut release and shows that these lads have real potential. All the songs were good and at no point was I skipping to the next track. Which is always a good sign. 

A huge improvement from their earlier demos and a band firmly on the rise. 

One to watch! 




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DirtyCasuals/


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