Disquietude: Progressive Blackened Death Metal From Italy


Disquietude are from Civitavecchia, Italy and play their own blend of Death/Black/Progressive metal. 

They are currently working on their debut album ‘EXTERMINATION’ which is due in 2018. 

They subbed to our YouTube channel and I of course investigated and I’m glad I did! While this is a rough recording in many regards, the talent is clearly there to see and this band are very good at what they do! 

Taking into consideration this is band are very much in their beginnings, the potential is very much here to see and I’ll be following them as they develop. 

Check out their track ‘The Edge Of Time’ here and make up your own mind! 

One to watch! 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/disquietudedeathmetal/


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