Disrated: Brutal Tech Death Metal from Sweden



Disrated were founded in 2016 by guitarist johan Widegren & drummer Fredrik Romlin.  Kamal Söder then joined on bass, followed by Ken Romlin on vocals.

The band have released two EP’s as of now. A two track EP ‘Almighty Father’ released in May this year followed by their recently released four track EP ‘And Hell Follows With Me’. 

We have the full EP here to stream so you can check them out yourselves and form your own opinion. I was impressed by this band and very surprised they aren’t better known. They’re virtually unknown for some reason and I don’t know why! 

The EP contains four tracks as I previously mentioned. It kicks off with ‘Dead and Loving It’ which has a haunting start and really kicks up a gear. A great opener. 

The EP’s title track ‘And Hell Follows With Me’ is next and my personal favourite track on this EP. ‘Iris’ is the EP’s penultimate track and another solid track that follows the albums formula. 

The EP’s final track ‘The Passage’ caught me out a bit. It’s a pure instrumental track that reminds me of what ‘At The Gates’ used to do on earlier releases. It’s a great track, but an odd choice to conclude this EP. I enjoyed it personally, but a track like this in any classic Swedish release was always around the mid point. 

Saying that, I found enjoyment in this EP and will return to it again as there’s so many layers to their music I’ll discover something else next time. 

One to watch for sure and a band that should be a hell of a lot better known than they currently are! 







Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/disrated/

Download The EP on Bandcamp: https://disrated.bandcamp.com/album/and-hell-followed-with-me-ep


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