Donum Dei Call It A Day



In what is an utterly shit piece of news, Donum Dei have decided to call it a day. Without any shadow of doubt the lads were one of the best live acts on our small island. They absolutely killed it in a live environment. 

Hopefully the lads remain in music as they all have much to give and all incredibly talented musicians and professionals. 

They released this statement. 


This is never the easiest thing to write. Something that meant so much to all of us, something that we literally put everything we had within ourselves in to.

Its time to say goodbye. Like everything, people change, priorities change and your mentality changes. We are saying goodbye. We can say goodbye with our heads held high because what a run we had, the support we got from day one was second to none and the band would have never got anywhere if it wasn’t for you. We’ve all become the highest of best friends because of this band and something we will forever hold in our hearts!

PLEASE, join us one last time! That’s all we ask, everyone to come out one last time to give us a night we will never forget!

Thank you isn’t near enough the gratitude we have for the promoters and bands that have helped us!

Thank you all so much for this!








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