Drakonis Launch Their New EP ‘The Great Miasma’ On Saturday December 2nd In The Limelight, Belfast



Drakonis of Northern Ireland, focus heavily on the “live spectacle”, blending a mixture of contemporary black and death metal, to create something without the limitations of one genre. Not wanting to work to a strict template, the band dips in and out of many styles to create music which is both atmospherically uplifting, yet devastatingly brutal.
Initially formed under the working title, “Order of Shadow” (at the time including Gareth Murdock of Alestorm), Drakonis has been an ongoing project for many years, featuring Saul McMichael and Lee McCartney of pagan metal veterans, Waylander. The band remained a studio project until 2015, when a line up was assembled to take things to the live arena.

Over the past 2 years the band has brought not just extreme metal to the live circuit, but a highly visual experience. Armed with corpse paint, blood, skulls, spikes, chainmail and live samples, the band’s entire energy revolves around the live stage show, and will only grow in scale as the band evolves. 
The band quickly caught the attention of the local scene, with their “Ravens Fuel The Sky” E.P, which they used as a platform to release their follow up, “As They Rot”. This release was extremely well received by both fans and critics alike, placing it in several “Best of 2016” lists, including winning Uber Rocks’ “International E.P. of the Year 2016”, tying with Voivod.

With so many reviews asking for an album, the band decided to hold off on that idea and release one more E.P, this time on a much larger scale. Therefore “The Great Miasma” came into being, a story driven concept spanning 3 songs. Each song takes us through a different chapter, following the ritualistic sacrifice, possession and wrath of a young girl to appease an ancient god.
Each song will be accompanied by a story driven, highly visual music video, released out of  sequence, bringing the bands live theatrics to the medium of film. Only when all 3 videos have been released and played in order, will the story become clear.

With this new release on the horizon, Drakonis are set to take things to the next level and aim to catch the attention of more international listeners.



We were sent on their EP for review and it’s a definite move forward for this band! It still has that Drakonis sound they created in their previously released ‘As They Rot’, but an evolvution. 

The EP’s opening track ‘The Great Miasma’ caught me a bit off at first as it’s a lot slower in tempo than previous works, but has a real haunting vibe throughout. The guitar work on this track is excellent and it moves up and down the gears effortlessly. They speed up the tempo at the right moments and suitably slows down again. The keyboard work on this track also really adds to the overall atmosphere of the song and the almost narration vocally throughout the song really completes it. The addition of church bells as they sound concludes in truly dark/atmospheric fashion.  A strange one at first for fans of the band, but easily one of their best works to date. A brilliant opener! 

The EP’s second and penultimate track ‘Let Us Pray’ follows. A track that was previously released so we shall link it here for you to check out. This track has a lot more in common with their earlier material and a real tour de force Black metal track. Like the opener, the musicianship has improved yet again as the band have evolved. The addition of a ‘Vincent Price’ narration from Witchfinder General is great and overall this is an excellent track. 

‘Queen Of Swarms’ closes this excellent EP. Yet again, another track that proves the bands evolution and different from both previous tracks in regards to dynamics and structure. It has a great Black metal riff throughout the song and relentless throughout. It even has a catchy fists in the air moment with, “Hail Hail, To The Queen Of Swarms” in there for good measure. Which I can imagine will work really well in a live environment.  The song then transforms into a hail of excellent lead guitar work full of solos and suitably fades out. Which left me wanting more! 

I loved their previous EP ‘As They Rot’ giving it a 9.5/10 rating, considering it one of the best releases of 2016. I didn’t know if they could better it with this release, but they’ve absolutely smashed it! 

I considered this band to be one of the best Black metal bands on our little island, but after this I would say they are arguably the best. 

A truly brilliant release in every regard and one I shall return to many times.

EP of the year hands down!! 




Drakonis are: 

Stephen Reynolds – Lead Vocals
Saul McMichael – Guitars/ Backing Vocals
Tommy Hewitt – Guitars
Lee McCartney – Drums
Stephenie Dickey – Bass

EP Credits

All music written by Drakonis
Recorded/Produced/Mixed by Saul McMichael
Mastered by Saul McMichael and Bryan Shortell
Cover photo by Kerri Clarke
Cover design by Saul McMichael


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrakonisOfficial/



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