Dream Awake 

I was introduced to Belfast based Post Hardcore band Dream Awake a few days ago. Since then I’ve crash coursed their time as a band since 2014. 
Well, what do I think? I’m pretty damn impressed! This band are constantly improving and honing their craft at a rapid rate. Their latest offering “Summit” has the usual chugging riffs you would expect of a band of their genre, but they also have a great sense of melody in their lead guitar and the vocals to back in up! The band really make use of the fact they have two vocalists and use each to their absolute strengths. 
I reckon this band have an extremely bright future ahead of them. They have massive potential and their constant improvement in output only adds more fuel to that notion. 
The UK would love this band and I hope they’re sending “Summit” to the Fresh Blood radio show on Kerrang and really attacking the UK based groups online! This island of ours is limited, but with the sound this band have they really should start sending it anywhere they can across the pond. 

Check out “Summit” here and see why I reckon these lads are really on the right track and bigger things are coming! 


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