Dutch Hardcore Band 18 MILES Release Brand New Music Video ‘Millennial Waste’



After three releases, debut album ‘Darker Times’ (2013) and conceptual two-piece ‘Revive’ (2015) and ‘The Grey’ (2017), the quintet presents ‘Millennial Waste’. A song that speaks up about the struggles the millennial generation, the generation that grew up with the rise of the internet, has to deal with.

Singer Daan says ‘social division seems a bigger problem than ever. Depression and burnouts are the new trend. Never finish an education or a job, because the lack of persistence that is not taught anymore. ‘Take for example social media’, he continues. ‘People need likes on social media to get confidence, while trying to achieve the same perfect, successful, but totally unrealistic images they are constantly bombarded with online and in the media. This results in a twisted sense of self in a reality that is not real.’


‘People really having trouble with finding a goal and meaning in this life’, Daan concludes. ‘Everybody wants to make a difference in this world, while nobody dares to stand out.’

The New Breed Of Dutch Hardcore

When hardcore band 18 MILES started in the muddy and windy Netherlands back in 2010, all members were living 18 miles apart from each other. A lot has changed since, except their own furious, hard-hitting twist of modern hardcore with a positive attitude. A sound that is comparable to both old school bands such as Death Before Dishonor and No Turning back, and more recent ones such as The Ghost Inside and Stick To Your Guns.
18 MILES played shows all over Europe, different festivals such as Jera On Air, The Sound Of Revolution and Zwarte Cross, and played a sold out ‘The Grey’ release show in renowned music venue Melkweg Amsterdam. The crew is known for their pumping, unstoppable energy and sincere performance. Expect a band at its strongest, and triple that…

After listening to this track I’m very impressed by this band. The song title made me laugh at first… It’s a very unfunny truth though in these lyrics. ‘We are the children of a social regression, we are millenial waste!’ These lads don’t buy into the illusion though and clearly saying life owes you nothing. Go and earn it…  

A band I’ll keeping an eye on and hopefully they porgress and gain more followers as a result of this song. 

One to watch! 



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/18MILES


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