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Cavan based Eternal Helcaraxe are set to return with their long awaited second full length album “In Times Of Desperation” on December 29th.  Comprising of eight blistering tracks of black metal that have been described as the bands strongest and most aggressive work to date. Combining the harsh sounds of earlier works with the emotive and mighty atmosphere of more recent years.

 We received the press release for this album and I’ve been trying to write a review for two days now! Why? I keep putting the album on and listening through as a body of work completely lost in it all and forget I’m supposed to be reviewing it. 

This is nothing short of a masterpiece! Definitely the best Black metal album I’ve heard all year. You know an album is good when you put it on and have to listen to it all the way through again with zero notion of skipping a track. Then again…

There’s so many layers to this album. It has your traditional Black metal sound and then goes all out Progressive Black metal with haunting Female vocals and atmosphere as ‘Bannow’ provides. We’ve linked that track along with all the previously released tracks in this review so you can check them out for yourself. 

The title track ‘In Times Of Desperation’ is an 8:46 instrumental track with so many layers and dynamics. It’s honestly a good job I don’t ‘smoke’ anymore or I’d be unemployed as a result of this track. It’s a true musical epic!  Granted, it may not suit your traditional Black Metal fan but to my ears this is absolute nirvana! 

When the album concludes with ‘One Journey’ all I can do is sit there just blown away! Then I start it all over again, which I have done now five times in a row trying to write this review. 

2017 has been another amazing year for Irish metal and for this to be the last release of the year, what a send off! This truly is an absolute masterpiece and an album I just cannot stop listening to. 


Best black metal album released this year! No doubt about it! 












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