Exclusive Album Premiere: The Blessing Way – From Empty Plates We Dine



We are very proud to bring you this exclusive album premiere. It’s not just any premiere though! This is the work of one man. Mr Ollie Gill. 

An excellent album spanning ten tracks and a true work of art from beginning to end. I really can’t speak highly enough of this album and the fact it was created by one man is just outrageous! 

Ollie released this brief statement upon the albums long travelling journey to release. 

“The album is based around my love of the book Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. It is a concept album so to speak and based around a piece of literature that is very important to me. I hope this release has done it justice! 

It was recorded with Michael Richards in Trackmix studio, Dublin.” 

Ollie, I can saw with confidence you have more than achieved your goal. This is an incredible body of work and the fact it’s available for free download means all can enjoy it at any time offline. 

Don’t take my word for it though, stream/download it here in full and prepare to be blown away! 

A true Gothic Black metal masterpiece! 


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