Exclusive Album Stream: Ketos – First Strike

We are very proud to bring you an exclusive stream of Ketos’s new album ‘First Strike’ and the only place the album can be heard until its release on April 26th via Hostile Media.

This band have been constantly building their profile over the past couple of years and are really taking things up a level in 2019. This is an excellent album and we hope it gets the support it deserves.

Stream it in full here.

We also spoke to the band about this release and their future plans.

BM: What are your hopes for the album and the band going forward? 

Ketos: We’ve put everything we have into Ketos over the last couple of years. It’s still a relatively young band but this album is a huge milestone for us. Our hopes are to ultimately gain new fans and break into some new geographical regions and get out there to a wider audience. Anyone else out there in a band will know the grind is real, but you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t love it. Our next steps have to be getting some decent support slots and venturing outside Ireland, as well as starting on the next album ‘First Strike 2: The Re-Strikening’.

First single/video ‘Harmacist’

BM: You have already qualified for the Metal To The Masses final. Have you anything special in store for that or just go out and do your absolute best? 

Ketos: Yeah, we’re thrilled to have got to the final again. The competition is so close and the standard in Belfast is so high that you really have to be firing on all cylinders. It makes bands step up and the gigs have such an electric atmosphere. Our goal is to always make the next gig better than the last. We film each set and study the performance and pretty much have debrief sessions to identify improvements. We have some things lined up for the final, but we’re not about gimmicks or anything like that and ultimately, we always let the music do the talking and just leave it all on the stage.

BM: Bands that reach the final can usually gain an advantage with their online promo skills. Ten Ton Slug immediately come to mind. Have you anything outside the box in mind to gain online momentum going into the final? 

Ketos: Online presence, social media posts etc are now such a huge part of being in a band. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to have fun with our followers. You’ll see plenty of memes and crudely photoshopped images on our page. We take the music and the performances seriously, but it’s also important to us to have fun while doing it. With regards of what we’ve got coming up, one highlight is going to be the video for ‘Escape the Chains’. This is a very special retro gaming themed, animated video that we hope people are going to really enjoy. There’s more instrument playthroughs to come too, as well as an astonishing lyric video for ‘Temptations’ that was done by Very Metal Art. There has been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes to support this launch and hopefully we can do enough at the final to earn the slot at Bloodstock.

BM: You are now of course signed to Hostile Media. Do you think the bands current growth is down to lessons from the past aka previous bands? 

Ketos: That is one part of it for sure. Experience plays a part in it and having some established connections helps. We obviously still have a long way to go and signing with Hostile Media is a step in the right direction for us to help us make those next steps. Having that backing from a label and the connections that come with it are a big help and opens doors that would previously be closed to you. We wanted to give First Strike the best chance possible at standing out from the huge amount of metal music being released and hopefully with this launch we will see some more growth.

BM: Is there any band you would love to tour/play with?

Ketos: Yeah, we think a Ketos tour with support from Metallica would go down great! Haha. In seriousness, there are so many brilliant bands about these days and getting an opportunity to do a tour would be huge for us. This is something we’re actively working on.

The promoters in Ireland, both north and south deserve a lot of credit for getting the big bands over here. Landing a slot on one of those gigs is a great stepping stone and helps put Irish metal on the map. The competition is fierce here, but we are ready when the opportunity comes.

BM: The scene in Belfast seems very united to an outside view. Why do you think the scene in Belfast is so united over other cities? 

Ketos: It absolutely is a united scene. Nearly everyone knows each other and has mates in other bands. There’s a tightknit community spirit of supporting each other. Everyone is fighting the same fight and in a market as niche as metal in a small city like Belfast, it’s important to support your peers. It also helps that the standard of music and production is so high now that people are genuine fans of the bands.

BM: Is there anything you would like to add?  

Ketos: Thanks very much for the interview and we hope you enjoy the album. Make sure to pick up a copy at a show or on the Hostile Media site at: https://www.hostilemedia.net/product-page/ketos-first-strike-cd or on all the usual media outlets (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc).

You can catch us live on 04/05/2019 with Death of a Salesman and Dead Label for our album launch and again on 17/05/2019 for the Metal to the Masses grand final.

Buy ‘First Strike’: http://www.hostilemedia.net/

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