God Alone. Release New Single ‘Dagda’


GOD ALONE are a five piece Post/Black Metal band from Cork, Ireland. They combine the huge atmosphere of post metal and wretched black metal vocals with elements of drone​​, hardcore, math rock, electronic music and other genres. They released their debut EP “INTIVIM” on 19/8/17.

A year passed passed and their new single Dagba has been unleashed. It’s without doubt a definite evolution of their sound and moving in a new direction as such. When considering the bands average age is 18 there were always going to be changes as they grew as a both a band and musicians. 

This track only backs up why we gave them the best new band award last year on our end of year round ups that nobody gives a fuck about. They’re only going to get better too so if you haven’t gotten onboard with this band as of now, maybe it’s time to remedy that! 

They released this brief statement. 

D A G D A.




The lads are also set to appear at the next instalment of Mammothfest. 



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godalonecork/


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