Gravefields Release Album ‘Embrace The Void’

Two piece death metal project Gravefields have released their debut album under their new alias of Gravefields.

They previously released their album ‘Hellstorm’ was under a different name and was atribute to Swedish death metal.

They said: “We think this album is a huge step forward,” Gravefields agree. “Our first album, Hellstorm, was written as a tribute to Swedish death metal and had many tracks we are still proud of, but we put way more personal stuff in this one. It sounds way more massive and aggressive, has a lot of epic black metal influences as well as a few hardcore [influences] and stronger compositions. Both more brutal and catchy, with faster blast beats and guitar leads, with a really wider thematic about drugs, control, death and traumas. We gave everything there, so we hope you folks will enjoy this stuff!”

They released this statement upon release:
After monthes of waiting, Embrace the Void is finally out!
You can stream it on Redefining Darkness bandcamp and order the album who will come in a few days, available on Spotify and soon on YouTube too!


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