Grey Stag – The Guide EP Review


Dublin based progressive sludge band Grey Stag are about to unleash their debut EP ‘The Guide’ upon the masses. The lads formed in 2017 and over a very short period of time have built a solid name for themselves within the Irish scene for their impressive live shows and obvious talent. 

Like any progressive sludge band there’s a clear early Mastodon influence to their sound, but that’s not a bad thing in my mind. If you’re going to have an obvious influence, make it one of the best the genre has to offer! 

Spanning over four tracks the listener is treated to an excellent collection of progressive sludge that at no point drags or had me considering skipping forward. If anything I wanted to go back over the tracks again to continue absorbing them as like any great release it’s a grower. The tracks all improve with repeat listens and by my third playthrough I was hooked! 

This is without doubt up there with the better releases I’ve heard this year. Absolutely without question! They’ve also done something most bands of this nature could not achieve and make this release a flowing body of work. It’s everything good about this particular genre of heavy music and then some! 

This EP will be in our best of lists come the years end. It’s an excellent release and one that should in a just and fair reality send this band to the next level. It really is that good!

I’ve already witnessed them live and thirty seconds in I knew this band where going to work for me. I was right! This EP has blown me away on a similar level to that live performance. The more I think about it, it’s maybe the best EP by an Irish act this year? There’s still time yet so we shall see… 

Grey Stag have arrived! 



Track listing: 

1: The Guide

2: House Of Wolves 

3: Labrynth

4: Those Of Stone


Artwork: Dabulga Design

Recording/Mastering: Trackmix Studios





EP Launch! 



Live video: The Boats (Not On The EP) 

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