GREYFACE Release Debut Video/Single Yin

Irish Alternative metal band, ‘GREYFACE’ released their debut single, ‘Yin’ today aka May 21st. The track aims to showcase the bands fresh new sound, as well as to introduce a new audience to the maximalist and theatrical nature of the band. The track was written by the group as a collective in the Summer of 2018, and has been performed live continuously since then.

After coming in contact with ‘Otherkin’ guitarist Conor Wynne at a Halloween performance in The Button Factory Dublin, the band was put in contact with producer James Darkin. After a re-structuring of the track during post-production, GREYFACE entered Black Mountain Recording Studio in Dundalk, on February 18th to lay down the track. Darkin recorded and mixed the track. Then the song was sent for mastering by Pete Maher in London.

The bands high-energy theatrical live show shines through brightly in their debut. The harshness of the rhythm, angsty rap vocals, brutal synths, glam style shredding add up to make a fresh, gritty and exciting hybrid of sounds and genres. YinGREYFACE 

Although rather defined in their sound, the unbridled experimentation and mixing of genres is what makes ‘Yin’ fresh, and what makes GREYFACE exciting. The music video for Yin was shot by Nuno Batista at GREYFACE’s own rehearsal warehouse.

The Yin video serves to introduce the inner faces of each band member, as well as to heighten and dramatize the lyrical content. The blindfolded woman represents the contrasting balance/imbalance of the song, yin/yang, yet she is in turn Yin itself. The thought-provoking montage of shots pose as an artistic and avant-garde inspired crucible, purposely leaving plenty of room for interpretation and subjectivity.

When given set rules in relation to ‘meaning’ for a song or a video, it’s personal effect with an audience is boiled down and somewhat lost. GREYFACE aim to strike an emotional chord with their audience that will make them think, and hopefully inspire them.

The bands philosophy stems from the Freudian idea of the inner beast. Each member of the group names and paints this inner animal, (Or ‘Greyface’) taking it to the stage in a theatrical and explosive way.

Through high-energy performance, the band perform a stylized mix of music branching from hip-hop, to rock, to electronica. The group performs regularly around the country, recently opening for ‘As It Is’ in The Academy Dublin.

The groups individual members have created an exciting and fascinating reaction from fans, as they develop their own ‘Greyface’ living and performing in the shoes of their inner self.

The current lineup of GREYFACE consists of the following five members:

Shaye – Vocals
Icarus – Guitar
Evra – Bass
Éalú – Drums
Sluagh – Keyboards

Each performer in the group attempts to aid in the ‘mise en scéne’ of every show by bringing their intimate and unique character to life. Having strong backgrounds in theatre/theatrical performance, the drama of each performance is heightened not only by each members individual ‘Greyface’ but by actors/dancers and stage props as well.

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